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What Started On DeviantArt... by Royal-Sovereign What Started On DeviantArt... :iconroyal-sovereign:Royal-Sovereign 2 5 Custard by Royal-Sovereign Custard :iconroyal-sovereign:Royal-Sovereign 0 3 Jibun Wo by Royal-Sovereign Jibun Wo :iconroyal-sovereign:Royal-Sovereign 0 10
September In October
That's how it started, see:
This is a September story.
It involves
Some boy talking to some boy
That looked like the first boy, but was much older --
Well, it wasn't really talking, more like
Nervous glances,
Nervous smiles,
Nervous --
I really don't like where is this going.
The eyes were pure and the heart was right,
But everything went totally wrong:
A cocaine nose-job
Wearing a tie and a nice shirt
Just purchased at the price
Of a terrible sin.
There was some boy talking to some boy who was talking to me,
And I had lost all my money.
Because nothing's funnier than a washed-up professional,
Getting bitten in the ass by karma because
He threw too much money around,
Looking dressed to kill when he's drunk and mad.
(And, frankly, mad that he's drunk.)
When I was on the stairs, it was sunny,
And I loved the way my hair looked.
I took some pictures and made some calls.
It was a celphone, so I couldn't curl my finger
In the phonecord, and pretend my boyfriend
Was on the othe
:iconroyal-sovereign:Royal-Sovereign 1 0
Rise With Me
Your hand in mind, your
Light in my light.
This is how it was supposed to be, you
And me, clasping hands, your
Hand in mind, your
Light in my light.
They sing, we
Speak, they
Speak, we
This is you
And this is me.
Hand in mind, your
Light in my light.
There are swords, and
There are shields, and
There are Gladiators and
There are Sentries and
A sad little boy
That collects them all, crying
When the stars come out.
His tears, are
Really mine, but
You knew that.
You knew
It all
I spoke.
Your hand in mind, your
Light in my light.
This time, my
Arms will never fail you
This time, you
Will hear something like
You, and
You can believe it.
Your hand in
Mine, your
Light in my
:iconroyal-sovereign:Royal-Sovereign 1 6
Whisper the word to the aching sky
Over the crimson waves,
Stilled by warm breezes...
This is where it all began,
But where it all ended, too --
A dozen precious nights
With our faces to the stars...
A dozen precious days
With our hearts pulsing in tandem.
The sun-sparkled boys
Throw their tear-strewn hands to the air --
"Come back again!" they said,
But we'd never turn around this time.
The wind speaks of promises
Of what might lie ahead --
Only a few weeks from now,
And yet one more infinite path...
Faraway from a claim of invincibility --
No, the sun will die tonight --
We'll lie in wait, one a pier together,
Hand in hand,
As the rippled heavens
Burn away our mythology.
One last night
For laughter --
One last night
For tears --
Oh, look at you now...
That twinge
In the corner of your mouth --
But now is not the time to cry.
We could still run
Along the beachy shores of our youth --
Move our minds away
From the quotidian mess
Of the coming time
In the pre
:iconroyal-sovereign:Royal-Sovereign 1 1
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In A Wild Field
In a wild field, when you've left me
To contemplate, but not discover
What it was like, when we were alive.

If your heart remained
A pulsing organ, from which
The bulging veins and arteries
Would crawl up and blossom
From the ground, into a flower --
I will be there, to pick the petals.
It will be there for me to remember
Why Abel missed his mother
But never gave another thought
To a certain sibling of his --
Marking her grave with thorny roses
And wreathes of leafy vines,
But forgetting his brother...
The one he kissed so passionately,
As he was stabbed through the heart.
In a wild field, when you've left me
To contemplate, but not discover
What it was like, when we were alive.

The structure of a fallen leaf,
Brittle and dead in a Spring garden --
That was what it should have been,
Firing off a volley
Of careless laughing-coughs
As I slowly crushed it in my hand.
Here is an album of pictures I took
Of people I no longer know --
Here is a book, filled with names
Of people
:iconroyal-sovereign:Royal-Sovereign 2 0
There is no more longing in this house
For the epochs that have all passed by...

There is no dream of misty Summer,
And the rides of Crimson Samurai.
There have been no suitors to this place
With bouquets of flowers in hand --
No rage of Odysseus with a silver bow
To crush the perversion into sand.
There will be no fires, this night --
No smokey cinder to see from a distance
On the side of nighted mountain vista
To vanish come morning, in an instant.
There will be no deathly breeze
To blow from an Autumn Moon --
Nor will there be any powdered snow,
That comes with the frost, so soon.
There has walked no more waking dead
Or noxious shades, 'round these lonely roads --
That once appeared, late at Twilight,
To point the way where Nightmares go.
There is no more longing in this house
For the epochs that have all passed by...

No hope for Sorcerors in the Springtime
Or brave princes, under a Summer's sky...
:iconroyal-sovereign:Royal-Sovereign 1 0
The Boy Who Plays the Piano
They say a boy who lives alone
Plays the piano to cleanse his hands --
As if without the wandering melodies
Which when heard first are without beginning or end
But melodic in a tragic sort of way --
His hands that grace the decaying ivory
May not be fit for eating --
Had he food to fill his silver platter --
Or fit for caressing another,
If anyone would look past it all, to care.
I have indeed heard that piano play,
Chill and deathly amidst the Summer warmth,
So that the happy bustle of a neighborhood street --
The children playing happily on the verdant lawns,
The teenage boys skating down the hill,
The grownups sharing lemonade and conversation --
Becomes and ancient charnel-crypt
From the pages and vision of a twilight-dream.
Perhaps it is, that the world is filthy --
Frightening, in its encompassing uncleanliness,
And maddening in its apathy to living life --
To which we could say, the boy cannot be blamed
In being so sadly scared, of touching anything
Before he could clean his han
:iconroyal-sovereign:Royal-Sovereign 8 7


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The One and Original Foxboy
United States
Current Residence: West Virginia
Favourite genre of music: Obscure Synthpop, Fashionable Trance, Chiptune, Shoegaze, Hair Metal, Classic Rock
Favourite photographer: Morgan Brookshire
Favourite style of art: Pre-Raphealite, Surrealist, Baroque, High Gothic
Operating System: Windows XP / Commodore 64
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: Ludwig von Koopa
Wallpaper of choice: We Are...MARSHALL! (movie poster)
Skin of choice: White...wait, is that the question?
Favourite cartoon character: My fellow Foxboys, Uzumaki Naruto and Miles Tails Prower!
Personal Quote: "Hey, presto!"
In brief:

I married :iconzero115:, in real life.

I self-published three collections of poetry.

I am very close to graduating from college.

In effect: I do not need this site anymore.

And yet, it shall remain...

My greatest revolutions took place here, and also my most worthless defeats.

And yet -- and yet -- it shall remain.

Eventually, I won't be able to remember anything about my past. This account will remain as the lasting testament to a world -- and person -- gone by.


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