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Final Evolutions!

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the pic they took together after graduating from the prototype pokemon high school
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You're so talented!
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Love these guys. It was hard to choose, but i chose #teamlitten
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Decidueye isn't having your shit
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Decidueye: Selfi-wait WHERE DID YOU GUYS COME FROM!
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incineroar: "peace!" Sunglasses Emoji :peace:

decidueye: "incineroar, you're squishing me..." :bored:

primarina: "hi, i'm primarina!" Primarina Primarina close up Primarina Icon F2U Primarina Chat Icon

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This is so sweet.Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Decidueye: ''Do I have to be on this picture?''
Incineroar: ''Come on bro. Just one more. ''
Primarina: ''It is so grat to be together''

This picture makes me smile everytime I see it :)
aww i love Incineroar here! you drew them so well,,,
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Decidueye is like:
" Bruh, wtf is going on, let me go before I spirit-shackle you in the face." xD
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This is rlly cool!
I'm thinking that the three new final evolutions are the Hero, the villain, and the princess.
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Huh, I never thought of that *sprouting new ideas*
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Shit, now I dunno which one to pick, I was gonna pick Rowlet, but now fan art is convincing me. Oh well, I'll do my original choice before evolutions were revealed, close my eyes and choose
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Dicidueye is not amuse
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