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Welcome to our group!

Welcome to Royal Artists! A group that showcases only the "creme de la creme" of Deviant Art.

You are more than welcome to join our group as a member, or a contributor if you are planing to contribute your art to our gallery.

All art submissions will be judged before being accepted to any of our folders. Please do not feel bad if you don't get accepted. You can always try again next time.

Rules (please read before submitting your art):
:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: Before submitting, make sure that your piece of artwork has some or all of these qualities:

:bulletorange: The quality of the piece is on an outstanding level.
:bulletgreen: The time taken is reasonable (not just a quickie drawing).
:bulletblue: The piece has a nice background that works well with the whole composition (recommended).
:bulletpurple: The piece is anatomically correct, unless it's incorporated in a certain style of art.
:bulletred: You are ready to share the piece with the world. (most of the accepted submissions will be suggested as Daily Deviations by our moderators.)
:bulletblack: The piece either shows some deep feelings / has a profound theme / is aesthetically astounding / moves the viewer / has a certain point, etc.

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: All submissions will be judged according to the qualities mentioned above. Make sure your art has some of them.

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: Please do not submit you entire gallery. Just send us a few pieces you think are your best work so far.

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: We won't accept any art that contains pornography, adult content or anything else that is rated inappropriate. We don't want our gallery to be filled with artwork that is not visible to juvenile deviants.

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: Please don't submit your artwork if you are going to act like a little immature kid in case we reject it. We had a few members who un-joined/ bad-mouthed the group just because we rejected their submissions and honestly we don't need people like that in here.









I thought I should post some new updates, just so you know we are alive. Since the Christmas is coming soon, we are going to accept more Christmas related art. Of course, other art will be accepted as well.
We are thinking of making a special category named "Christmas" or something like that, that would have only Christmas related content. :)

The other thing is considering art submissions. I would like to point again that submitting your entire galleries won't make your art more likely to be approved in our gallery. In fact, it will do quite the opposite, because that would mean you don't think our group is only showing best quality art pieces. Just submit art that you think is your best work not everything you have in your gallery.   

Also, feel free to ask us why your submission got declined. BUT, before you ask us, be prepared to get any response. We will try to be as mellow as we can in our critique, but be aware that you might not like every response. Also, only ask us if you are really trying to find out what are your strengths and weaknesses art-wise, so you can improve. If you are just trying to start a fight, then your question will be ignored.

With all that said, I hope you guys are having fun going through our galleries and getting inspiration from the amazing pieces. :) Again, I would like to thank all of the amazing artists who submitted their art into our gallery. Thank you so much guys!
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MarieJaneWorks Featured By Owner May 6, 2019  Professional General Artist
I totally forgot to share this, hope this is alright!
But I've been told that you guys like when I share highlights of my webcomic on here as little reminders - well! My comic recently updated and it's free to read so it would be really cool if you'd check it out for me cause uh...I work my ass off on this just because it's fun and I like entertaining people with my work sooooo i'll leave the links below!
It's basically a Romance Super Hero Drama! And its influences are Sailor Moon, MLB, Inuyasha, LOZelda, Marmalade Boy, DC comics and a little bit of this and that, so if you like these I recommend! xox Thanks!

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