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deviantART ASCII Logo by Roy/SAC. I admit, I used an old ASCII for "Deviance" as Basis for this ASCII. Always when I looked at the Deviance ASCII I had to think about deviantART. So I said to myself, make a deviantART ASCII out of it and stop daydreaming ;).

This ASCII can be downloaded in .ASC text format at the following location:…
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© 2006 - 2022 roy-sac
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My first ASCII work was done at the ripe age of 5, way back in 83...
The good stuff just never gets old I guess. This is pretty superb, well done, I like all of your work.
Keep the dream alive brother, and I look forward to following you all the way down.
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man! i love this one :D how'd u do that? :D pure ASCII :D
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thank you very much. Cheers!
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This has been featured! :)


As always, great work.
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nice! i love it!
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tbh I like this more than the color version :)
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I also did more block/high ASCII's [link] than I did ANSI's [link] :)
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Woah, that's a nice collection :thumbsup:
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Excellent!! - i have always loved ASCII art, takes me way back to times when i surfed the internet on a text only system

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thanks.. I am glad that you like it. I have a whole website dedicated to the subject here [link]
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