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To all of you still waiting on commissions, Patreon rewards, and responding to notes related to them: Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, I've barely been active since mid-November, but I'm ready to get back in gear now.

I think I owe everyone an explanation: I've been just a bit burned out on WG work, but besides that, I've been also busy with holidays, a new part-time job, other art projects/freelance jobs, family issues, and--probably the biggest factor--debilitating back, neck, and shoulder pain impeding my performance when I try to draw.  It's been an issue with me for years now that I'm in my 30's, I hunch over my computer for hours at a time and neglecting my posture is taking its toll. Using a wacom tablet laying flat on top of my desk, while simultaneously using my keyboard on the tray a few inches directly below it, while leaning in to see what's on my monitor. Having my right arm elevated like that and holding that position, sometimes for hours on end, has caused my right shoulder to contantly be in discomfort or flat out pain, along with extreme stiffness of my neck and lower back pain, which has been an issue for a few years now.  I'm currently undergoing physical therapy to deal with these issues, but I think the real answer is to get myself going back to the gym and doing real exercises (not just walking my dog) and getting my body working right again and getting out of this sedentary lifestyle.  

Things are turning around, however. The aforementioned job I have has me standing for a 4-hour shift once or twice a week, which should help me get back into a normal posture again. On top of that, I'm changing my workstation setup to something more spine-friendly. I even considered getting a standing desk and a monitor arm. The biggest step though: I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet PC this week, it was part upgrade purchase and part early Christmas gift. Since I can stand this thing up right at the edge of my desk and draw with it in ANY position, standing upright on the desk, on my lap, lying in bed, hell I can even take it outside when it gets warm again. The only real drawback is that the pen it came with isn't quite as good as the pro pen I use with my Wacom, but after I got used to it it doesn't seem to make a significant difference in the quality of my art.  My back is actually feeling better already. 

This makes me feel so much more free, being able to work wherever I want without being joined at the hip to my office chair, desk and desktop, but I still use my old desktop in tandem with the tablet (for now), usually as a media player for games, podcasts, music, youtube, and especially as a second screen for reference pictures. I haven't used a dual monitor setup since I got my desktop 5+ years ago (the previous computer was a laptop that I plugged a spare montior in) and GOD how I've missed it.  Now my browser and Clip Studio no longer have to fight for monitor space.  

With these improvements I'm ready to take on 2019!  

Speaking of which, I should probably give a heads up: Sometime soon, probably between now and next February, There's going to be an overhaul of my commission prices, and also my Patreon prices.  Yes they'll be going up but not by too much. I've had the same prices since 2015 and I think I need a better system with more options, both for cheap and easy stuff, or big extravagant digital paintings. Probably will split into head/half-body/full-body ranges, so there's more pricing options. WIll probably amend and add a few of my terms of service as well. I still have to contemplate a lot about what I'm gonna do and I'm not gonna burden myself with that until the holidays are over and I've gotten my commission and Patreon backlog done.  I'll give another heads up once I've made my decision. If you've already paid for a commission before the change, don't worry, nothing about your payment will change, we already made an agreement. 

I'll be working through the holiday to get as much of my backlog done as I can. You all have a great holiday!!


If you cross-bred Shrek with a shark, you get... 

83 deviants said You got a CORE subscription for THIS??!
55 deviants said An ogre mermaid
46 deviants said Shrark
33 deviants said Sherk
19 deviants said Sharek
16 deviants said Shrak
15 deviants said Shreak
12 deviants said Shreark
5 deviants said Shrarek
4 deviants said Shrk


Quick update:
-Been catching up on Patreon stuff before the month is up, regular commissions are coming next 
-Holiday-related stuff
-had to work more shifts at my job last week to get as many hours in before the season ended, but nothing this week so I got spare time now
-am currently sick with sinus infection, so I'll be home but groggy, having a Surface tablet means I can work from bed though :)
Getting news that Tumblr may be finished, IE is removing all NSFW content for good. I have a quick question for you all: how many of you actually discovered my work on Tumblr? I want to know if I'm actually losing anything by not using Tumblr any more. I certainly didn't get any commissions through Tumblr in all the years I was there.
Piranha Plants: the only plant you can water with salt.


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Royal jelly is actually a food given to bee larvae that will compete to become the queen bee. The more you know, I suppose.
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