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Update: Apr. 16, 2009

I just changed the category because I did a new work. You can find it here:

Sayonara Solitia 2 by RoxRio

Hello my friend!

Hun, well, this image have a great meaning for me. First: i did it based on a beautiful music, that i really love. And second because I tried to pass to image what I fell in this moment about my soul, my mind and my heart. Like this music, I just want to say: Sayonara Solitia (Farewell, Solitaire).

This music is part of Chrno Crusade Soundtrack. A wonderful anime (the japanese cartoon) that I saw sometimes ago.
If you don't like animes, that's ok, but listen the music, it's very beautiful.

The Lyrics (in Japanese version and English translation):

1- Japanese Version

Sayonara Solitia
Chiba Saeko

daisuki to omou kara ne kizutsu ittari tomadottari
tsumetai hoho wo yose atte kokoro ga umareta
itsumo ima sugu ni aitai

mukuchi ni naruhodo suki yo yasashi sa doushitara mieru no
dakishimete motto tsuyoku atataka na mune wo shinjiru yo
sayonara solitia ashita he

chiisana watashi dakara zenbu demo tarinai yone
nanni mo kakusanai de anata ni agetai
mada shiroi yoake wo miokutte

konnani daiji na hito ni doushite meguri aetano to
itai hodo tsunagu yubi de sabishi sa kienu yume wo miru no
sayonara solitia

mou hitori jyanai kara ashita mezameru no anata to

daisuki na hito dakara ne sobani iru mamotteru
anata he tsunagaru daichi ni umerete yokatta

1- English Translation

Farewell, Solitaire

It's because I love you so much that I hurt you, that I'm so confused
Coming close to your cold cheek, my soul was born
I always want to see you right away

I love you so much I can't speak, so how will you see my kindness?
Hold me tighter, I believe in your warm heart
Farewell, solitaire, to tomorrow

Because I'm so small, I give everything, but it's not enough
This hand, which can't hide anything at all, I want to give to you
We still have to see off the white dawn

Why was I able to run across someone this important?
Holding on to these fingers that they almost hurt, I see the dream that had disappeared into sadness
Farewell, solitaire

Because I'm no longer alone, tomorrow awakens, and I'm with you

Because I have someone whom I love so much, I'm here by your side, protecting you
I'm so glad that I was born on this earth that connects me to you


More about the anime Chrno Crusade:


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P.S.: I give permission for all the clubs in my journal to post this in their gallery.
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Awesome job! I love the concept and the colors pop so well. The background is so beautiful!

Thank you too for the fave on Angel Light :)