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Published: February 22, 2009
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Fav if you use.

his is for everyone who takes the oath.
Life is hard, everyone knows that, but it doesn't mean we should stop being who we are or stop doing what we love just because it may not be what everyone else likes, and I [meaning we] refuse to let them win.

Passion isn't about popularity.

Template: [link]

^Just copy and paste that to use!^


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without the spaces.
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VeryekHobbyist Digital Artist
I refuse to stop drinking bread.
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Jokerfan79Student General Artist
I refuse to stop giving Joker the mind of an animal in roleplays I do with my best friend
I know it sounds strange but that's who I am
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HappyDeathsHobbyist General Artist
I refuse to stop buying adopts I don’t need
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This applied to Serena and AmourShipping from the pokemon anime.
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MissShirisaidoHobbyist General Artist
I refuse to stop liking undertale just because 90% of the fandom is trash
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I refuse to stop listening to underground music artists just because a lot of listeners out there only seem to be interested in the more mainstream...
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BeastOfLionsStudent Digital Artist
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NorthstarCatHobbyist Digital Artist
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MLP-Aurora-SunshineHobbyist General Artist
I totally agree with you.
There is so much stuff,that I like,where others would say,that this sucks.:heart:
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LightsOfTheForestHobbyist General Artist
I'm definitely using this. I don't care if a game I like is so unpopular, there's no fanart or even gameplays of it- I still love it to the very end.
*coughcough*White's Adventure*coughcough*
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SweetRose236Hobbyist Digital Artist
Using! ^-^
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LunarLemmingHobbyist General Artist
lemmings are my favorite, despite not being popular anymore i still love and draw them
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TortiveHobbyist General Artist
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death-magicHobbyist Digital Artist
And I refuse to stop playing Toontown Rewritten and Project Altis, just because Toontown isn't popular.
And I refuse to use that atrocious "txt tlk"
And I refuse to like reggaeton.
And I refuse to stop collecting Webkinz.
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RhayianHobbyist General Artist
Mamma mia! xD I'm totally agree!!

The things  I love are often "unpopular, underestimated or people are not interested for this.. xD"
BUT, I refuse to draw Popular things "Sonic Style, Undertale, etc..) just to get more Watch or Favs and comments. :V

I refuse to STOP loving..

- Donkey Kong series and the Kremling Krew: Because this series is unpopular, a series not know/liked/Interested by some peoples.. (I'm the only french in DA to draw that! XD And.. my watchers are not interested or don't know/like Donkey Kong. :'(

- Densetsu no Stafy: A unpopular game.. But Stafy is so cute! <3 

- Unpopular and old music until 60s to 90s: The Beatles, Claude François, Boney M, ABBA, Classical and Orchestral, and more.. I love old music. <3 And I don't like the recent music.. xD

- Railway: Yep, I love to travel in Train. <3

- Draw my character: Because, the style/design are bad or not interesting. >< Well, I refuse to change my style.. I can not..

So I refuse to STOP LOVING that! :X

I use this stamp! c:
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LuminaaraHobbyist General Artist
Once I cared and it almost destroyed the fun I had about doing art. I got too obsessive I would even forget about my real life and I kept bashing myself for not being qinni or cyarin. That's why I left Instagram and came back to Deviantart... over here it's easier to forget the whole popularity thing and just do what you want to do. :)

Do what the stamp says guys or else you will end up becoming very sad and ungrateful towards yourself :meow:
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kid icarus uprising aw ye
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AzureRikkaiHobbyist General Artist
This speaks to me because I edit forum signatures, but it seems those went out of style a few years back *sigh* Thank you for this!
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RexerSorcererStudent General Artist
I love this.
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VirginieTheTrainerHobbyist General Artist
Powerwolf is my life ! No one will stop me !
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torielmqlfoyHobbyist Traditional Artist
A game I like is dead (nobody talks about it anymore) in my school. But it's not dead to me!

Also the game I'm talking about is where the guy on my profile pic comes from.

Not giving any name because I don't want to be judged
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