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I have tried to renew my "Core" (Hate that word) membership and it won't let me renew it. It says I have 9 days left but when I try to renew it tells me I have at least 6 months left which of course I haven't!

Brian my friend from over the big pond, said I have to wait until it finishes and then re join. I don't want to re join just extend!!

Can anyone please help me on this? I have tried on 3 separate days to do it with no luck. I am tearing my hair out here!!!!

Thank you in advance


No one contacted me and my Core ran out today.  So I did as Brian suggested and re did it which went through OK.
As for DA service it doesn't exist!!!  I can't believe no one bothered to answer my note asking what to do.


It has been brought to my notice that my stock along with others is being used without any credit to me for financial gain.  It is being claimed as her own stock.  So please read and honour my stock use wishes.

*   Please always leave a message at my image with a link to your art.
*   Please link back to me so that I can see what you used it for.
*   You may use outside Deviantart or for print with my permission.  Just please ask first.
*   You may use any of my stock images for commercial use but please ask first.  This is mandatory so please respect this. 

Hope you enjoy using my stock.


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