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Toxic Healing Ch:6
Toxic Healing Chapter: 6
Shredder's lair
The Shredder sat on his throne. He had given an order for a new plan to make his arch nemesis suffer in the most cruel way. He had been saving something that he brought back from Japan. After hearing the Hamato clan was in New York he only cared about making his enemy suffer and he was sure this new plan would make that happen.
“Bradford, report.” In front of Shredder a skeletal dog mutant came into view bowing on one knee. “Master Shredder. The mission was partly successful.”
She shredders eyes narrowed at the news. His voice was threatening, only barely holding back his anger. “And what do you mean by partly successful?”
The mutant winced at the question. “I was only able to infect one turtle. Master. The others got away before I could infect them too.”
“And which turtle did you infect?” Shredder was keeping from letting out his rage. Bradford sensed this and quickly answered.
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Toxic Healing Ch:5
Toxis Healing :Chapter 5
Donnie had finished his blend of ingredients and welt over to Mikey. The orange banded turtle was only just conscious now as the sedative had worn off and was a very low dose. The drip seemed to be doing something to help Mikey as the youngest brother had stopped shivering as much.
Donnie had made a type of tea using the activated charcoal which has been said to treat this type of poisoning.
Donnie brought a cup of his antidote and carefully lifted off the oxygen mask of Mikey's face. Raph helped Donnie in lifting Mikey to sit up a little. “Mikey? I need you to drink this. Think you can?”
Mikey had grunted as he was lifted but he had heard Donnie so he nodded slightly. His brother lifted the cup to Mikey's mouth and slowly let him swallow.
It tasted bad and Mikey nearly threw up again but tried to keep it down.
“Ok, That first drink is over now but Mikey will need to drink a new one I will make in an hour. Until we see signs of getting better
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Toxic Healing Ch:4
Toxis Healing :Chapter 4
“Can't you do that hand heal thing for him Master? You and Leo did it before.” Raph asked. He was getting agitated with not able to do anything for his younger brother.
“It is worth a shot. Leonardo? Please help me.” Splinter and Leo stood next to Mikey and chanted the mantra. “Rin, Pyoh, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen.” They both placed their hands on Mikey with a glow to start the healing.
Mikey shifted and groaned. His face was showing pain not healing, he screamed in agony. Splinter and Leo immediate stopped and stared in horror as they heard Mikey scream and started coughing.
“WHAT HAPPENED? Mikey?” Raph was very scared. He had never heard Mikey scream in so much pain before.
Mikey's coughing stopped with choking sounds and Donnie rushed over with a bucket and shifted Mikey to his side as he vomited.
Splinter was in shock on his knees by the cot. He never intended to cause more pain for his most innocent
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Toxic Healing Ch:3
Toxic Healing :Chapter 3
After the first mile of running Mikey started to feel a little light headed. He passed it as exhaustion from all the fighting and running. After the second mile the turtles slowed down to a walking pace the rest of the way home finally satisfied that the enemy has lost them.
During the fight Donnie had a cut on his leg bleeding slowly being helped along with his arm around Raph. It will need a couple of stitches and to be cleaned to prevent infection and bad scaring. Raph had small cuts all over him, mostly his arms. He also has a bad bruise forming on his head but has not shown any signs of a concussion. Leo was hurt with mostly just bruising and one or two cuts on his arms. Mikey was the least hurt with a couple of cuts and a few bruises. His nunchucks where hard for the enemy to get close and is an effective weapon against large groups.
After the second mile Mikey was increasingly feeling worse as they walked. “I don't feel too good guys.” Non of
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Toxic Healing Ch:2
Toxic Healing :Chapter 2
During the patrol Mikey kept up his light attitude and jokes until all three other brothers gave him a stern, irritated and slightly angry glare. They still didn't feel like lightening up after Mikey's little scare. From then on he kept silent and followed behind. They made there way to the warehouse district and by chance stumbled across the Foot.
“Looks like something is going on down there.” Donnie whispered looking to their leader for orders. “Great. I still have some anger to vent from earlier.” Raph said looking at Mikey.
Mikey didn't bother responding, he was not in the mood.
Leo watched for a bit, surveying what the Foot could be up too. “Right, this is what we will do.” All eyes where on Leo for the plan to be revealed. “We sneak in ninja style, See what they are up too then stop them. And yes that means you get to bash some heads, Raph.”
Leo smirked at Raph who was grinning like he won the lottery.
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Toxic Healing
Toxic Healing :Chapter 1
Everyone in the lair looked up confused as to what, or who, screamed. Looking around at who was sitting in the middle of the lair, Leonardo was watching Space Heroes, Donatello was fixing his mutagen tracker and Raphael was punching the dummy that looks similar to a certain Shred head.
The teenage turtles know oh to well the only brother who could scream like that was their youngest sibling Michelangelo.
Everyone shot up and rushed to the source of the shriek.
“what's wrong?” Leo looking rather worried as he ran to Mikey's room and wondered what made his brother yell. The other two brothers joined Leo only seconds after he did.
Looking into Mikey's room, the turtles saw their smaller brother franticly searching for something in the mess known as his room.
“Its gone, GONE I tell you” the orange banded turtle explained without looking up to his brothers. The three older turtles sighed in both relief and irrita
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Treasure Hunt by RoxasTsuna Treasure Hunt :iconroxastsuna:RoxasTsuna 16 8


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:icongegege-no-kitaro: :icondothacklink-club:

There is milk, white and dark chocolate but now there is a forth type available in shops in Japan, Korea and the UK.

Ruby Chocolate.

This chocolate is naturally pink by using ruby coco beans originating in Japan and Korea.

How I would describe the taste is light, creamy and a slight berry after taste. It does taste of chocolate but different.

I really like this new chocolate and at the moment is mainly seen in KitKat form.

I really recommend it. :meow:

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Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
I am an Art student doing an all around 3D Crafts corse at university.
I mainly make 3D sculpture and digital drawings but i also paint ink and watercolour. Please comment and tell me what you think.

Subject wise with my work is mainly based on what im feel like doing or when i have watched an anime/cartoon and fell in love with it. Mostly at home i work on 3D sculptures and make fantasy work like wands, staffs, leather work, wood carving/pyrography, wirework and more.
If you want to see some of my 3D work look at my other DeviantArt acount -…

Fanfiction -…

AO3 -…

My professional work for university and commissions can be seen here -

Bronze Participation Stamp for 2017 TMNTFA by AdventureHobbit3791

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