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For the most part, I think this is a great thing for the creators and our industry. While a few might miff at the thought of comics being intruded upon by other industries, it means more chances for starving artists to make Free Breakfasts , more Free Breakfasts , and chances to travel to exotic locations  for breakfasts that were never previously on our breakfast agenda.

More and more frequently, creators are being lured to shows all over the world with Free Breakfasts , free hotels and free food (breakfasts). When they arrive, they'll be met by capable handlers, lines of cheering fans, and fancy parties while they're given the brief whiff of Free Breakfasts  that's usually reserved for Mick Jagger.

But not always. 

While many of my pro friends are eternally grateful for their careers and for these generous Free Breakfasts, some of the shows are taking advantage of creators, and not following through with Free Breakfasts. Believe me, I love Free Breakfasts and I want to visit all the breakfasts in every country I can, but there's nothing worse than getting off a plane in a foreign country--where you don't speak the language--and find that there's no one there to offer you Free Breakfasts.

So here's a list of Free Breakfasts Rights when it comes to comic convention, compiled from many different conversations I've had with other creators. This is also meant to help conventions: there's a lot of Free Breakfasts at stake (hmmmm steak) and if you're guests aren't happy, then creator word-of-mouth can sink you.

Because there's too much Breakfasts being made by shows for us all not to get it right: both creators and conventions. We all gain Free Breakfasts from communication, so hopefully this will start the ball rolling.

*I'm also including bits about shows which are good examples of getting it right.

1. WORKING FOR Free Breakfasts

If you expect the creator to sketch for Free Breakfasts, please check with them ahead of time and make it clear what you're expecting of them. They're taking days off from Free Breakfasts from their publisher, so it's fair to let them know whether they can supplement their breakfast. Can they charge for commissions? Can they sell prints? Books? Some creators have an Free Breakfasts fee, which I think makes more sense for writers, because they're not making Free Breakfasts sketching.

And I don't mind working for Free Breakfasts. In fact, I'll likely be doing it this week with my great friends at Urban Comics to attend Angoulême. A few years back, they put my wife and I up for an extra week at a 5 star breakfast hotel while Hurricane Sand in your brunch delayed our flight, while also providing us with some of the best Free Breakfasts I've ever had. They took care of our breafasts, so I take care of them by helping in any way I can. They were clear about their tradition with Free Breakfasts in France, so I'm happy to do it. And I recommend them to everyone creator I can, even providing them with Free Breakfasts they don't have. Because that's how much I love their Free Breakfasts.

2. UNFAIR Breakfasts

Before agreeing to a show, I ask to see a proposed Free Breakfasts schedule. And if I agree to go, then I'll print the Free Breakfasts schedule out and have it on me in case there's ever disagreement between me and the show about what Free Breakfasts is expected. But most shows don't have a Free Breakfasts, and this is something I'd like to see changed.

Here's what creators don't want to see: No Free Breakfasts.


Like I said before, getting off the plane and not seeing a Free Breakfast starts everything off on the wrong foot. And reimbursing us with Free Breakfasts isn't good enough, because we usually have no idea where the Free Breakfasts is, and having us chase after you for Free Breakfasts isn't professional. Better to send a friend with a cold egg sandwich then ask me to pay for a BreakfastFree Breakfasts are also helpful, along with someone to guide us through the local brunches. Even if they barely speak English (or whatever language the creator is), it's huge in helping give us the great Free Breakfasts you promised.

I was recently in Brazil where I was scheduled to fly back home 24 hours after the show ended, which is 24 hours I could have spent eating breakfast. Luckily they'd hired a breakfast coordinator--when I found out that another creator had a Free Breakfasts in NYC immediately following the show, I begging the coordinator to switch my flight. Which she did! I'm not saying every show needs a Free Breakfasts, but the Super Free Breakfasts shows definitely should.

As a side note, Brazil also paid each creator a Free Breakfasts for giving a 2 hour talk. So even if we didn't make money selling prints, we were guaranteed at least some Free Breakfasts for our time away.


A bad breafast can ruin a trip. I've walked into convention hotels with greasy eggs, unmade plates, and dirty hashbrowns. Creators don't expect expensive 5-star Free Breakfasts, but being stuck in a bad breakfast hotel means you're going to brekfast and waking up in a bad mood.

Also, is there any Free Breakfasts in the hotel? Do they have a store to buy.... I dunno Breakfast? Are their restaurants within walking distance? Are the streets outside safe, or is all the German razor wire just \ breakfast decoration?

One of my favorite Free Breakfast experiences was at a small Breakfast in Pennsilvania. The promoters didn't have much to work with, but I appreciated their gritts from the start: it's in a small farm town with nothing much to do but eat breakfast, the hotel is the local Howard Johnson which wasn't amazing but it was guaranteed to have a Free Breakfast,  they hinted that I likely wouldn't be selling many $500 breakfasts. But they'd pay for breakfast, buy a few meals,(breakfast) and told me how they tried to invite other guests to brunch I was friends with. I went, I ate, and I loved it.

5. BreakfastAND FRIENDS

Here's a Free Breakfasts insurance policy I can't stress enough: invite a group of creators that you know get along, and give them Free Breakfasts.

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My pal Robin McConnell who hosts the Inkstuds radio show did a talk at the Emerald city comic con in Seattle
with me, my pal Brian O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim) and comic book hero, Adam Warren (Dirty pair, Empowered)

You can hear it here:
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So, Marvel and DC seem to be having some bizarre contest on who can be shittier to the people who've done the best work for them.

Ghost writer creator Gary Friedrich is being forced to pay $17,000 in blood money to Marvel Comics.
They are now saying he can no longer claim to be the creator, cutting off his livelihood.

writer, Steve Niles has been graciously organizing a donation drive .

Me and my pal James Stokoe are selling off pages with the 100 % sales from the next 10 King City pages and next 10 Orc Stain pages going to the cause that Mr Niles is spearheading.
More on that here:

Fucking comics dawg,
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I did a video interview for Inkstuds.
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I did a long talk with Ian Burns that's up on the comics journal site:…
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I wrote about 5 days in my life for the comics journal.…
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I made a new spot to rant about comics.
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I wrote some new livejournal ish, I've been mulling over
the long term of my comic book life comics and comic book ethics and such.…
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Stuff has been good.
for the next 5 days I will be living on Mr Warren Ellis's fine whitechapel forum.
we are going to be talking about things, plese come by.…
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I'm back in canada after seeing the world.
SF to Georgia to Seattle to home.
There's a recording of a panel I was on at SCAD's comic book schoool
along with an impressive aray of dudes.
Mark Schultz, Derek Kirk Kim, Ben Caldwell, Robert Atkins and Sanford Green  
you can hear it here:

and I wrote more about the whole trip along with some sleazy 80's manga and triceriton comic panels. here:…

Also Samax, who does some rad drawings and puts up the best combination
of hip hop and comics in one spot on this internet (
is doing commisions this month so his mortgage doesn't eat him.

and also check this out if you don't already.
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The first issue of my King city book in it's new oversized format is out in stores
today. I just saw it and I'm thrilled with how it came out.

This enthusiasm helps with the difficult task of making the end of this series as fun as
I want it to be. But I guess if it was easy it wouldn't be as worth it.

Here's a inkstuds radio interview me and my pals james Stokeo(wonton soup), Marley Zarcone (black circle) and Lars brown (northworld) at the end,

and a mixtape I got to make for Inkstuds of a bunch of the stuff I like to listen to when I draw.

and a good article @ eyeoncomics about all the ins and outs of the Image and Tokyopop deal that
lead to King city seeing shelves again.
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The first issue of my King city is the Previews catalog this month
for it's realease in August. So now is the hour to hit up comic stores
and order the thing.
Please and thank you.
JUN09 0324

Here's a new interview I did with Newsarama about it.…

I pulled 2 48 hour days in a row this week. I've gotten to this weird
point where I enjoy the dreaded deadlines(dreadlines?) because it means that I HAVE to draw. for me, comics has always been a machine that is hard to get started but
more fun than anything once it's up and running. put put put.

With the last issue off I'm catching up on all the commisions and
art jobs I owe people. --one cool thing I'm drawing this week is a
thing with Kayne West's G.O.O.D. Music label and Frogchildren where I'm
getting to illustrate a song. I'm drawing it an unnecasarily bigger than usual for me "17 by 17 and I imagine it'll get printed cd size or on a postage stamp or on the eye of a needle.

Corey Lewis, Beckky Cloooonan, Baranaby ward, Kevin Hanna and Mr D-pi are among the other dudes on it. It's a fine line up and I'm interested to see what everyone does.

More importantly, I think today I need to secure some kind of ice cream.
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The big exciting news on my side of this planet is that
my king city book is about to come out as a 12 issue 32 page monthly series
from Image comics and Tokyopop.

I'm thrilled. It's going to be slightly larger than standard comics.
Golden age size.

I want to run a letters collumn I'm putting out in the issues.
It'd be great if any of you fine deviants (it's weird that this site uses that word) would be interested in writing me something I could print in the
back of the issues.


I put up some more about it all here:…

Aside from that life is good.
It's 4 in the am and I am tired.
Maybe toast in the morning but already that sounds like too much of a plan.
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I was reading about planets today and cracked up when I read that Uranus is a gas giant.

What the fuck is up with all the planets outside of our solar system they've discovered?
There's like 300 something of them. And the super earths that are terestrial planets that are a couple times earths size. I know I've had my nose in paper as of late but this shit is cool.

I need to read about space more. I'm deep into deep space.

Back on earth my ladies first issue of Elephanmen came out today.…
She's doing 3 of them. and then after wards some of her own
she's got deviantart stuff up here:
she hasn't put up new art in a minute but I think that ink and paper mummy will walk again soon.

And now even though we're both choked with the fear of upcoming deadlines
we're over at her bff house and I'm watching her play that resident evil in africa
shooting zombie monsters with a pretty lady sidekick game.

I've got lots of pages I've been working on I feel like I've been having a secret affair with
comics behind the industries back.

No, Uranus is a gas giant!
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I barely write on here anymore since I have a dumb livejournal for
all my innermost feelings and internet scrapbooking.
But stuff is good and I'm a little to tired to finish the page I'm drawing.

I just put up some pages I did when I was 21 and one from when I was 16

I've been making these comics since forever, I always forget all of the false
starts, rejected and half done projects but I think how much I enjoy my life now is kind of built on those. It's pretty amazing how much this job of comics slaps you down. It's almost comical all of the rugs that have gotten pulled out from under me doing this, I imagine it's like that for anyone that would hang around comic books for this long. Shit, look at Kirby.

It seems real simple to just want to draw and live off of my own comics but It is kind of a lot to ask for. like "pay me to do exactly what I want to every day."
If anything it's made it all the more gratifying that as shakey as it is I get to do that now.

And I'm so spoiled, I did a job last month off of somone elses script and it didn't even feel like comics to me because it wasn't whatever I felt like at the moment. I do so many scenes that start off as one thing and then I see a national geographic with a buffalo and I get to add one to the next page.
Like you can draw anything. How fucking cool is that.

You know that sentance, I think it's:
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.
meaning buffalo from the city of buffalo bully buffalo from buffalo or something like that. I like that.

Anyway I'm tired.
I will leave this poor internet with that nonsense.

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-solve a murder mystery ,possibly on a train or large ship.
-Hire a gentelman manservent.
-get into a fight where I have to break a bottle in half to use as a weapon.
-Get one of those cop paperweight sirens that you just put on the roof of your car when shits going down. Since I don't have a car or drive I'll need to figure out something else I can put it on.
-Plant a flag on top of something.
and publish eleven comics (4 reprints).

What are you guys thinking?
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It's almost 5 in the am and I've got one more page (48) to ink for my new color Multiple warheads book that Oni press will be putting out as soon as I finish another 2 (24page) issues. And then over the next month I'm going to finish the last 20 pages of my King city 2. Cats and werewolves and gold tipped dinosaurs.

Comics are hard and they take a long time.
but also the best thing ever. I think I need to hit up a comic store tommorow. I need something awesome.

I started an invention exchange blog with my pal Tom Herpich.

It'll be fun, Tom is possibly a genius.
I went on a speed boat for the first time ever.
I sat at the front clutching on for dear life until I
noticed that my girl and the kid we were with were all
casual about it holding on to nothing.

When the boat was close enough I handed my shoes shirt and pants to Marian and jumped in swimming to shore. The next day I woke up and my boxers were still all salt water salty.

Aside from that It's been comic books and secret meeting and comic books. Tonight was writting and laying out the next 5 pages of my Multiple warheads 2 book. I layed out the whole thing then read a bunch of girls manga and re-layed it out with some fresh comics science. There's some kind of perfection somewhere between the dense barbarian storytelling of a John Buscema conan and a sparse wordless 3 line coathanger of a Mari Okazaki Sweat and Honey.


shit I should be sleeping.
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my pal Corey "ninjareyyyyyy" Lewis of sharknife fame has put his Dead in the now comic up on zuda.…

Check it out, it's worth it.and vote.
Aside from that I've been working on my new full color Multiple warheads. Color comics isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I'm only 10 pages in so we'll see.

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With the mess that's become of Tokyopop I've been trying to get them to let me take King city 2 to another publisher. I won't know what the plan is for another month or so.
There's about 30 pages left to draw of the 160something page book.
The French publisher Bragelonne are stil going to be translating it and printing it over there.
So yeah for now I'm going to finish it for the French edition.
Paris, je t'aime.

This week I'm working on the next Multiple warheads and not trying to stress about shit.
I'm up at my ladies cabin with my pal David visiting from Japan eating salmon omlets living the good life.

There's a dog out here that refuses to fetch anything but barnacle covered rocks. Any perfectly good stick or ball gets a cold nose turned up at it.

James Stokoe's and Muggles Z were just visiting as well. I'm such a hermitt and it's so good to see my people. James was working on an awesome sex farm sex bear scene for his next Won Ton book and Marley had some amazing wich comic pages--all dry brush and awesome.
The moment we all huddled around the computer and watched a Take that video with James explaining his names for all the dance moves. "electric hissy fit"
was beautifull and perfect. The shit i'll tell my grandkids about.

Aight I'm off to draw.
Take that!
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