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A look back on this July 4th
On July fourth, about two hundred and thirty seven years, a group of men made history.  The year was 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was adopted, severing all ties between the thirteen original colonies and the British Crown.  So much has happened since then, from the awesome things like the inauguration of the US’s first African-American president, to the tragedies of the Boston Marathon bombing. It almost feels like there are more tragedies going on than anything else.  In the recent years, it seems like there has been so many different disasters and random acts of violence like school shootings.
For many of us, these kinds of stories could be nothing more than something we see on the news.  Sadly there are many of us that look at these stories and see the tragedies that have personally affected them.  While I know this is a depressing topic to think about, I wanted to bring it up so that I could tell you about the hope that is available.
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My Testimony about Jesus
It's the story many of us have probably heard before, the story of how God came down to Earth as a man, named Jesus, to save us from hell.  "But why do we need saving in the first place" you may ask, the answer is sin.  If a person has ever lied, stolen or used God's name as a curse word, they would be guilty of sin.  Now there may be some people that believe that this isn't a big deal, that God may have not seen their sin.  The problem is that He has seen your sin (because God sees everything), and that the punishment for sin is death, so ya it's a big deal.
Depressed yet?  Well you don't have to be, because this is where the Gospel (which means good news) comes in to play.  Knowing that man couldn't do it alone, God sent his Son (Jesus) down to Earth to save us by taking our punishment for us.  By suffering and dying on the cross, a death He didn't deserve, Jesus paid the price for our sin and we are forgiven of any crime we have committed. This is a gift from God that is available t
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Random Stuff

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 1:58 AM

Ok first of all, I just wanted to try out the journal skin that I got because of FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP DAY!! I have to say I like the Tron.  Also Rainmeter is awesome, have been seeing alot of activity in my artwork recently (if you decide to call rainmeter artwork).  But never the less I am happy with the events that are taking place, thank you God in Heaven, my account doesn't feel so lonely now.  So ya not much has been going on, got back from vaca not to long ago, I am also starting school next week which is a drag (because I am enjoying the act of doing nothing).  Have also been playing Skyrim and Sonic Generations, both really great games.  Especially Sonic because it is one of the few to come out recently (excluding Sonic Colors) that does not suck.

But on a serious not SOPA and PIPA
      In case you dont know these are two bills that are passing through the US Congress that could cause some serious problems.  From what I understand it these bills are meant to fight online piracy, which is not a bad thing.  The problem lies in how the government intends to do it, thats where the problem lies.  From what I have gathered the bill will block any site online that has the potential to produce pirated material.  That comes with no warnings, no threats, notices or anything.  If a site has the ability to produce pirated material, even though it has not produced any in the past, the site will be blocked completely.  Now keep in mind I have not read the bill itself, but according to the information that I have gather this is the case.  So Deviantart could easily be blocked if the bill is passed, along with youtube, newgrounds (probably), or sort of gameplay videos or streaming site that you enjoy.  I feel that this is just over the top and just a wrong move on the government's part.  So be a good citizen (if your'e an American) and call you Senator and let them know how you feel.

God bless you all my friends and stay gold

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Recently, I read your prayer request on :iconjesus-loves-you:.
Please know we (myself and the other members) are praying ardently for you.

If I can pray for anything else, or if you need any spiritual support, please feel free to note me.

 I deeply apologize if this comes across as excessively forward, but reading your prayer request, I felt compelled to message you.
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