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Just another day



Update: Sep 07, 2009

Final version about this work. I remake the man, added more details and other things.

Click in the link to see the old version and compare the changes: [link]

Thank you very very much for the views, comments and favs!

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Update: Fev 24, 2008

I fixed some mistakes in his hair and the ground and let the colors more vibrant.
Original: Fev 18, 2007

After a long time without images i add another one.

This image is based on a japanese music, soundtrack from Macross anime (very old anime), called: Ai oboete imasu ka.
In english is: Do You Remember Love?

So, you ask me: why "Just another day"?

Well, because in my life, today is another day, a simple day, alone, nothing more...

Japanese Version:

Ima anata no koe ga kikoeru
Koko ni oide to
Sabishisa ni makesou na watashi ni

Ima anata no sugata ga mieru
Aruite kuru
Me wo tojite matte iru watashi ni

Kinou made namida de kumotte 'ta
Kokoro wa ima......

*Oboete 'masu ka Me to me ga atta toki wo
Oboete 'masu ka Te to te ga fureatta toki
Sore wa hajimete no ai no tabidachi deshita
I love you, so

Ima anata no shisen kanjiru
Hanarete 'te mo
Karada-juu ga atatakaku naru no

Ima anata no ai shinjimasu
Douzo watashi wo
Tooku kara mimamotte kudasai

Kinou made namida de kumotte 'ta
Sekai wa ima...


Mou hitori-botchi ja nai
Anata ga iru kara


Mou hitori-botchi ja nai
Anata ga iru kara......

English Version:

Now I hear your voice
When I feel down and out
I hear your voice telling me to come

I close my eyes, waiting for you
I see you
Walking here to me

Till yesterday my eyes were clouded with tears
Now my heart......

*Do you remember When our eyes met
Do you remember When we held hands
That was our first journey of love
I love you, so

Now I feel your gaze
Even if we are apart
I feel the warmth all over

Now I believe your love
From afar
Please watch over me

Till yesterday my eyes were clouded with tears
Now the world......


I'm no longer alone
Because you are here


I'm no longer alone
Because you are here......



:iconreiko-stocks: - man: [link]

:iconladydove7-stock: - woman: [link]

:iconblackstock: - background: [link] - japanese door: [link]

P.S.1: I give permission for all the clubs in my journal to post this in their gallery.

P.S.2: Please, if you like this work and would like to use it or show it in another site, ask me before. Don't copy without my permission.
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This is a very entrancing and compelling piece of art. The expression on the boy's face is absolutely beautiful and the way you set up the light and shadows with the theme of outside is stunning.

The emotions that he is feeling are hidden but written all over his face. You did an amazing job illustrating what powerful things are running through his mind. The shadows in his face and body are so lifelike that for some time I did not realize this wasn't a photo. Your technique is almost flawless. I really like the way his face is subtly turned towards the figure – all in all amazing piece and well worked.