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FREE Pettablez Adoptables CLOSED

By Roxalew
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Number 1 by AmanskaNumber 2 by AmanskaNumber 3 by Amanska <----- Gifts for the winners from the wonderful :iconamanska: :hug:
Thank you to everyone who entered in this sheet of adoptables! 

:iconrainbowheartplz: Haha welp! here we go guys, the newest sheet of Adoptables for everyone :D A tad earlier than expected since we are heading off a day early 8D
Also do apologise but the resizing really killed the textures for each creature too. SO! each person who adopts one will also receive a better quality picture of the individual creature that they have adopted ^^ (excluding plushies) 

Hoping you all have an amazing amount of fun with this! :la:

Bullet; Purple  All are free and anyone may adopt.
Bullet; Green There are no limitations for entries, you may enter the certificate, a picture, a story, anything you want! The goal is to have fun :D (Big Grin)
Bullet; Yellow All entries are judged on suitability to the design/creatividy and not skill level.
Bullet; Orange Once adopted, the design is solely your property and you may do whatever you wish with them (including adoptables).
Bullet; Red One per person only, though you're welcome to enter for more than one.
Bullet; Blue They will be open for two weeks!
Bullet; Purple All the smaller creatures/Fruit are first in first served and no entry is needed. Though are limited to 1 per person.

Adoption certificate (optional)


Designed by me and now have new loving homes with:


1 Has been adopted by :iconlimitedwolf:

Number: 1 

Name: Munkhi (pronounced: Moon-key)

Age: as old as the planet, but youth is vibrant

Gender: Male

Personality: he's very energetic and always looks towards the future; he also likes to believe he's swagtastic so sometimes he's looked at as a douche; he has a distinct superior aura associated with him and he can be very stern if danger is involved towards another

Likes: to be involved in many things, positivity, people having a small fear of him, being around for so long and seeing various changes in his life, food, children, meeting new people, polishing his horns, when people pet him under his chin, petting his hooves different colors

Dislikes: being left out, people who are quick tempered, when people purposely get his fur dirty

Story: Munkhi has lived for as long as the earth has been around, back at the beginning of life he was nothing but a wee pixi and he slowly developed into the majestic beast he is today. Over the many years of growing, only recently has his horns started growing. He very much likes the size of his horns at the moment so he polishes them daily making sure they stay the same length and shape they are now. He's recently began living alongside a creature who goes by the name of Petral. Petral was a creation of science and has been left out by everyone except Munkhi. Munkhi knows what it's like to be lonely so he shares his friendship and gratitude with Petral. 

 He lives mostly in forested areas to be weary of hunters and such in the wide open. He's lived in the forest of Chai for fifty years now, he's found comfort in a tree that creates honey. Having said that, the honey that is created has been touched by the magic of his fur. The honey is purified and the sweetness is multiplied. Munkhi's fur holds mystical powers in which he is able to control, only the honey of that tree was an accident (an accident well noticed- the honey is now apart of his daily diet).

 Although Munkhi holds various powers he is unable to fly. Due to his inability, or lack of, flying he has the stability of an ox. His skinny composure is nothing to look over, and may pull the wool over some people's eyes. Munkhi easily has built up potential to destroy a 10 foot high building if wanted. 

 Munkhi has made a promise to look after Petral and use his powers only for good and only when needed. His many years of living have made him realize that there's nothing you can do about the bad, but you can surely help the good. 

 Interactions with 2 characters of mine:

 __ Meetin Spidey: __

 He decided it was time to explore the surrounding forest a bit more, to just pass some time. He walked along a leaf covered path towards what seemed to be a small swamp. Surrounding the swamp were odd trees he's never seen before in his many years of living. They were large trees with a skinny trunk and the branches were slouching downwards with multi-colored leaves growing from them; some leaves were long and some were short. He looked the tree over with caution in case it were poisonous, and as he looked he was startled by a noise behind him. He turned around to find a little kitten that looked as though it was morphed with a spider...

 Spidey: Hi there! I..I didn't mean to scare you.. Just wondering why you're staring at the tree like that..

Munkhi: Oh no,no.. You didn't scare me at all. I've never seen a tree like this before, as a matter of fact I've never been on this side of the forest before. 

Spidey: really? How funny! Same with me, but that's a very common tree outside of this forest. And might I ask, you look prehistoric (no offense) how could you not know about it?

Munkhi: I never really was interested in traveling until recently. I love this world and my home is in a Glisciris Tree. I love that place and I don't really know if I'll be able to find it again if I roam too far. Can I ask you a question, too? 

Spidey: of course!

Munkhi: Yay. What are you doing in a place like this when you're so small, so fragile? 

Spidey: Well I had to get away from the hoomans! They made me into what I am now, and they wondered why I survived and they constantly did tests on me.. So here I am now. I really have no idea where to go. May I stay with you? 

Munkhi: Sure, we can travel together and such! I have a friend named Petral you need to meet though. It'll be up to him how long you can stay with us

Spidey: ok! You're so nice..what's you're name?

Munkhi: My name is Munkhi and you?

Spidey: I'm Spidey! ^^

__ Meetin Petral: __

 Munkhi was now well over 2,000 years old, and he hadn't a friend in the world. Not a genuine one anyways. All his friends he's met in the city he love nearby all die due to them being mortals. He never really stayed to close to anyone because he always returned home and decided he didn't have time for anything. He was extremely lazy for about of year or two and rarely left his tree until Petral came skipping by...

 Petral: Oh, hello? I hear someone.. Where are you? 

Munkhi: Hey there fellow traveller. I'm just here snoozing in this tree, who are you?

Petral: Well I'm Petral and I'm here looking for someone known as Munkhi

Munkhi: That's me.. How did you hear about me? 

Petral: Well people in the city have been talking about your honey, well they think it's yours. There's always a jar of honey being left on their porches and the honey company has been thrown out of business in the city.

Munkhi: Really? Well it is true that's my honey, it's purified and the sweetness is multiplied. How did they even consider me as a suspect though? I mean, really. Wouldn't they doubt I would have honey.. I was hoping I'd stay anonymous.

Petral: Well I can keep it a secret and say that it's not true that it's you. And we can keep it anonymous.

Munkhi: You'd do that? That's nice of you. Thank you. I have a feeling we've met before?

Petral: Yeah! I saw you one other time near Pete's Creamary. Haha I didn't expect you to remember me! 

Munkhi: But I course I would.. You seemed so nice.. I couldn't help but admire you.. That was very respectful of you to help those kids out. And also.... I have something to ask you. There's something strange about you.. Are you... Just like me..?

Petral: as in what way..?

Munkhi: are you immortal too?

Petral: ...

 Silence filled the air and that day their friendship began to sprout 

2 Has been adopted by :iconnibblesnz:
Name: Nyota (Meaning Star.)
Age: 150 -Not human years.
Gender: Female

Rest is a mini story..... 

Nyota looked down from her perch in the tree. Her blue eyes silently surveying the land below, her hooves balanced perfectly on the slender branch. She took a confident step forwards, opening her large, feathered wings. Many thought that she did not exist but they were mistaken. She was the protector of this land and would fight to the death to defend it. Nyota nodded her head, letting the bone mask fall over her face. The glass walls of her village gleamed purple, drenched in liquid twilight. Shapes moved through the shadows, night dwellers feasting on darkness. Those shapes were nothing more than visions. Nightmares of the day folk. However, they still posed a threat to the land. Greater than any normal creature could possess. Nyota took a running start and leaped from the tree, letting silent updrafts carry her high over the village. Below, at the village's centre, was a large circle and in the middle the stones were cracked and broken. This is where she performed the Ridding Ritual, made to destroy the nightmares, much like a dreamcatcher would do for humans. Touching down lightly, Nyota trotted to the cracked stone, lowered her antlers so that they were barely scraping the ground, and started chanting, "Σκιές της πιο σκοτεινή νύχτα, απαλλαγούμε από αυτά τα εδάφη του φόβου και του τρόμου. Για αυτούς τους εφιάλτες να είναι όχι περισσότερο , από τις απλές σκέψεις , τι ήταν πριν." 
(If You don't speak greek, like most of us then here's the translation: Shadows of the darkest night, rid these lands of fear and fright. To these nightmares be no more, than the simple thoughts you were before.) 
She felt a surge of power rush through her. Starting from the tips of her antlers, down each feather and through every muscle. Silent screams filled the village as each nightmare was drawn towards Nyota's antlers and were absorbed into her body. She raised her head, triumphant at the easy victory but still exhausted from the darkness that grew inside of her. She would have to perform this ritual again the next night. Some day, Nyota would be overpowered by the nightmares and be driven to leave her home but that time was not now. She was Nyota, Star that broke the darkness and rid the land of shadow.

3 Has been adopted by :iconmailtin:
Seltzer Entry 2 by MailTin

4 Has been adopted by :iconvenillah:
Lupe ref. by Venillah

5  Has been adopted by :iconh0p3bomb:
For an adopt thing by h0p3bomb

6 Has been adopted by :iconmarcedesvulpine:




Personality: Twist is a very hyper joyful bunch of energy she creates beautiful
colors and she will be friends with my characters and she will be the hyper one
of the group but she has a big responsibility because she has colorful tears
that heal people.Shes really affectionate and sympathetic for people she normally
puts everyone but herself first.She loves baking colorful sweets too with
like,colorful berries and tarts, her birthday is valentines day.She tries her
hardest too make others happy.The most important thing about twist is she was
before,cursed so that she was a crying fountain statue that was stone and
colorless until the next eclipse was she free of the curse.The one who placed
the curse on her was somebody who wanted too capture her healing tears
forever,there fore made her a fountain that forever spewed the holy tears of
healing for the witch too heal herself with.Now she is free from this curse
though and is happy with her life!Hopefully if I get the character I will
feature her in my animations so she will definately be used!

7 Has been adopted by :iconfoxbunni:
- dat weird pose

Has been adopted by :iconthattwitchygirl:
Chroma Ref!
Painted Hills

9 Has been adopted by :iconbuttcutie:
Adrastos (Contest Entry)

10 Has been adopted by :iconsonictalicorn:

Number: 10
Name: The Warrior of Armor and
Steel. Or Sheldon. XD
Age: seems to be early thirties.
Gender: males and females
Personality: Warriors, as
their formal title implies. Defending the good, and defeating the bad. Always
ready to help, can sometimes be seen hanging out with Owly Onwardlies, unusual,
while most of these creatures stick to their own kind.

11 Has been adopted by :icontheytfox:
Pettablez Adoptables entry 2 <------ Gorgeous animations <3
Pettablez Adoptables entry 1

12 Has been adopted by :iconr3ml:
Number: 12!

Name: Rutledge
(RUTT-lidge) - loosely based on a German word for "slippery"
(rutschlig), also the name of a road (specifically a Pike) in my hometown.

Age: He ages very oddly,
and his timeline is weird, but in human years he would probably be

Gender Identity: Male. He
doesn't technically have an assigned sex.

Personality: Rutledge is
an interesting character. Fun and easy to hang out with, he can be a bit sassy
at times, and not all creatures appreciate that. Rutledge gives off an
easygoing, nonchalant sort of vibe, making his particularly tightly-strung
friends rather relaxed. However, this nonchalance can also be interpreted as
laziness, and he has been known to keep a messy dwelling. Supposedly everything
is "in its own special place". Rutledge can also be a huge worrywart
despite his usual personality. (This more applies to a human AU I'd like to do
with him, but he still gets worried about stuff like running out of food in the

Extra Info: I have three
ideas for universes I could put him in. Hell, I might put him in all of them!

Here we go:

Rutledge is a creature whose species is supposed to be extinct. Wiped out long
ago by drought, these creatures had adapted to become semi-aquatic, thus to
accommodate said drought, but the changing climate proved to be quicker than
evolution and within about a hundred years of their evolving they all died out. 

Idea 1:

They all died out except Rutledge. (And perhaps a female one if I get the
chance to keep this guy, hohoho~) He was somehow frozen in a glacier
(potentially Ice Age era), and now, millions of years later, scientists who are
melting glaciers for fresh water discover him. They return him to their lab,
wondering what he is, and then thaw him out and "re-animate" him
using state-of-the-art technology. (This story would be set both in the past,
when he was born, and in the future, like 2150 or something.) They soon realize
that he is a very intelligent creature unlike anything they have ever seen. He
can walk upright, use his "hands", and is even capable of learning
speech (the process of which I don't really intend to write out). Test after
test is conducted, and the most plausible theory the scientists have is that he
is an alien. He must adapt to survive the new Earth, living among humans as a
pet, a science experiment, and a regular "person". He would be
bipedal as well as quadrupedal in this story.

Idea 2: 

The story is set entirely in the past, when Rutledge and his kind would still
be alive but not perhaps thriving. Swept away by the ocean/rain/river as a
small "child", Rutledge comes to a place he has never seen
(rainforest-esque setting?). He is raised alongside a diverse cast of
prehistoric inspired creatures (i.e. dino-bird, crocodile-type animal,
velociraptor-like things) and taught how to survive in his new
climate/surrounding area. Years later, when he is a young adult, a pink
creature that looks almost identical to Rutledge (that female character I
talked about earlier) finds the ragtag group of friends and tells them that her
whole race is in danger due to a variety of disastrous issues. She convinces
Rutledge (and his friends) to return with her to his birthplace, see the chaos,
and then band together to rise up and fix it. This story would be Land Before Time-ish with its
"talking animals" and 2D animation-type stuff.

Idea 3: 

In this story Rutledge is human. (I do have a human design in mind for him;
I'll try to draw it later.) He is a simple guy going to college to be an
animator/graphic artist. The story is about his struggle to find inspiration
for his final exam, a nearly full-length animation. He is doodling random
things one night and then ends up drawing, well, himself. (The quadruped
design, the one on this adopt sheet.) Laughing about how dumb the character's
concept is, he takes it to show to his friends, and they are all completely on
board, and he decided that they should have characters as well in this
"dumb little story". He starts animating bits and pieces of the
characters, finding it amusing and a great way to procrastinate on his final
exam. One day his professor asks to see what he is working on for the exam, and
before explaining that he had nothing to present the professor sees his
animations of his "dumb little characters" and immediately loves
them. Rutledge ends up animating the story detailed in Idea 2 for his
animation. Hooray for crazy, interconnecting stories! 

13 Has been adopted by :iconteacakee: who is also Milkie-Cat (just so there's no confusion from the comment)

A Has been adopted by CraevedNarcissist

B Has been adopted by Moshyee
C Has been adopted by gattsby (Fakemon, comes with both evolves)
D Has been adopted by Hollyleafthewarriorc
E Has been adopted by Darkkness
F Has been adopted by HunterandLoki
G Has been adopted by Ikuzim
H Has been adopted by GreyneArt
I Has been adopted by HazardWolf
J Has been adopted by canadianbounty
K Has been adopted by Tree-Stump
L Has been adopted by skybeam333
M Has been adopted by ambspo
N Has been adopted by BeanieTheKitten
O Has been adopted by FeatherFoxEarz
P Has been adopted by Wildstar00 (Fakemon, comes with all 3 evolves)
Q Has been adopted by Polarfleets
R Has been adopted by honeyfern1234
S Has been adopted by The-Jinxed-Fox
T Has been adopted by AutumnBunns
U Has been adopted by Kawaiitecupcake
V Has been adopted by Souleyo……

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask :D (Big Grin)

and also, please don't get upset if you don't get the one you want this time, there will always be plenty more sheets to come ^^
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Are you making anymore sheets? If you are, can you please reply so i know to come and bid?^^;

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Do plan on getting more up :D Don't know when though ^^;
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I wasn't wondering, if I don't use this, could I give it away? There are many adopts I haven't been able to draw, and I feel like they'd be happier in a home where they can be treated better.
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Okie dokie. Thanks.
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Any way I can print this out?
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I am not but I wanna print it
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i just watched you for the adoptables :D
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