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What did you just said?

i this its more better then the real one
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How To Put A Plz
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Q, R, Cookie Monster!

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When someone corrects you when you are talking What did you just said? 
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What did you just said? "Excuse me, but you took all my pencils, and I need them back SO I CAN STAB YOU WITH THEM."
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When u notice someone else ate the last brownie bite What did you just said? 
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when u hear a fart and somebody goes crazy What Did You Just Say What Did You Just Say What Did You Just Say 
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Oh my God, these wrinkly handpuppets can make the best facial expressions. xD
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when joel makes his dad snap: Kermit Emoticon - What did you just say? 
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"what the fuck did you just say about me" 
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once i was washing some dishes and i turned around just like this What did you just said? and then i was like Spaz attack wen i see my mom there.
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when someone farts in class What did you just said? 
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i farted in math class once, i sit near the door, the teacher opened the window, nothing said, it was silent but huge, i aired it out slowly, it is now military grade poison bombs:

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