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4 legged plush tutorial


so the majority vote was for making tutorials so here is part one.

please don't use the patterns in the tutorial this is meant to teach you how to make your own ^w^.  also if you found this helpful please spread it around to anyone you think it would help!  
in the beginning for me making a 4 legged pattern was difficult i did not under stand what made one good or bad. but because every time i made a 4 legged plush i made a new pattern i am quite used to making them now. i don't know if this is how everyone makes their patterns or if i do it a rather odd way, but this is the way i taught myself how to make them. i hope this helps those who are starting or those who have a hard time making patterns (really if it just helps anyone). 

also if you don't quite understand something just comment down below and i will try and help as much as i can. 
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This tutorial has really come in handy!
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How do you make the head?
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Without this guide of yours i never would have been able to make my own plushie patterns, thank you soo much!:happybounce: 
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i am so happy to hear this tutorial was about to help you out!!! <3 
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Very helpful! When is part 3 being released? :D
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Would you do the same (the belly patterning) for the head?
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I have always wanted to make my own patterns but i have had so much trubble trying to figure everything out by myself, thank you for this tutorial!
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AH! your litten plush it so cute >u<
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aw, thanks !!! <3
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thank you  "sew" much
that.... that was not funny...
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XD this comment made me so happy to see!
you are welcome ;3c
Amazing! Thank you soooooo much for sharing! Wanted to make a 4-legged plushie for ages but never figured out how to do so. This is a tutorial even I am able to understand and I am really excited to give it a try! Inside Out Reaction Icon: Twirling Joy 
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Oh gosh, you're genious at making tutorials :-) It's very easy to follow! Thanks a lott!!! *teehee*
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This is very helpfull! Thanks for sharing this pattern making tutorial with us ♥
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wonderful tutorial!
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So, I'm going to attempt to make a small plush as a summer project. I'm currently attempting to get a grip on the basic shape for the pattern, and I just really wanted to say this has been spectacularly helpful and I look forward to getting started on my plushie! I have some questions though.

Would you suggest sewing by hand or is a sewing machine workable for these kinds of patterns?
What kind of fabric would you suggest? (I was thinking something such as minky but it's such a...I guess stretchy is a good word, so....)

Also, and more vague, any tips you have for a newbie sewer?
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I am go glad the tutorial has helped!

for these kind of patters you can do both hand sewing or machie sewing. i did a long time of hand sewing all of my plushies so from experience it would work. 

the fabric i use is Anti pill fleece you can also use blizzard fleece(blizzard fleece will pill over time). i often make plushies from those. If you are thinking of going with minky i would suggest smooth minky, it is what i use. (i suggest to not use double sided minky since that often is much to stretchy and often fuzz comes off of it, and is harder to work with)

hmm other tips, i would suggest enjoy sewing take it slow. people often make mistakes when they go to fast (i do it when i start rushing). enjoy what you made! because you were the one that made it and that makes it special! 
after i made my first plush i slept with it for months! i was so happy with it… this is what it looked like. they are not always perfect but making it is so much fun! if your plush it not perfect the first time that is okay, but if you take your time making it, then it might just be perfect.

Also use tutorial but it seem like you are already doing that, but if you have not see it yet this group is great for tips and tutorials! 

Oh! lastly! when i started i used other people patters that they gave out with tutorials, it is very helpful when just getting started to experience how fabric acts. then you can learn how patterns work. it is up to you if you want to try it out. but for me it really helped me with my first steps!  
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Thank you so much! It helps a lot. :)
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This is super helpful. I just have one question, and I hope I can word it appropriately.

The belly pattern. About how wide do you make it? It looks like it's as wide as the leg pieces, but I'd like to be absolutely sure before I make it like that and it isn't right.

And again, thanks sooo much for this tutorial. It's extremely nice and helpful.
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Oh i see i did forget to add that part in. the underbelly changes size depending on how wide the plush is going to be. the way i most the time judge the distance is by seeing how wide i would want the neck area, and also how far apart the indents are for the legs. for my smaller plushies i keep around an inch.when i am having trouble finding a good size, i sketch out a trial pattern on paper then tape together to see how it would look. (most the time my underbelly patterns range from 1-2 inches in wide.)
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Thanks a lot for this tutorial. I never quite understood how to do the belly part and so on.  This will help me greatly with my Garurumon plush.
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