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gen 13ish

Some quick sketchbook shits with a version of Gen 13 that's got Roxy, Static, Fairchild and Braniac 5.
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I think every team ever could be improved with the addition of Static and Brainiac 5.
Would totally read this
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I really would like to see you do a Gen13 book that would rule!
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That's a funny coincidence. iFanboy had a Remake and Reboot article and the writer they chose was you. So that's kinda cool.
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Oh yeah, I saw the Ifanboy thing so I drew this.
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Right. That makes sense. :)
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noo. just for fun.
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man you went H.A.M on this shit :)
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I would read this so hard.
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very cool, always nice to see you update here! :D
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Looking good, dawg!
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I love the organic feel of your art style. Everything looks round and squishy with pouty lips.
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I like Roxy's haircut, too. A little more punkish.
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I love that you used Staic's classic costume.
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I would borrow me Rico's copy. Digging and always dug Fairchild be the big girl. Been watching big girls and how they behave and they have to be one of my fav kinds of women :D

On another note: recently completed King City with the huge tpb and it was best thing the comicstore offered in years (though okay that one Go Nagai comic with an alien penis impaling that woman in the guts to turn her into a super woman was amazing as well for 3$) - yoo, good job!
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Would read your Roxy and Static comic with Brainiac and Fairchild straightmen!
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