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Melmac BBS 1st ANSI by Roy



This is my very first ANSI. I used the "piece of junk" Software called "ANSIDraw" (you can download it from my Website and try it yourself). Many people are afraid to show their first or early works of art because they are ashamed of it. Yes, it is not coming close to anything I did during my prime, but it shows that everybody starts somewhere without creating one masterpiece after the other right from the beginning. It took me a while to find my style. I did a lot of experimenting and also had to learn certain techniques before I was able to improve my Art to the point that it got accepted and loved by others around the world. For you beginners out there. Don't stop what you like doing after a few attempts that don't turn out that great. Also don't hide it, but show to others to get feedback. Ignore the stupid comments like "this is an ugly piece of crap" or "lamer!" etc. If I would have listen to that, I would have stopped before I even started.
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