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July 6, 2007
deviantART ANSI Logo by `roy-sac gets back to basics with this community spirited shout out to the ANSI artist in all of us!
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deviantART ANSI Logo

deviantART ANSI Logo by Roy/SAC. This is the colored "ANSI" Version of the deviantART "ASCII" I uploaded earlier (see here:… ).

Who said Text Art is dead? It seems to be kick-in butt in it's coffin. Somebody must have forgotten the nails ;).
But if you can't stand Text Art for whatever reason ... may be a deviantGoogle pixel art something like this preview or so will get you excited.

This ANSI can be downloaded in .ANS text format at the following location:…
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© 2006 - 2022 roy-sac
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xeramon's avatar
Is there a small "how-to" or a tutorial how you do such awesome art with ansi?
I tried it before, but it didn't looked as cool as THIS.
Joplinx-Caster's avatar
This is amazing<3
crashcart's avatar
I see this and start feeling like some epic text-adventure game should be starting. lol

Great job!
IndigoWizard's avatar
The quet to defeat the  four lords of DA

Glow Lord kittydogcrystal
Shadow Lord Sleepykinq
Dream Lord ryky
JudgeDeadd's avatar
Always nice to see an artform kept alive.

I like how the letters are shaded as if they were lit by the flame. As with a lot of good ANSI logos, there's something facinating about the twisty letters.
catbones's avatar
Very cool. I like it. ANSi skillz FTW. =)
cooldude9509's avatar
wow, that looks awesome
ANSI art 4 ever!
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paradigm-shifting's avatar
May I have permission to have this as a login screen on my BBS?


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paradigm-shifting's avatar
I didn't see a download link for the ansi. only the svga version.
roy-sac's avatar
You can find a download link here

I cannot upload original ANSI or ASCII to dA, only the images. For original stuff, check out the galleries on my web site here [link]

Oh and in case that you like to use something else of mine... see this

That should answer your questions hehe.
paradigm-shifting's avatar
Your download link got emoticon hosed. lol ... DA does that sometimes. So unfortunately, I can't click it.

You can upload ansi and ascii, actually.

you upload it in a *.ZIP as the main file and make the graphic file the "preview image".

So yeah, you need BOTH the ansi in a zip archive and a jpg or whatever... but, you CAN do it! :-)
roy-sac's avatar
Okay... I know.. nothing is impossible.. it just depends on how much trouble you are willing to handle to get to where you want to. :)

I went through the trouble to put up my stuff on my site, in original format and converted for the web etc. etc. plus provide context, resources etc.

You know my blog, check out the site, select Galleries, select the Gallery with my ANSIs... page two and there it is.
paradigm-shifting's avatar
I have been checking it out :-)

You could actually upload entire art packs to DA and then use a graphical logo ... as far as i know. Don't see why not.
Sander-Seto's avatar
Ohh, I love this.
Colours and the style is perfect. Well deserved DD :clap:
RandomSpyder's avatar
Old-school beautiful! Very refreshing to look at with it's deceptive simplicity!
roy-sac's avatar
thanks... I have to "fix" the "D" one day though (it should be "d" hehe).
MegaMechZX's avatar
Amazing !!! :)

me encanta mucho :) !!
blehmanzach's avatar
thats pretty cool!
roy-sac's avatar
Rashoni's avatar
Rock On man! =D :horns:
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