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The New Year and Requests

The New Year and Requests

Happy New Year everybody. I want to start 2016 with a piece of good news. I have managed to work my way through most of my backlog and am now able to take requests again. Due to my existing workload, other projects and my commitments to my university work I will stuill be rvery busy so I cannot make promises concerning scheduling but I will no longer be denying requests or commissions. I also want to thank all of you for your patience with me over the past few months.



I'm sorry to say this but due to my extensive backlog and my commitments to other projects I am working on I will no longer be taking requests for an undetermined amount of time. I apologise if you already have plans you might have asked me to do. I will try to work as quickly as possible to chew my way through the backlog and return to my usual services but until that time I hope you can be patient. Thank you everyone and thank you for your previous requests. Your confidence in my abilities is the reason why I have been able to do so much for so long now.



You may have noticed a delay in my usual output rate. Unfortunately it has been deadline season for several weeks now and my dissertation is at the centre of it. Due to these I have fallen behind on a lot of things and I still have a way to go yet before I am finished with academia for the year. I would just like to announce that I am not dead on this site, I do still have all previous requests listed and that I do intend to finish them. I would also like to apologise to everyone who already commissioned something of me because of how long I am taking. Rest assured I will finish the work you have asked me to do, progress is just very gradua

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Just wondering, but what is the current "to do list" right now?

Ho there RP, I truly love your work. As such, here's a humble request you could stash in your backlog:

A world where, during the high middle ages, a series of rebellions and revolutions occur across Europe as a result of blooming anti-feudalistic theologies. So not only do you have more successful ATL Cathars and Waldensians, etc., you have other groups taking influence from Gnostic and maybe even Far Eastern churches. As such, a sort of Gnostic revival could be very interesting for you to tackle. Thank you very much for your consideration!

I'd be happy to take it into consideration. Are there any further details you would like to add.

Also do you have a name for this scenario?

Hmm. I haven't thought about it too far other than Europe, but we maybe see a split between the Catholic Church (centered around Southern Europe/Iberia and maybe more in North Africa), Orthodoxy (about OTL extent but maybe with some Far Eastern touches to it), and this modified Christianity (maybe Northwestern Europe and Germany). If you really wanted to up the ante, you could have this Gnostic faith influence a steppe people who pulls a Timurid on Persia, Sogdia and environs, providing this type of Gnosticism as a rather sizable bulwark against Islam. There would likely be heavier influences on Manichaeanism in the Far East (China would likely be even more of a religious melting pot than OTL).

As for the name, something like "Manimania" could work. I hope to see what you could make out of my suggestion!

Alright then. I'll add it to the list.

Food for though, if Salem went to the God of Darkness first would the God of Light have stopped him reviving Ozma?

Probably. He reprimanded Salem not just for going to the Younger Brother after being turned down but also because she was trying to get them to break the fundamental rules of life and death.