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The alarm clock rings.

4 a.m.

It woke Irn from an obscurely,inane dream.

He opened his eyes, leaving a sigh. "...Another day at The Lab.." Staring at the ceiling fan for a moment.

The young man rolls out of bed, heading toward the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a shower. He quickly towels dry, fixing his hair in the mirror. He makes his way back to the bedroom to slip on his uniform.
He heads downstairs to the kitchen to whip up pan fried fish and eggs with a small side of oatmeal. He woofed it down quick enough to finish the last bit of his coffee while gathering his file to present his latest project for the Exzert Experiment.

   He slipped on a pair of loafers, locking the front door as he exited his sizable abode. He jumped in the Jeep he had probably driven for far too long. Turning the key and shifting into gear, Irn makes his way to work.
The Exzert Lab.
A well kept secret.

   A restricted area unknown to most of the prestigious minds present within the facility the project resides in. The key into the high security area was a fully realized, successfully executed invention. Completely unique to the inventors' trademark. Scientific professionals are notified with a formal invitation cleverly slipped onto their person(i.e. slipped into a purse or handbag. Some have even been found with their pizza delivery..)

   So how did Irn get into Exzert? He put his best foot foward with a formula that allowed organic matter(humans, animals etc.) to levitate rather high off the ground. Subjects were also able to "swim" through the air. It was such a well deserved acheivment. He'd been the class science nerd since middle school. Irn pictured the looks on his peers' faces if only they knew he was top teir goverment personel.

Though, that was a very strict rule
Reveal even the slightest of inside information, you risk the loss of any and all memories of your time at Exzert.

Completely severing your ties.

   The Jeep's tires made a familiar crackle as they rolled onto a pebbled beach. Gusts of ocean air poured into the Jeep's ajar windows. Irn breathed in deep for a moment, soon pulling into a fantastical cove with a rocky arch towering overhead. His tires stopped just short of the blue water's shore. Irn reached for a module on his dashboard, clicking a few buttons. A blue, transluscent shield bubbled around the Jeep at the same time a metal ramp rose above the pebbles, sloping down deep into the ocean depths. The bubble gave way to the smooth metal and began gently sliding into the water
   He flicked his headlights on to observe the marine life as he sank down to The Exzert Lab. Irn's bubble reached the entrance, floating into a tank. Air tight doors closed him in place and the water around him began to drain away. He reached for the module once more, popping his shield. He shifted the Jeep into drive, rolling through the opposite door into the parking garage. He found a spot, grabbed his dark leather breifcase and swiftly made his way toward the offices.

   Irn takes an elevator a few floors up and soon reaches said offices. He makes his way down a carpeted corridor. The tapping of his loafers quietly echoed off the walls.

   "Oooh, yoou whoooo..!" A highpitched voice calls from behind him.
He turns to find his female peer cheerfully waving an arm. A stunning woman with sky blue curls, dancing around her shoulders and icy colored eyes framed with dark, dazzling lashes.
"G'morning, Irney kins! Why're you in such a hurry?" The bouncy woman clung to Irn's back, her arms squeezing around his waist. Her height reaching just short of his shoulder blades.

"You know how I feel about that goofy nickname.." he tugged at her arms, trying to escape.

"But YOU know that I love it!" She dug her head into his spine.

"S-Sapphire.. K-knock it off! We've got work to do. Stop foolin' around.." He pulled away from her, straightening out his lab coat.

Sapphire visibly deflated with a frown, "Ah-... S-sorry.."

   His morning coffee hadn't completely hit him yet. His sleepy crankiness was still lingering. And with Sapphire being so stressfully, optimistic. She was the easiest to snap at.
Irn patted her head a couple times, "Look, I just have a lot on my plate. I'll try to catch up with you later." He pulled some hard candy from his pocket as a peace offering.
She hesitated, but soon accepted the sweets with a small smile and bright eyes. "I'll see you at lunch?" She asked hopefully.
"Sounds like a plan." Irn tried to sound convincing, knowing full well there was no time for an actual lunch today. He planned a day full of protein bars while he sweated over the final details of his presentation.

He watched as Sapphire cheerfully trotted away toward her own office.

He envied Sapphire Crstle.

The princess had it so easy around here.

   She was the daughter of The Head Of Research and the proprietor of The Exzert Lab, Mr. Suro. Sapphire and her mother, Linda (a now retired australian model Mr. Suro the asian scientist married before he inherited The Exzert from his late father.) had full access to the lab and it's facilities. While Linda had no problems staying out of the way, Sapphire couldn't help, but stick her nose into everyone's work. She demanded to have a hand in it, though impossible. She was rather young, with little to no training in this field. But, daddy dearest still gave her an office and tries to distract her with busy work. She still ends up in people's business, specifically Irn's. She's clung to him like a facinated child since he joined the research team. He was flattered, but couldn't help but feel frustrated with her blissful ignorance.

   He continues, again, toward his office to finalize the points in his findings. The meeting was at 4:30 this afternoon. He had ten more hours. It sounds like enough, but Irn knew it would fly by once he started. He plopped down at this desk, pulling the files from his briefcase. He flipped it open to his first concern and began his diligent work.
   The research team filed into the conference room. Among them, Irn clung to his file. His heart pounded a bit harder than usual. As he finds a seat,(furthest away from Mr. Suro's podium) Irn spots Sapphire already seated; Chatting with a coleague. Everyone quietly murmurs as they wait for the meeting to begin. Irn soon spots Mr. Suro greeting scientists with friendly handshakes as he makes his way up to the podium.

Clearing his throat, he begins to speak. "How is everyone this evening?" Mr. Suro addresses his team.

"Good." Everyone replied in sloppy unison.

"I want to take this time to thank you all for your hard work and dedication on the latest project. Normally, I'd ask to see your findings. Unfortunately, I'm forced to put this project on hiatus." The Head of Research broke the news to everyone.

Concerned whispers filled the room and peers glanced at one another. Mr. Suro flicked a switch on the podium and a projector screen scrolled down from the ceiling. A second switch brought his own presentation on screen. The lights dimmed.

"As you know, thirty years ago, my father left this world without solving the formula he'd been working on for half his life." The screen displayed a photo of Suro's father in the prime of his career.

The next slide dropped into frame. "The device he poured his sweat and tears into lacked one final equation to make his vision come true." The screen displayed a large metal incubation chamber, big enough to accommodate two men.

"Reviving inanimate organic matter into a living chimera." Mr. Suro's words echoed off the walls. Dead silence a the team listened attentively.

"Since his death, I've spend what time I could perfecting his dream with the knowledge I pursued attempting to revive dead matter." The slides continued with examples of Mr. Suro's secondary team tirelessly working at different stations. Equations filled every white board in the lab pictured.

"Our efforts have proved fruitful, with a successful prototype." The lights in the room brightened as the projector screen scrolled back up the wall.

"Our findings will be introduced to the rest of the team on the 19th of April. We will report to the commons for the final reveal at 8 o' clock that morning. I'm eager to see you all then, for now, I have some loose ends to tie up. Please, enjoy the rest of your day as you please." Mr. Suro gathered his files and left the podium.

   The scientists pooled into groups, discussing what just happened. "Man, guess we didn't have to sweat so hard for that deadline today.." One peer sighed. "Why hadn't we been told anything about this before?" Another questioned. "I'm sure Mr. Suro had a good reason. Besides, sounds like we got the rest of the day off."

Everyone started to shuffle their way out of the stuffy room. Irn being one of the last one's to exit. He felt a large hand slap down on his shoulder.

"Hello Mr. Birn, How have you been?" Mr. Suro grinned at the young man.

"I-I'm doing just fine, sir. And you?" Somewhat startled, Irn turned to shake the bosses hand.

"I'm doing quite wonderful. Exciting things are happening. Say, I have a favor to ask." Suro smile hopefully.

"Yes, sir?" Irn's heart started pounding again.

"We're all still so horrible busy with this project. The lab in Sector D needs to be organized for extra room. Nothing too major, just a few filing cabinets and spare equipment we need moved from Sector C. We have very prominent guests coming for a visit in the morning. Would you mind helping me out?" As if Irn could refuse.

"Of course, Mr. Suro. I'll jump right on it." Irn smiled indifferently.

   After leaving his paperwork back in his office, Irn makes his way to Sector D. It was only ever used for extra storage. Folks rarely made it over to this dark end of the facility. It was somehow creepier in this area. He found and unlocked the door to the lab. He was greeted with an cold, silent room filled with various spare lab materials. Filing cabinets filled with long forgotten theses lined the walls of the lonesome space.

   Irn doesn't know where to begin. He reaches for the light switch, flicking it on. The Large room is illuminated in fluorescent lighting. He began moving a filing cabinet, it's metal noises filled the room as it budged. Suddenly a strange noise errupts from nowhere. "What the-" Irn whips his head around searching for the source. "Mr. Suro..? Sapphire is that you?" He questions the noise. He hears woman's hum bubble under the pressure of water. Is that coming from outside in the depths? No.. It sounds like it's inside. Irn's pulse goes crazy once again. He glances quickly behind him, realizing the noise eminates from a towering cylinder shrouded by a large, dark sheet.

   His curiousity wins the best of him as he pulls the shroud from the cylinder, revealing an odd creature. "A mermai- No. Jellyfish?" Irn's head spins. Before him within the cylindrical aquarium, a mutant female. In place of legs are the dainty. transparent tentacles of a jelly fish. her whole body a sheer, see through purple. Her face, bright with excitement as she watched the man. Irn was completely stunned by her presence. He'd never seen anything quite like this before. The two stared at eachother in amazement. "Brruuuu! BrrruuYyy!!" Her cheerful, fishy chirps are strangely soothing to the ears. She waves at Irn from the tank, he slowly waves back. Still completely astonished by her existence.



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