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An abstract thesis by Raluca Porumbacu

We always wonder what happens after death. What everything means. What purpose we have. It’s in our nature as evolved species ... But what happens after we die is the biggest question. [Life is unimaginably short compared to the Universe’s life for example. You even start thinking what truly matters compared to that...] But back to our subject. So what does happen? Why do we need something to happen? Fear? Fear of what? Loneliness? The unknown? Nothingness?

Theory #1A: There’s an actual end

Let’s say our consciousness survives and only our body rots. Let’s say we remain
an observing force or energy, however you want to call or define it.


What would we see? For how long? Let’s say our consciousness remains immortal. What would we observe? Our friends, their families? Our families, their friends? How much could we see at once? One place at a time? More? How much could we observe at once?


Let’s say as much as we can. Let’s have full omnipresence. Like a God.
What would happen over time? Do we get lost in the knowledge of all these lives that start spreading like wildfire? Do we get bored of seeing everyone? Their beginning and their end?


We’ll take the known facts and theories of science and presume life on earth is very risky and might come to an end at any point in the future. What would we observe then? Would we get sad? Depressed?


Do we even have feelings as an immortal consciousness?
Let’s make a parenthesis and presume there are other consciousnesses in this world too. Imagine the crowd lurking around the Cosmos of consciousnesses seeking their own way of extinguishing the thirst of "What happen’s next?”.

Do we see each other? Do we bump into each other? Are we a limited number? If the species becomes extinct, we are. But we’re more than billions. And we’re from all sorts of places in time. We even encounter the cavemen that once existed on our planet that evolved as a consciousness too. Do we communicate? No. Because we only observe. There’s no need to communicate anymore. We have no social needs, we evolved beyond that. We just ignore each other and mind our own business. Like galaxies do.

Let’s presume there are other consciousnesses in this Universe as well. That there are other planets in that “Goldie Locks” zone of their Solar System and nurtured life that has evolved and became floating consciousness traveling to seek wisdom and meaning as well. If we apply the same rule everywhere. Imagine the crowd, now!

Let’s include the consciousnesses of cats and birds and squids. Fun, huh?


But there’s enough space for everyone, and if there isn’t, no worries, the Universe is expanding.


After observing the inevitable extinction of the human race, we go on. Time is no longer a concert for immortality. We start observing the wonderful Universe in all it’s glory. Except this time, we witness everything on a larger scale. We see the death of our solar system. We move on even further and see the birth and deaths of other solar systems in our galaxy. Of stars. Some may render into nebulas and give birth to other solar systems, super massive black wholes or quasars... It’s like watching our human friends and families all over again. It’s a loop.


We see stars in this Galaxy grow old, die, render black wholes [absorbing all matter they confront] or shatter into nebulas [giving birth to other stars, some even carrying new solar systems]. Yet with the expansion of the Universe and the multitude of black wholes, this dynamic will also meet its end.


We’ll change the observation scale to a point of view of several galaxies in order to feed this eternal boredom. Neighboring galaxies collide, create new life, eventually die.


Imagine speeding up enough to see stars like flickers. It’s there, it’s gone, there’s a new one, it’s gone too.


Look beyond this now. We see clusters of galaxies, super clusters, filaments. They all move apart from each other, slowly, due to the expanse, leaving only dark matter behind.


Presuming all the black wholes devour all matter in their path and the leftover stars just run out of fuel, all the lights running out, we are witnessing the death of the Universe.

Theory #1B: Recollapse

Let’s thing outside the box now. Let’s not imagine that dark matter might have so little energy density that it would never stop expanding. Let’s imagine it might have enough energy density to stop its expansion and recollapse*.

[Or just for the idea that nothing just ends use whatever theory makes you see this more realistically. The notion of “the end” doesn’t exist.]
*Space contracts gathering all the matter ‘till there’s a singularity point. This sounds familiar. A Big Bang happens again. And we observe it in all it’s glory.


Is this enough? To see everything happening again? And again? Because this Universe will eventually disperse and recollapse. Another loop. It might be fun to watch this once, twice, ten times maybe, but who wants to listen to the same song for all eternity? Ever heard of the Chinese water torture*?

*The Chinese water torture is a process in which water is slowly dripped onto a person's forehead, allegedly making the restrained victim insane.


So after all this evolution of consciousness we witness torture. Theory #2: Super Computers
Now let’s try to make this eternity seem more fun. Say in some relevant point in the future our species evolves the ability to preserve its consciousnesses in super computers.


These super computers float in space undisrupted by radiation, electromagnetism, heat, blasts or freezing. They detect and avoid being absorbed by black wholes, whatever you can thing of... Let’s say these super computers don’t need fuel, and exist forever.


The Universe will never recollapse this time. It will just exist and expand forever in darkness. These super computers, altho floating in a dead space, live on.


Their purpose is to entertain our consciousness. Create and sustain virtual life.


Is this what we call a Heaven? Manmade heaven? What are the rules? Does everything happen when we want it to happen? What’s the timeline of everything? I’f there are child consciousnesses, do they eat ice cream and play games forever? Or do they eventually grow old? Everyone’s still immortal, right? Do we create new life forever in this computer? Maybe someone wants infinite babies. Do they grow up? If everyone makes new virtual babies, where does everything end?


And we reach infinite now. Infinity. Can you imagine an infinite number of virtual lives that live forever? I can’t. It will need an infinite amount of space. Can you imagine an infinite amount of virtual space? I can’t. And if we can observe it all, won’t we get bored again? To just se infinite expansion of virtual life? Infinite omnipresent consciousness observing and evolving infinity.

[Fun notion: How will we tell apart real consciousness from virtual consciousness?]


Let’s concentrate on a singular consciousness at a time, our own. Without observing anything anymore in large scales. What would you do? Would you remain in a our 21st Century and input that murder, evil, pain or any bad stuff does not exist? Just sit on a beach with a cocktail...
[Oh, wait, is alcohol a bad thing? Well, not in this heaven. In this heaven they have drugs and whores too. Or maybe just ice cream, bunnies and unicorns.] The possibilities...


And I make a parenthesis and add. Do we want in our heaven to have the loved ones next to us? Do they want their loved ones next to them? We look like clusters of consciousnesses that are connected though filaments, like the Universe. We are a different Universe.


We chose sand, sun and cocktails forever. Do we get bored of it? Do we have the power to change it? Let’s say we are able to forever change the scenery. Creating and ending at our own will.

[And no, I can’t even start to imagine the possibilities of every single one of the infinite consciousnesses in this machine changing their lives an infinite amount of times.]


The birth/death loop again. We can’t even begin to comprehend the possibilities of creation, yet we control it. What is the meaning of creation in this case?


Let’s say we need a purpose. We already reached the ultimate goal, immortality. Cool. What now? What next? Why does there have to be a next? What is beyond that next anyway? And after the other next? Again and again, round and round. Like a carousel we spin in the same soup of existence and creation.


It looks depressing. It sounds depressing. Scary even. But we want to be a happy consciousness. How do we get this consciousness to the next level? Do we eliminate emotions? Do we just evolve into a consciousness that doesn’t need a purpose? Interesting.


But now we’re not human anymore. We’re so far away from what we once were. Now we’re purposeless, senseless, pointless. We ourselves became nothingness in evolution. What a perspective. We became what we once feared. Void. The forever unsatisfied, endlessly curious human mind comes to a saturation.


Is saturation an end? We define saturation as a temporary end of hunger, lust, or a state past the point of a necessity or desire. So is this saturation the end of our consciousness? Is it then the end of our forever seeking of knowledge or entertainment? If our consciousness is now saturated, and we have noting else we desire anymore, what was the whole purpose of evolution, existence, and creation anyway? So there’s an and to the end. Again.

[Let’s go beyond the end of this consciousness and imagine that end has a continuum as well, and also wants to live on.]

What is it that we really want? Infinite loops of possibilities? Or do we want to stop at saturation? Isn’t this life that we have now enough? Can the end of this life we have now be the perfect saturation target? As bad or short as it may be? Can we seek happiness and meaning in it just now, here, as we exist? Why isn’t this enough? Why do we need to get lost into infinity and wander losing whoever or whatever we were at the beginning? Because only by loosing humanity we can eventually saturate. Immortality leads to and means loss/end too.


Some may argue; “Ok, but we lose our clild selves when we grow up anyway, why would this be any different?” If this life we have is only the childhood of our existence, or maybe just the embryo, imagine the vastness of our existence.
Beyond Death
I don't assume any talent in writing. But one cold restless morning in Amsterdam last year inspired me to write down my thoughts and turn them into a paper.

Let me know about your thoughts on this matter.


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