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No post in a long time. Well :)

I created a new group in DeviantArt, which was approved by the staff. I invite all my friends and visitors to my page to join it and to contribute to it. The group is titled "Oldskool-Art".


What is the group about?

Oldskool scene art, underground (Piracy/Warez scene) and "above ground" (PD - Public Domain).

Pixel art, ANSI art and ASCII Text art (including Petscii and Atascii) from the 8 bit machines like the commodore 64 (C64), Z80, Atari 800 XL(E) etc., 16 bit machines line the Commodore Amiga 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 600 AGA, 1200 AGA, Atari ST, Atari Falcon and the good old IBM PC (VGA, EGA) you name it.

Block ASCII (High ASCII, Oldskool, Newskool), no matter what your favorite flavor is.

BBS (Bulletin Board System) artwork like login screens and animations, menus, stats screen shots and everything else that might be interesting for others or bring back old memories.

This group is about nostalgy, memories and preservation of history.


Roy[SAC] .oOo. ASCII & ANSI Text Art .oOo.Blog

roy-sac's Journal (deviantART)

Journal original designed and coded by kuschelirmel-stock with textures from lebstock; inverted by roy-sac
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jizzyjizHobbyist Digital Artist
how to join?! ich finde deviant art echt zu komplüziert, wo ist der "join" button?!?!?
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roy-sacHobbyist Digital Artist
hab dir nochmal ne invite geschickt, da die vorherige expired ist, aber es sollte auch ohne gehen.. check navbar oben.. da sollte irgendo die option sein zum joinen.