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Floating world

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Poster for the art show me and my dicecat
dude Corey Lewis are doing at the floating world store in
Portland next month.

It was weird to do cause corey had a bremerton bbq to run off to so he only had time to do a rough pencil of sharknife then i inked over it and colored it. origonaly it was gonna be sexica on his sholders while he rode a giant spiraling dragon up from a distant earth. but this is what it came out.
spiraling dragons next time.
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Ever coming back to floating world in the future?
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Okay, I'm intrigued. What is this... "floating world"?
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It's a good comic store in Portland Or.
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Only there? Man, that sucks for me then since I can't go there. I'm assuming that since you're calling it by name, it's a pretty popular place. There aren't really any big underground type spots where I live as far as I know. I mean, a couple slam poetry clubs and pubs, the pubs of which I'm not allowed into until I turn older and then some gaming shoppes, but none that are really super big. I guess there is this one a little south from where I am, where an idol and mentor of mine called Howard Taylor hangs out and plays D&D. But that's pretty much it. LAME.
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Unwitting mentor, I should say. When I see him at cons, I try to hang about him and get as much tutelage as I possibly can out of him, but I don't think he necessarily knows me by any means. I definitely know him pretty well. He's a nice and a funny guy. He told me to use How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way. Still have my dad's torn up old copy from the 1800's.
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hehe-hey! i like this little dude on the top of the bandanacat :D *cuddly* :D
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It's still a pretty tight-looking poster. Kirk digz.

Speaking of Corey, how's he been? Haven't seen/heard anything from him in a while.

Also, I saw Multiple Warheads #2 was in PREVIEWS this month, so I pre-ordered it. Think I forgot to scan the page, though. My bad.
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yeah I dunno if MW 2 will be ready for that date.
Miscomunication with oni and all.
Corey is good, sharknife zz is puttering along.
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Yeah, I found it a little odd, especially since I don't think MW #1's been released yet. Guess that shit happens every now and again.
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and i bet you inked this on a moving bus. bastard! :D
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it was in a coffee shop does that count.
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i guess so, lots of coffee drinking girlies to distract... nothing like inking on a mokcing bus with a built in ELBOW though :D
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Just read Multiple Warheads, and loved it. I knew I would, because the original 8-page story had the same effect on me. There's just something about the sci-fi world Sexica and Nikoli live in... The first time I read Paul Pope's THB and he threw in little details that had nothing to do with the story (like shopping for virtual clothes) I got the sense that he had many more ideas for the world of THB than could possibly fit in the story, and your Multiple Warheads world feels like that too. It's the little things; the neo-communist graffiti, the names and magical properties of the stolen organs, the as-yet unexplained unexploded warheads and police state, that give the story more weight than its 48 pages.

I'd like to see you illustrate a Barbarian Revenge story...even if it's just a one-pager in a later issue of Multiple Warheads. Heh-heh.

I think I'll go read it again!
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Yeah I wanna do a whole barbarian revenge book if I get time.
it's kinda just conan but my version.
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ace work dude!
This is why I'm such a big fan.
Awaiting my copy of King City Vol.1 btw. :D
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your work is ill bro. good luck with the show.
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and this is why you're a jerk.
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sorry about the birthday my life fell on my head and I had to leave seattle for awhile.
and yes it is why.
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drama loves you too much!
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It's all about that accordion!! ^__^
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that's one bangin' hat
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