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Icons: Systematrix Full

By royalflushxx
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PLEASE Add to favorites if you use/download this! Be considerate, support the artists whose' artwork you use!

Due to requests from Phalanx's Theme 'Systematrix,' I decided to create more icons for the Computer itself, rather than just our chat client.

28 Icons in all. Vista Ready. XP Ready. 16x16 all the way to 256x256 in size. For all request purposes, feel free to send a note, and I may add more programs/games that people want icons for in this style. If that's the case, I'll update this deviation, and the user can download the new .zip.


(Edit: THESE ICONS are for PERSONAL use ONLY. Any commercial use without my permission will be approached with legal rights in mind.)
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thankyouuu <3
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Love these! I will definitely be using them... especially the one for Yahoo *giggles*
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Hey Sam. Sorry about the license issue. All information have been updated.
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It's quite okay! I just figure if it got submitted that the CC License wasn't seen. I'm not upset, in fact I am quite happy you got my message. I hate going after people for it, but as a lot of people on DA have seen there is theft everywhere. I'm just glad you were one of the honest ones. :) I just want my work to be enjoyed by all, and not sold for profit without my permission. I know you weren't selling it, it was just up on display letting people know they could.

You handled it very respectively, and for that I have to commend you. Thanks for being an honest person. I know good things will come back around to you!
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Very pretty and shiiiiny~
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How do I install these icons ?
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cute icons ^_^
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Thank you very much! :)
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Amazing icon set just didnt like the circle with the 4 color's but that's just my opinion great icons ;D
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Love these icons! ^____^ Are you still taking requests? Could you possibly include PNGs so I could use them on something other than a PC?
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I am not continuing this series, no. In case anyone else was ever curious as to why, it's because I quickly taught myself new and better things; if you look at the Dimensions preview (or more notably my recent Browser icons), you will see what I mean. I'd rather retire this one and move on to a more professional 'sleek' look. (which yes, will have all important file types, including .png). ;)
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Amazing! I would considered to using them.haha.
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My computer officially is over his low self-esteem.
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great icons! :w00t:
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Awesome set! <3
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Forgot to add - seriously, I think this is probably the best style of icons I've seen since Tango.

Honestly, you should go all out an make them system wide.
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OmG these are awesome. Very nice work!

If you ever add device icons (harddrive, optical drive, ect.), it will be that much more complete :)

Any word on an update...date?
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nice, clean work here :+fav:
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Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I borrowed the planet icon and used it as a favicon for my school project website :D. I hope it's alright, thanks for the release.
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I love it!
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