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Ravnos - Vampire (old)



Update: April 2013

You can find a new version of this work here: [link]

After a long time I finally finished this image. Well this image is part of my collection about the game Vampire, clan: Ravnos.

"Even when compared to other vampires, Ravnos are not seen as being especially honorable; they are often seen as compulsive gamblers, thieves, liars, and criminals in general. This is because of the Ravnos' unique curse: their beast is especially clever and cajoling. Rather than the usual feral desires for violence and gorging on blood, the Ravnos beast tempts its host with crimes and infractions against society. In this way, the Ravnos beast is more similar to the classical "devil on the shoulder" than the usual Cainite version (which is much more brutal and violent in nature)."
To see more about Ravnos, please, click:
- In English: [link]
- In Portuguese: [link]

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Photoshop + Painting + Tablet

After and before: [link]
P.S.1: I give permission for all the clubs in my journal to post this in their gallery.

P.S.2: Please, if you like this work and would like to use it or show it in another site, ask me before. Don't copy without my permission.
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Not so Ravnos guy.....
Ravnos is more gypsy or indian something like
Mohinder Suresh of Hero or Zaboo from the Guild
And Ravnos prefer embracing male embracingy because they are a better offer to the gods