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The Three Styles of the PC Underground (Text) Art Scene during the time of BBS, yes, that's before the Internet became mainstream and people used to call other computers, so called "Bulletin Board Systems" with their Modems to share files and communicate with others. The BBS System on the PC were mostly running on MS DOS which had no graphical interface like Windows. To make thinks look nice, Art had to be created out of Text and special Characters. The Colored Versions, called ANSI's had only 16 fix defined foreground and 8 fix defined background colors available. This deviation shows the three comon styles used by "Warez" BBS' hence the name "Underground", because the artists themselves were most of the time in the illegal warez scene themselves. I hope you enjoy it, but at least you are learning something and are not completely wasting your time ;). Enjoy! Roy / SAC - Superior Art Creations - An Underground Art Group
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