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Hey kids,

I blew too much loot this month and rent is quickly approaching
so I wanted to push drawings/books on you DA kids.

$40 clams and I'll send you a copy of my 120 page Escalator book
here's a review:…
and an 8 by 11 color drawing. anything your little heart desires
from porn to a puppy I don't care.

or just the drawing for 30 if you hate comix.

So pony up already.

thank yew,
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so yeah,
The Taiwanese design magazine
that interviewed me is out:…
I aint seen it yet.
but it's chocked full of interviews with my Meathaus
homies too all written in a language i cant read.
They could have me saying anything, I'd never know.

I just got the new sizzle with my pillow fight porn in it.
I still never felt like i did like porn up to my potental, but I gotta
remind myself that porn is a waste of my pages. I like girls too much for my own good and focusing on sex that much right now
would wreck my fragile little brain.

They need me to do the cover for PF brighter. I hate redoing shit when i feel like it's done. bleh

I'm on the final roughs laying out the Tokyo pop book today.
I just drew a guy shoved off of a building into a pack
of wild dogs.
I think it will be good.

I keep trying to remind myself that my life is awesome.
I mean it is, I just get all caught up in the parts that I don't like.

Wensday I move into the YOSH house. after months without my own place it will rawk. I think more and more that a city can be what you make it. when I ran off to cali to escape Seattle I blamed the city  but that wasn't it. So seattles being made to be
the best place on earth for me.

this will be a good life.

I need to find some good comix to read anything out worth looking at? I just got the "sexy voice and Robo" manga.
It's a series of stories about a 14 yr old girl who works as a phone sex operator and a dude thats into toy robots.
and they go on adventures together. its alright.
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so life is sweet.
I got a dollar and some quarters as my whole life
savings right now but shit is awesome so fuk it.

I gots a house im about to move into with DA kids
James and Marely along with Corey (the REYYYYYYYYY!)
Lewis of Sharknife fame and Larry the most layed back ninja you'll
ever meet. Were gonna be like a fucking comic book Dojo.
DUDE! 3 floors and the middle ones gonna be all drafting tables and

If that wasn't enough I've been hanging out with an awesome girl.
(whos picture is all over my DA) she fucking paints and pinky swears and could tottaly take anyone in a fight. mmmmmm pigtails.....

all that and my TP book too. on some level all comic companys suck balls but shit I get to draw what I want all day for a living and my editors a cool dude so fuck what you heard.

So yeah life is good.

My pal Kims B-day is comming up
so hit her up and wish her a happy so and so.

and im out

Devious Journal Entry

Fri Jul 22, 2005, 12:08 PM
"I aint got time to kill, I just got time to build.
you'll find that in those with skills."

YO! whoever got me a 3 month deviantART Subscription, thanx.
lemmeknow what you want drawn.....
Blood or a picture either way.

So I'm back in Seattle. shitfuk that was an awesome trip.

so SDCC:
I didn't have a table or nuthin so I threw my portfolio behind the Oni booth in trade for agreeing to do a book for them before 2006.
My clothes went behind the Teenagers from mars dudes booth in a garbage bag (8 mile style)

I had a meeting with a Vertigo editor cause she liked my Escalator book. wich after 5 years of trying to get some love out of them in NYC like some kind of weight off my ego.
During the meeting I met Bill Willingham and told him I'd jerked off to his comix when I was a kid--that is how you wreck a comic career kids.

Mostly I was with my gang-

Ross Cambel ,(who I would seriously kill a man for) drew me an awesome picture of my Sexica character and let me crash in his room.
That's right teenagers dressed all in black: I shared a bed with the wet moon dude--no you cant touch me.

I ran up too the Radio comix booth and said "I NEED GAY PORN STAT!" was quickly handed some genus male and ran up to Mels room to push it on Vanessa(who gave me her awesome book) Mel and becky. Becky runs this comic shit.--but you know this.

I finnaly met Vassilis and got some of his pictures for my wall-
fuckingshit this dude can draw, plus he's a handsome peice of man.
A few more like him with smooth greek accents and the pillars of comix would crumble and fall.

my pal Justins Soltice book came out after 10 fucking years. it looks soo good. everyone should get it.

At a hotel bar during the con Justin emptied a flask of fucking lighter fluid strength booze into my tame drink getting me drunk enough to almost make an ass out of myself talking to a ridiculously cute girl.--yeah im all crushed out,
dont tell no one.

So today in LA:

, Peekaboo monster and Aaron
Some awesome artist from Seattle (where i supposedly live but avoid) were down here for an art show where they were sent different sneakers and they costomised them. SNEAKER PIMPS

It makde me feel better about Seattle hanging out with them. As weird as I feel about it lately that town still makes some of my favorate artists on earth. --so maybe there's hope.

So we sayed up all night watched seattle circle of fire break dancing videos and weird cartoons ate so much crap and did a massive colaborative piece. I think there were like 8 artists on it. It came out nice.

So In the morning without sleep (cause i'll sleep when I'm dead)i went with them to the airport and caught a bus back to downtown LA. I know nuthin about that place so I walked for like 7 hours looking for something I knew. I saw the big  cement canal things that are in T2 and Repo man covered in good graffitti. one of them was a crudly drawn smeared thing that just said:
I laughed about it while
I pissed off the bridge with cars zooming behind me.
Downtown was much less exciting than the LA id been seeing so far.
The other thing on the walk was in the last streach before I hit my pal Lesens place.  I was walking behind a pretty young lady on a bycicle wearing like short , short ,shorts ,cause its hot as a bitch here
. See I'm a dirtbag so the whole time im behind her I'm like OH MY FUKING GOD....then she pulls over and bought a popsicle from a stand and I said the only thing I'd said out loud since the airport "JESUS CHRIST "

I've decided I can survive Seattle. when I return.
See I dont fall hard for alot of girls (dead inside)
and I'm still a mess over the girl in NYC so this new shit was alot to deal with. I finished my frank zappa comic it's all in there. I'm almost embarresed to publish it.
It was painfull to draw.

So yeah, I think at the SDCC I'll be hanging out at the Alternative booth some but I dunno nuthin.
I guess I'll mostly be wherever the Meathause dudes or the  Teenagers from mars guys or Becky and the shirtless REYYY are cause I'm in a gang.

now return to your lives......
So LA is awesome.
I like this city.

A new book with some of my stuff in it is out.
It's a Meathaus Sketchbook with the usual solid MH
dudes, James Jean, Farel Dalrymple, Tomer Hanuka
Chris McD, Thomas Herpich,Mudafuka ect..
Plus some bigwigs like Ren and Stimpys John K
and Ralph Bakshi,…

It's like a goddammed phone book of awesome.

See you muthers at SDCC.
So I gots a plane ticket to Cali today.
Seattles been lot to deal with lately.
I'm going down there to clear my head, I'm gonna
return to the 206 on some two fisted art ninja shit.
I might even grow a beard. The ladies hate a beard
but when you see some dude return from far away lands
with a beard you're all "oh crap that dude don't even got time to shave he's so deep in his shit!"

When I lived in the NYC I used to write in my sketchbooks about going to LA and walking around in loose fitting tan pants and a hawain shirt. I wanna drink shit out of a coconut with a straw in it too.

I'm staying down there untill the SDCC and that'll be awsome.

Oakland then LA then SDCC------- fuckin adventure!
All I'm bringing is my bag with my art supplies the first 40 pgs of my King city book and my Meathaus Frank Zappa story to finish. A toothbrush, Razor ( in case I lose my will to grow a beard), Bukowski book (Post Office) with a Sharknife bookmark and like 6 copes of Escalator.

I figure the less clothes I bring the more I'll need to get steppin on the hawaian shirt.

My flights in like 11 hours.....................
So I was talking about comix with a friend of mine and we each made 2 lists of our favorate stuff.

Here's my clasics list:

--moebius books (the Aedena cycle especially)
--Krazy and ignatz by george herriman
--vaughn bode's erotica
-- the woman trap by Bilal
--WRAB by Matt Howarth
--Akira By Otomo
--Appleseed by shirow
--Twilight x by Joe Wight
--The blue note book by Andre Juillard
--Why I hate Saturn by Kyle Baker
--Elfquest By Wendy Pini
--Tin Tin by Herge
--Asterix by Rene Goscinny, Albert Uderzo
--Dark knight returns by Miller

I made a current list but I felt weird about posting it cause its got so many of my friends stuff.

Aside from that I've been beat down by life and freaking the fuck out! I've been desperatly trying to bury my head in anything that'll destract me from my own brain( it's agaist me i swear) Needless to say I've been drawing alot. I'll post some new stuff soon.

ugh.....I'll be cool soon. see,  even writting this shit is just to distract myself.

I'm back in Seattle, Portland was fun.
Theres so much to tell

1-noticed stopping for food that those of us that grew up
in cities went to the McDonnalds where the dudes that were from smaller towns hit the Taco bell.

2-David threw pillows at Corey all weekend.

3-The Hung far low chineese food sign  someone hit witha paint brush to take the tail out of cocktails was epic.

4-Cosmic Monkey comics was an amazing store. Kicks the asses of anything we got up here,and the guys that ran it were great. we did some monkey drawings for em and ate free pizza. The other artist and writters there were cool too.

I finnaly saw my pal James Jeans new art book. Fucking amazing. if you don't regard him as one of the best dudes drawing on earth right now you never seen his stuff.
It had my name in the back so now my life is validated.

Philip Simon  from Dark horse showed up and gave me a stack of Blade of the Immortal books. Free comix are gold. It's cosmic justice that a dude that cool is editing a book that good.

5-After the signing we hit the Oni offices and got the tour and more free comix--FUCK! I also saw a new Becky drawing on someones desk--sweet.
James from Oni BBQed some food for us at his place.

The whole thing was more fun than it needed to be and I really get off a little too much on being around people in comix.

theres more.......but Im tired tonight and i got some pages to draw.

Corey put some pictures of the trip up here:
I'm going to Portland Oregon
this weekend to do a signing at
Cosmic monkey comics.
Saturday, May 7 11:00 am to 7:00 PM

my pal Corey Lewis
of Sharknife fame will be there too along
with Kurt Busiek,Ovi Nedelcu, writer/artist of the image comic Pigtale and Adam Gallardo, writer of 100 Girls.

It should be fun. Show up if your in town.
"Hate to see a gas MC who just
hatched. Actin' like he's royal when
he's really just tin-foil. 'Been boilin'
don't need to ask a bro when."
off my pal Specs CD
"return of the artist"  
I've been listening
to this non stop lately.
sooooooo fucking good.

I've been feeling like Seattles the center of the
kind of art I wanna be involved in or at least a good place to lay low and make it.

I've been doing my comics differntly lately. Drawing my pages small and blowing them up so I can add detail when I ink. I'm hopeing it works. I'm testing it out on a short story for the next issue of Meathaus:

It's gonna be about a Frank Zappa looking guy who stays up all night and it's got a girl in her underpants and a cowboy hat and a bunch of guys in Starblazers uniforms doing group Exercises on a rooftop.
My book will be in stores tommorow…
Im real happy with it. go get it.
my pal Becky came to New york for a visit.
We spent most of the afternoon eating chicken sandwches and painting sandwich boards for an art show she had a picture in. I did skellitons and she painted a boy with wings. They came out alright.
I got paint on my hands and that's always good.

Then we went to a coffee shop were we hung out with a bunch of comic artists and drank free hot chocolate and geeked out talking about comics.
I broke out my "your mama is so fat Galactus tried to eat her" joke.
all of our conversations were deep with rap quotes. whenever there was a lull in the conversation she'd turn to me and say "what you think I sold em all?"

Later as she was passing out on my couch she drew a picture in my book with a pretty boy with a flower growing out of his head.
It read:
"Dear Brandon,
sometimes when it's sleepytime i wonder why i draw such hot guys!? ...and then I wonder if you think i sold them all??"


"I told em all - all them little gangstas
Who you think helped mold 'em all?
Now you wanna run around talkin bout guns like I ain't got none
What you think I sold 'em all?"
I slept for like 2 days then woke up and drew like
a machine. (a drawing machine) while me and my pal Filthy Rich
watched the whole 3rd season of that 24 show and counted the dead.
869 dead
good numbers, our goal was to see a kill for every dollar Rich had spent on it ($60)

Tokyo pop approved the title of my catmaster comic It's now called "King city". I didn't know if I was supposed to talk about it but the editor said it was cool.

I'm also doing a book with Rick Spears the writer of an awesome comic called Teenagers from mars for his new company Gigantic. I shouln't take on this much work but I'm so impressed by his script, I've always said I'd never work with a writer but he's the shit.

Lastly and most urgently, I'm working on a 10 page color Wizards comic for ralph bakshi based off his movie.

Much of my time is spent convincing myself how good things are. It's all pretty exciting. I mean I'm always broke and there's always girl problems but even though I've been living off of my art for like 10 years It still feels like i'm getting away with murder.
fuck a real job.
Tommorows my birthday. I'm gonna be 28, no big deal.

I think I'm at the end of my time in New york. I wont have any money for a couple months and rather than miss my rent I'm skipping town. I'm gonna go back to Seattle for awile I miss that place and maybe head down to LA cause I've never been there.

Problem is I've been in NYC so long and Seattles changed so much I don't think it'll feel like home. See you never can go back to the world. It's like the Nam drawing comix out here in these trenches.
But Seattles got totem poles and all my childhood friends.

I have yet to find a city i like that much maybe I gotta live in france like Hemmingway in his 20's. that way I could draw in classy cafe's instead of these Dunkin donuts I spent my nights in out here.
In restrospect i think one of my favorate times in this town is when I started my cat comic I'm working on I'd camp out at the Dunkin donuts across the street from DC comics and draw while waiting for a girl I liked to get out of work.
I really enjoyed doing comics right under their noses. Underground style.

I don't think there's any Dunkin donuts in Seattle.
So I rize from the grave....
so, todays the day I've been sucked into this just so I can be cool
like Filthy Rich and stabstabstab. It's all to help me avoid drawing.

You know when you're say, 7 years old and you decide that your gonna draw comic books you don't think of the long term. It's cool though I've enjoyed it but I gotta keep my eyes on the prize.
My point is: I've stopped drawing porn comics at least I've stopped having to pay my rent through porn.

So now I'm twice retired, I quit Graff when I moved to NYC (Although I had to tag the Marvel comics bathroom) and now porn is behind me too.

I was laying this same rant on a young lady and she was all
"Great that's everything cool now your just a nerd"
Fuck yes! I started today reading the origin of the Red skull.