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Mah art! Go to check out~


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Well damn, i didn't get one more drawing for this year (Motivation, pls).
Onward to 2019, which is hopefully much better than this year. At least January is gonna be great.
Happy new year to everybody!
Hello, for the very few people still visiting here, Hyvää joulua! God jul, Merry Christmas and stuff. I failed to deliver a Christmas piece for the day, but hopefully i can pull out one before it's New Year.
I'm so glad this year is over, so much stressful bs.
With my birthday today, i'm an old man now. And what an awesome morning it was, and having my best friend present for the day. My siblings (Expect sis, who doesn't get to visit here easily) comes for a visit today. My idea of a cake is bit weird, as it's just ice cream. I don't really like cake, unless it's like certain type of chocolate cake, but that's fine.

I hope everyone will have a great weekend!
Inktober has reached it's end. How i feel now? Kinda meh, near the end i started to wish it would be over. I prefer to work with pieces until i'm really satisfied with them, but with ink it's either deal with it or drop it. If i do Inktober again next year, i won't be doing it traditionally again. But if it's not fine to do it digitally, then i just forget the whole thing.
Now, looking forward to my favorite month and it's game releases.
Just a moment ago i preordered Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Premium bundle. And right now i am the calmest man in the world, not in the verge of freaking out. I swear.

ToV is one of my absolute favorite video games, and it has additional value to it. It doesn't only have my top 1 favorite character of all time, but that character is partially the reason i became an artist.
How the fuck am i supposed to wait 4 months? And then there's KH3, and in a month there's the Spyro. What a shitty year this has been, but what a great way to end it and start 2019. But well, because of how costly the bundle was, i may not be able to get Spyro right away.

I got a little sentimental here. After about a year of lack of uploads, i finally got in some pieces. Also, i will be participating on Inktober for the first time, so i get to flood my gallery after a while. Well, my inking (Or digital linearting) is garbage so who knows how it goes.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

EDIT: Forgot one setting. I added it in through phone, so hopefully it's formatted correctly.

I never make journals, so i may as well use the spot for something useful for those looking at my gallery.
Basically here i explain all of my story settings, because i have so many characters that are not even part of same world, and i mostly prefer to create characters that are part of these settings, and not just some random folks. (I do have few of those, but most of them aren't designed by me). So, here we go.

One's Destiny                                                                                                                 

Inhabitants: Salerio, Kazuya, Haruki, Ido, Jiro ect
Originally called Ookami: Watashi no Unmei (Pretty much "Wolf: My Destiny"), which name i changed because the old one is cringey. It also went through massive changes few years ago,
because the old version barely made sense, and it had a bunch of characters that just did not fit there.
This setting takes place on a large island inhabited only by animals, and no one knowing what is beyond the ocean, as anyone who has left the island, never came back.
Some animals on the island have been bestowed with the powers of a certain element, and more and more animals gains power like this during their life. No one knows why this happens.
Many other strange occurences has happened on the island, such as the middle part being turned into a rotten swamp, some animals having grown angel-like or demon-like wings and so on.
Story's main character is Salerio, red furred wolf with the powers of fire, who had born with a strange symbol on his forehead. Being an orphan, he grew up with a blue fox, Kazuya.

Tales of Esria / Esria: The Moonlight Stone                                                                   

Inhabitants: Cain, Wolfe, Jackal, Leorina ect
Fake Tales setting, which i don't focus on much, due to my general lack of interest in drawing humans. The world setting has three kingdoms, who are currently in peace.
Protagonist is Cain, a boy who sets on an adventure to find a mysterious stone, whose existence hasn't been proven, and over the years it has become a topic of laughter. But Cain believes that the stone exists.
Things starts to get more serious, when king of one of the kingdoms plots a war against other two kingdoms, along with trying to also find the stone, believing that it could make them into a god.
Some party members are Wolfe, unusual breed of wolf who grows close to Cain, antagonist's sister Leorina and Resistance leader Jackal.

Their World Their Sins                                                                                                   

Inhabitants: Sora, John, Richter ect
(Gore and horror)
My only horror-themed setting, which i haven't put much attention on due to my lack of skill in the topic (It's a shame, because the title i came up with is my top favorite). It takes place on earth, in an area near of German, that has turned apocalyptic and is now swarming monsters. Sora is a Siberian Husky, that was born in a laboratory, that performs tests on animals in an attempt to create biological weapons. Tests passed down from his parents gave him a human intelligence. Sora manages to escape with the help of a wolf that was also brought there. A year passes, Sora now being a grown up, he starts to show signs in his body, caused by a dangerous man-made virus that was injected in him before his escape. The virus causes him to gain the ability to release invisible waves that can destroy body cells and certain kinds of matter. He also has grown a some sort of a change in brain, that on occassion turns him into a senseless murderer. He is now being chased by humans send from laboratories, but gains assistance from a group of people who aims to take down the organization controlling the labs.


Inhabitants: Tatsuki, Miro, Aaron ect
(Heavy themes of mental breakdown, suicide, merciful killing)
Originally Tatsuki was a character i made for PMD group, which was closed down by an unknown reason very early on, and i ended up creating own story setting around him.
Tatsuki is a Poochyena with unusual fur coloring, whose family were murdered by a single invidual. Attempting suicide, he ends up living but so mentally scarred that what he is now is a person with broken mind, incapable of feeling emotion properly, along with a split personality whose mind is even more broken. "Tatsuki" is a name given to him by his Aaron in order to avoid him recalling past events. Tatsuki eventually meets with Miro in a forest he was drawn to, where he learns that the world is in danger by a substance that has started to gather on various places, and those who collect too much of it in their bodies become victims of "Bloodlust", causing them to attack anyone with intent to kill. Tatsuki, seemingly immune of the substance, wants to do something about it.

Kingdom Hearts: Evolution                                                                                            

Inhabitants: Emil, Arufe, Maruda ect
My cross-over of Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon, where people are anthro Pokémon and Pokémon-worlds instead of Disney. Protagonist is Emil, an Eevee (In this setting, Eevee is a species that vanished at the beginning of time), wakes up from a slumber and is brought to a world called Keyblade Academy, where young Keyblade wielders are trained in order to become Keyblade Masters some day. Emil's own training is interrupted of him learning that pieces of his power has scattered all around of various worlds, and he sets off to find them. Together with that, a mysterious person in a coat is plotting something in the background, which has something to do with Emil.


Inhabitants: Will, Twister ect
Will and Twister are characters originally created by :iconskogskisse:. After he gave them to me, i build a world around them and a story, which i plan to have comic made out of.
Their story setting takes place on earth where humans are replaced by anthro Pokémon. Will, the Electrike, and Twister, the Poochyena, are a homosexual couple living together in Netherlands, living normal lives. The story is pretty much slice-of-life theme.

Kill Mercy                                                                                                                       

Inhabitants: Iscara, Kira, Azael ect
(Violence and gore)
Entirely original setting of mine, which i also have plans for a web comic. World's inhabitants are half-anthro animals of various species, with some special kinds existing there as well. One of these special kinds are Demons, that are endangering the lives of people due to them on occassion attacking innocents. Iscara is also special kind, called Lunaran, whose entire kind is massacred by demons for some reason. The only thing to keep him going is his revenge to eradicate the entire demon kind. Despite of Iscara's goal, the story doesn't entirely revolve around his revenge, but more of his experience on outside world and occuring events.


Inhabitants: Kosuke, Jin, Hawkeye ect
Some inspiration from ninja-stuff, this one is on fictional world of anthro animals in a Japan-like country, where several areas each controlled by an emperor are in a war with each others. In the middle of this all is a neutral affiliated ninja clan called "Tsukiakari", that offers services to anyone for a payment. The clan consists of small number of skilled ninjas, which three of them are "Elders", the leaders of the clan. Mitsuru, better known as Hawkeye, is a fresh ninja who was suggested to be a member by his father, but due to the clan's old rules of not accepting species of dogs (Mitsuru is half-wolf and half-husky), the clan's opinion is split in two. He is accepted as a "in-training" member in order to see how everyone's opinion of him goes. While it's not as such crazy ninja-technique-thing as Naruto, the setting does have a thing that some people are born with a "Power" that can be passed down in bloodline, this power being quite specific (Such as Jin's ability to produce poison)

Tales of the Guardians                                                                                                                  

Inhabitants: Faris, Tobias, Keith, Amano ect
Another fake Tales, this time with anthro animals and male-only party. The world is mostly controlled by a powerful faction Imperials, that aims for complete control of the world. Faris is a common thief, who steals a crystal Imperial knights are trying to get, only for him to find out the this crystal houses a spirit, Guardian, that bestows it's power to him, which makes him a wanted person. Unable to stay at his home, he sets off to find a peaceful place, with the adventure getting more complicated as time passes. Some party members are Keith, dolphin that thinks he is a shark, and Amano who is looking for his missing sister.


Inhabitants: Savior
Worldbound is a weird one, because it's basically all of my characters being stuck in a single world, like Tales of VS and Super Smash series. The only character whose origin is in this story setting is Savior, a small creature who knows about the exists of various worlds, and "watches" them through the dreams of people. One day, he gets the idea to create a world, so that they can see the characters of various worlds interacting with each others, and is able to create such a world by using the dreams of the people, with the dream copies of themselves inhabiting this world. But things doesn't go entirely smoothly, as there are holes in the world that causes a substance called "Mist" to gather up, that is taking control of people and causing them to act by their negative feelings. Savior attempts to keep the Mist going out of control, while trying to contact some of the heroes through dreams in an attempt to get them to help in saving the world.
I pretty much created this story setting for the sake of fake video game art, and board game i am working with.
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RoxasFIN's Profile Picture
Tomas Drakhjärta
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm too lazy to put anything really meaningful here or make it look cool or something.
I love drawing, video games, manga/anime and Pokémon. And i fail at being social and such.
I draw mostly Pokémon and canines. Sometimes other stuff comes in as well but rarely.

What else i could add here? I dunno, if you're interested of getting to know me, you can freely throw in Note.

:icongraphicnakeddoggie: is my sister, and very talented artist. You should take a look at her gallery!
:iconchilathedragon: is my absolutely best friend who deserves more attention, visit his profile as well!



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