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Giovanni - Vampire



My new clan from the game Vampire: Giovanni.

"Founded during the Dark Ages and coming to ascendance in the Renaissance, the Family of Giovanni has since grown to include several other families. They are now stronger than they have ever been, while all around them disintegrate into dust. Still, suspicion of this clan has continued to the present day. By staying neutral in quaint battles, the Giovanni have had free rein to build their merchant empire. The clan's wealth is quite sizeable, but no one knows the exact purpose for which it employs this wealth. Few outsiders have ever taken part in the clan's necromantic rituals, so the purpose of these is likewise a mystery. Instead, suspicions and innuendoes have taken the places of facts and truths. Clan Giovanni is one of the more rigidly controlled clans and contact is constantly maintained between members of the clan."

Please, look: this image is just my version from the character. I never played the game, I did it reading texts about the game and character.

To know more about Giovanni, click:
- In English: [link]
- In Portuguese: [link]

To see my After and Before of the model, just click: [link]

My other works about Vampire:

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*magikstock - model: [link]

=CausticStock - room: [link]

~porchstock - candle 1: [link]

~Bogstock - candle 2: [link]

~miss69-stock - spider webs: [link]

~freaksmg-stock - skull: [link]

ALL the other elements: by me. Photoshop + Painting + Tablet
P.S.1: I give permission for all the clubs in my journal to post this in their gallery.

P.S.2: Please, if you like this work and would like to use it or show it in another site, ask me before. Don't copy without my permission.
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" I never played the game"
Great interprtation!!!!!