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This question might seem sound stupid to some of you Photoshop Pros, but I have a little problem, which I never thought could be a problem, just to find out that there would not be a quick and simple answer as I would have expected. ..

I already hear the first shouts of "Stop talking in riddles and ask your god d*$m question already!" so I will get straight to the point.

I would like to use a brush... one that does not automatically anti-aliases, one that does not use varying intensities based on "pressure" and all that fancy stuff. NO,  a brush that lets me set ONE pixel (or may be even 4 (2x2) and so on and so fourth) ... in the color that I picked and maybe the opacity that I selected, if I don't want to apply the selected color to a 100% strength.

Illustration of my Problem
Photoshop Brush Illustration by roy-sac…

I have not found a way. I tried to create a brush myself, but they all kept setting pixels around the pixel that I set for anti-aliasing. I pump into this issue frequently, curse for a second, press CTRL-A (Select All) and then Shift-CTRL-C (Copy Merged) to paste the visible layers as a flat image into a plain and simple paint program... do my "precision pixeling" and then copy and paste the results as a new layer back into Photoshop. Not very efficient... not to mention that you effectively do a "flatten image" at that stage of your creation process, which becomes almost like a "no turning back point" ... that sucks, if you reach a point where you would like to turn back, but cannot, at least not without redoing a lot of stuff that you shouldn't have to redo, if I just could have do the pixeling within Photoshop (on a separate layer for example).

A tip how to do it would be appreciated... A link to a brush that does it also works. It would be a nice Christmas present. This issues haunts me for way too long already and I have not found anything on the web.. Well, It's a very ambiguous question to ask a stupid computer application like Google, so I decided now to ask humans :).

Thanks a lot and Happy Hollidays!

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An Answer was provided in the comments to my example screenshots