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[SOLD] Anthro Hybrid EMERGENCY/CHARITY AUCTION by royalraptors [SOLD] Anthro Hybrid EMERGENCY/CHARITY AUCTION by royalraptors
Hey guys I'm a little troubled. My parents have hit a financial stump and it really worries me to see them stressed out like this, so I will be hosting a little auction here and 100% of the funds I make will go as a little surprise to help keep their bills at bay. Every little cent, signal boost, and prayer counts, thank you very much!

PayPal only this time, understandably!

Regretting its (you decide gender) past of mischief and harm to those around it, it no longer abuses its psychic powers and has rejuvenated itself by sensing danger to creatures nearby and doing whatever it can to protect them. 
It prefers to go unseen, as it is ashamed of showing its very face after the dark name it has previously made for itself.

-auction ends 24hrs after highest bid-

Starting Bid: $10
Minimum Increase: $0.01 
Autobuy: NONE

although there is no AB, you can unlock extra prizes from bidding as listed in the tiers below! They stack so you get all tiers as they unlock!

Tier 1 - (unlocks at $20) a headshot of this character  
Tier 2 - (unlocks at $30) a static fullbody icon  Ambriel by royalraptors  Adopt Extra by royalraptors 
Tier 3 - (unlocks at $40) a bouncy icon  bouncy to escape the feely by royalraptors  adopt extra i totally didnt forget to do by royalraptors 
Tier 4 - (unlocks at $50) a chibi 
Tier 5 - (unlocks at $60) a small pixel fullbody
Tier 6 - (unlocks at $70) a fullbody
Tier 7 - (unlocks at $80) a custom or fullbody (any character of your choice)
Tier 8 - (unlocks at $100) another choice between a custom or fullbody (any character of your choice) and my everlasting gratitude

i doubt ill even get to the second tier but, i'll be happy with whatever i can get to keep my family afloat, it all means the same to me <3

Bid here:…
maximusgrowler Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017
royalraptors Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You win! I'll note you in a sec
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March 27, 2017
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