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Toreador - Vampire

By RoxRio
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Update: Apr 24, 2009

Well, a new version of my Toreador work (maybe a final version). This time I remake all the model, new hair, new paint and details.

To see my after-before, click here: [link]

I would like to say thank you for the more than 25.000 views and 540 favs in this works. I'm really happy! :D

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Update: Fev 24, 2008

Some changes in the original images: more dark areas, vibrant colors, hair and light candles, etc.

You can find the old image here: [link]
Original: Nov 03, 2006

Hi my friends.

I did this image for a friend, and i hope she likes. ~Galatea-DNegro this Toreador is for you. :D

It's my version about the character based on texts and comments, I never played Vampire The Masquerade. And also based in what my friend galatea said about Toreador:

"1. Toreador is BEAUTIFUL by nature, by blood. I mean BEAAAUTIFUUL!. No failures, perfect, try to imagine a sculpture in white flesh...

2. Females are sensual, and most of them use red as a preponderant color;

3. Males are just... :drool: , em, sorry ^^U. I said, males are the perfect model, the perfect body, all muscles in the right place. They use to get a rose in some part, as a logo, a brand, etc.

4. They're devoting followers of fashion; so you have to do them fashionable, the last clothes you see is the last they wear, and this includes piercings and tatoos sometimes; BUT on the other hand you have got the traditional toreador, who wear suits and dresses of the Luis XVII's time, like Lestat and Louis.

5. Hair: Traditional ones prefer it mid-lenght curly, because europeans (french at least, the source of Toreador) have got that kind of hair.
Vanguardist Toreador prefer them what is on fashion (with color, high-lights, added, bad-cutted)

5. Eyes: Don't forget their eyes seduce all time; this is for both sex."

To read more about Toreador, please, click here: [link]


~virgin-stock - model: [link]

~CausticStock - background: [link]

~ThisIsMyWorld-Stock - candles: [link]

~Cucaracha-Stock - mountains outside window: [link]

~kras-stock - clouds: [link]
P.S.1: I give permission for all the clubs in my journal to post this in their gallery.

P.S.2: Please, if you like this work and would like to use it or show it in another site, ask me before. Don't copy without my permission.
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This is well done piece. The saturation on the lights in the background make this piece so bight and compelling. There is a great deal of details even the fine details in the rose tattoo. The colors choosen in this piece are perfect and the comment each other. Therefore this art is as a completely different and beautiful. The fact that the colors completely beautiful and the electric blue in the eyes make the whole piece pop. His scary expression on his face defines how he feels. Sorry I not good at this. It is my first. Very good art
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Oh my God!
Thank you very very much for your critique.
I'm so happy you liked the image.
You really made my day better.
Oh, sorry my English. hahaha
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Your welcome glad you like it
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Awww thank you!
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Your welcome.  Really nice picture  and on a scare factor of ten👍🏻
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This is beautiful! I've been looking for some inspiration to create my character in Vampire: The Mask and I think that I've found it. Thanks to you! 
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haha. thanks!!
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Awww Vampire the Masquerade! :D Love it! I was a toreador
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I think you managed to capture the attitude of the Clan of the Rose impeccably. Instant favorite. ^^
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wow, really? THANK YOU my friend. I'm so glad you like it. :dance:
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Mmmm he is looking fine
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Heheh he is cute btw pls comment on my profile
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It looks really nice... I think I´ve watched this before! :P
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haha, thanks my friend! :D
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Perfect picture for my favorite Clan. :heart:
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ahh, thanks my friend! :D
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Hot-sexy-perfect! Great work. Thanks for letting me fav it!
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Thanks my friend!
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