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Slowpoke plush Tutorial

this is a tutorial to make your own sweet slowpoke plush!

DO NOT use this pattern or tutorial i made to make a profit. if you do make one please do not claim as your own. credit me in the information below and add a link to this tutorial. this will help everyone find it so they can make there own!


i hope you all like it, this took me forever to put this one together. i am planing on making more tutorial because i would love there to be more plushie makers out there and i would like to support those who are starting.

if there is any more questions or if there is some confusion about some steps just ask~


Slowpoke plush by Plush-Lore

(found slowpoke picture i used here )

EDIT!: Now there is now a digital patter for those that want to use it made by the sweet AriadnesThreads please feel free to check them out!  
Slowpoke Plush Pattern by AriadnesThreads
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is it ok to use this (mostly exact) pattern for another type of plush (for example, a platypus) I want to make? I promise to not make a profit from it Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2]  
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heck ye!! go for it OVO! i am excited to see what you make :D!! 
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ah, thanks a lot
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omg this is awesome
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oh my god.........
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these are all very helpful! :D I'm obviously not going to copy you exactly but these help me get an idea of what to do for plushies. thank you! 
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Yeeesss my fav pokemon
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Thank you so much this helps since I want to make my own quilava plushies, I only have one question and that would be, at what point in time should the eyes be embroidered if your wanting to embroider them? 
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It's probably a silly question.. but is it alright if we give the one we make away as a gift? Of course, I'm not going to claim the pattern c: But I figured I'd ask, to be on the safe side cx an I'll try to make some alterations so it's different than yours c: Oh! Your tutorials are really quite helpful--recently started to take sewing seriously but could never understand how to properly create a plushy-- and very adorable too c:
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of course you can make a plush as a gift :)

If you make a patter of your own it is technically yours and you can do as you will with it :D (i only ask if some one were to copy mine exactly to not claim or use for $$) 

I am so glad my tutorial is able to help you out! good luck with plush making! if you have any other questions feel free to contact me :D
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amazing! Thanks for the tutorial. I am just starting and about to make mine <3
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My friends favourite pokémon is slowpoke! Definitely going to make one for her! Thanks for the tutorial ^_^ 👍
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I made a slowpoke using this tutorial! I just supersized it.
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How do i see the head together and should i close both head and body first?
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to sew the head to the body what i do is i close the head but leave the body open. this way it has a bit of give as i work with it but it is up to you. the stitch i use is a latter stitch, if you are not sure how to do that there are many tutorials on youtube and on DA that can help you out. sadly i have not personally make a tutorial about how to do that stitch.
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it's alright! thanks so much!
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Thanks for this! May give this a whirl :D
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May give this a *POLI*whirl :D:D:D:D:D:D
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Sorry to bother you but I understand all of your pattern except for attaching the smaller part of the mouth to the larger part. Do you sew all around the small part to the larger part or only a little bit?  I hope this isnt confusing.
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