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Legion of Doom ANSI

I completely forgot that I did once an ANSI for LOD, the Legion of Doom. If you are calling yourself a hacker (what I am not hehe), then you should know your history and know the Legion of Doom.

Okay, okay, enough of the hype. It was more promo and marketing that contributed to the legend, but they were a bunch of cool guys. hehe.

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I'm not sure about the history, but there is a band called Legion of Doom, and they're incredible.
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don't know.. would not be the first computer group or dude or bbs named after a band, movie, comic etc. hehehe.
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respect !
its well done, love it, legion of doom *rip*
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hehe.. thanks.. the ANSI is public domain, so you can do with it what you want :) (see [link])
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Nice one :)

I read about them again a few weeks ago - when I was reading up on the Kevin Mitnick film Takedown which I saw then.

But I don't remember if the arrow striking through the DOOM was there logo 'trademark' but I believe it was :)
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regarding the the arrow thingy.... nope, if it is, then it was an accident or something from my subconscious :)
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Been a long time since I've seen that name!
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I forgot that I even did one :)
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