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All that could be heard was the beeping of the heartbeat monitor that was hooked up to the young girl who was in critical condition. She lay there in her hospital bed unconscious. A breathing respirator was hooked up to her nose. Doctors did not know when she would wake but if she did she would only see through one eye as her other eye was badly burned in the explosion that happen in Deviant Tower. Balthier, acting leader of Team Gratitude had held the frail hand of the little girl. He stared at her, and felt nothing but pity and remorse as the beautiful girl who once sang with her guitar was now silent and the skin that shown yellow was now faded to a pale white. Her good eye suddenly half open. She looked over at Balthier. “Lisa?” said Balthier with excitement in his voice. “Bal…thier” replied Lisa as she half smiled. She felt exhausted; speaking had felt like it knocked the wind out of her. “Don’t talk my dear, please save your strength” replied Balthier but Lisa would not comply “Mobis…is he…” “No he’s not hear...” Balthier’s reply was cut off by Lisa “He’s alive…dreamed…of him…the city…I.R..” “No more talk my dear, rest” Balthier said, he grit his teeth when he heard I.R mentioned. The merciless beast was the reason she was in this hospital and what he wanted more now than ever was squeeze the life out of him. Suddenly his rage had turned to panic when Lisa’s heartbeat monitor began to beep out of sync. Nurses rush into the hospital room “IS SHE DIEING?!” yelled Balthier but one answered him as he was pushed out of her room by nurses who were working frantically to resuscitate little Lisa. The curtains to her room were drawn and the door slammed in his face as he nearly stumbled out of Lisa’s room. Balthier’s heart beat harder and harder as his thoughts of impending death happening to Lisa threw him in a traumatic state but he did what little he could to remain optimistic and keep himself from losing his nerves. A few moments later a doctor step out and closed the door behind, Balthier rushed at him as if to shake the truth out of him “Is she going to be alright? Please tell me you saved her” said Balthier. The doctor’s long silence and look of grief on his face was enough to tell him that the worse had happened. “I’m so sorry, we did everything he could, if you wish for me to tell the other in the waiting room…” the doctor was cut off by Balthier hand who gestured for him to stop speaking “I will break the news to them” said Balthier. He walked to his comrades in the waiting room and with every step he thought of how he would break the news to them. When he turned the corner to the waiting room, all eyes were on him. “Is alright?” asked Sheva as Chris had held her hand “Can I give her, her guitar now? I fixed the burnt wood to new” said Clank. In that moment Balthier let slips a tear “It is with great unfortunate news that Lisa Simpson is…” he couldn’t finish as he wiped the tear from his face. There cries of anguish and anger coming from his comrades but one man stood up from his seat walked towards Balthier. He was dressed in his district attorney suit that was party burned due to an explosion he barely escaped from. Half of the left side from his face was so badly burned that the eye was lidless, his skin burned right to the muscle and all the hair on the left side of his scalp was burned away. In his left hand he flicked a coin repeatedly then spoke “Heads I.R dies and tails says he lives?” said the man with burnt face “He will not die, we took an oath never to break the one rule of Mobis-New-Nest, as much as I want to see I.R. suffer the same fate, killing him is not right” “IT’S NOT ABOUT WHATS RIGHT IT’S ABOUT WHATS FAIR! YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD BE GRATEFUL PEOPLE IN AN UNGRATEFUL TIME BUT YOU WERE WRONG, THE WORLD IS CRUEL AND IT SHOWED YOU THAT WHEN MOBIS AND LISA DIED. THE ONLY MORALITY IN A CRUEL WORLD IS CHANCE, UNBIASED, UNPREGIDOUS AND FAIR. I.R. HAS THE SAME CHANCE THAT MOBIS AND LISA DID, 50/50!” yelled the man with burnt face “Harvey you are upset and I know…” but Balthier was cut off by Harvey “DON’T PATRONIZE ME!” yelled Harvey and then he flicked his coin one last time, it landed in the palm of his hand and then he took his palm and placed the coin on top of the knuckle of his other hand. It read heads “So it was written, so it shall be done” said Harvey with a serious look on his face “If any of you are in sync with me on this then help me put this monster six feet under but if not then don’t get in my way, from here on out there is no more thanks for the fav” Harvey turned and made his way for the exit of the hospital. Sheva pulled let go of Chris’s hand and followed Harvey. So did Ratchet, Booker T, Samus and Megatron. “So this is it? This is how Team Gratitude ends? No more thanks for the fav? DO NOT DO THIS! THIS IS WHAT I.R. WANTS! WE TOOK AN OATH!” yelled Balthier but his voice fell on deaf ears. The team was broken, Lisa dead, Mobis dead or missing and city now overrun with I.R., General Bane and Dr. Nefarious thugs. All hope had now fallen to you.
YujVilliers Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for faving my Roxas-cosplay <3
Roxashe Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
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