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upside dawn

The start of my 3rd Multiple warheads issue.
I put some more stuff on this here:

This was fun to color.
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This is jaw dropping!!! Beautiful piece!!!
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gorgeous use of negative space and flat colors
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You have such an interesting style, I love this! Almost like a dream.
filbarlow's avatar
I love this one, I wish I could get a closer look at all the wonderful details you have!
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I love this!! So awesome...Makes me wanna go there.
kickstandkid78's avatar
ive been looking at this pretty much everyday since you posted it. just perfect.
simondrawsstuff's avatar
Absolutely amazing composition, that's strengthened all the more by the wonderfully muted, yet playful colour palette. Really great work, I love it.
Czaendermajer's avatar
spartans threw them of the cliff!
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can i get a hell yeah? HELL YEAH.
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H- E double hocky stix yessssss
royalboiler's avatar
You too dudedawg.
We need to make some convention plans or some shit.
Also, Marian is drawing a Northlaners issue in your noble .(no bull) footsteps.
beckycloonan's avatar
I can't wait to see her Northlanders story! Lots of amazing artists on that book.
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Any idea when #2's gonna drop? I keep checking PREVIEWS each month, but no word has been said.
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It'll still be a little while.
I have another issue and a half to draw until it'll be in there.
Parkas4Kids's avatar
Ah, I gotcha. I wasn't sure exactly how that process worked. They solicited SHARKNIFE DOUBLE Z a WHILE back, and I think they solicited again, all in spite of it not being done yet. Maybe Oni has a hand in that, too.

Oh, so I'm reading THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, Vol. 1, which has "Tintin in America," "Cigars of the Pharaoh," and "The Blue Lotus" in one HC, and I'm lovin' it. I also saw that Spielberg's directing the Tintin movie that's supposed to come out later this year. All good news if you ask me.
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it's so clean yet so complex... consider me inspired!
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Are your comics online or are they printed? I would like to check some out. Also I dunno if you remember, but that blog the you linked to me a while ago about moebius' tron artwork has FULL comics uploaded, its really cool.
royalboiler's avatar
Printed mostly. You should be able to track them down at most comic stores.
I put some full things on my lj

Yeah, that Moebius site is awesome.
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alright man cool, thank you :)
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