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vdfhvdf a batch of adoptables for the people who have never gotten one from any of the previous sheets :aww: i hope you all like and have fun adopting ^^

also, if you have adopted a plushy from one of the other sheets, your more than welcome to try out for a creature, same goes if you have adopted a creature, your more than welcome to adopt a plushy :D

Rules: (READ)
:bulletred: All are free and anyone can adopt.
:bulletorange: 1 per person only.
:bulletyellow: Not first in first served.
:bulletblue: You MUST comment with the adoption certificate filled out to adopt.
:bulletgreen: Once you have adopted one of these, the one that you have adopted becomes solely your property to do what you want wish, you may have them as a whole species, Change design, or even make adoptables sheets from them.
:bulletblue: they will stay open for a day.
:bulletblack: All of the plush animals on the sheet are adoptable, they are first in first served and no adoption certificate is needed. but are limited to 2 per person.
:bulletpurple: Have fun adopting everyone :D

:star: Adoption certificate (Please fill to adopt):star:



Designed be me and now have new loving homes with these amazing people:


1 Has been adopted by :iconfiretongue12:
number: one
name: dan
age: 15 16. somewhere in the teens
personalty: dan was originally a human, living with his parents in a cottage on a lake. he got disease that makes people become animals. he got this disease by being bitten by someone who had the disease. his parents took him to the doctor, and the doctor recognized the disease. he called some more experienced doctors, and they confirmed that yes, he had the disease, but because dan was so young at that time, they allowed him to stay with his parents, as long as it didn't get any worse. it got much worse. dan was physically, and mentally, turning into n animal. part of him though, was still a little boy, terrified of being taken away from his parents. when his parents tried to get him in the car a while later, for a doctor appointment, he panicked, as he thought that he was going to be taken away. the animal side of his mind took over, and he killed his parents. when he came back to his senses, he was traumatized. the government realized that he was a bigger threat to humanity than they had thought. he spent the next eight years locked up in a government facility, being treated like an animal. after all those years, he and some other mutations escaped, and went their separate ways.

Back story:
Dan sat quietly in his cage. Huddled into a corner, trying in vain to hide from the prying eyes of the doctors and scientists surrounding him. They whispered intently. Dan knew all to well that they were talking about him. He looked down at his paws. He could almost imagine that they were human hands again… almost. He remembered the time, long ago when he was still human, free of fur and claws. When he lived with his parents in a small cottage by a lake. When everything was good. He also remembered when his troubles began. A loud caterwaul, a searing pain. That agonizing pain. first in his leg, then spreading into the rest of his body. So painful, he thought, that it would be impossible to describe to anyone else. Similar to being burned from the inside out, but ten times worse. The horrible memory had haunted him every day since the incident. Dan realized he was trembling at the memory. He began to cry, the same way he had when he began to change. He was young back then. They had let him keep living with his parents, though some of them had thought it a bad idea. They said he could stay… as long as it didn't get any worse. Dan shook his furry head. It had gotten much worse, and he had known it. He knew they were going to take him away. When his parents tried to get him into the car that day, he panicked. They said that he would be ok. They told him that everything would be fine, but he wouldn't believe them. As his fear grew, the changes going on inside him took over his mind. They made him do horrible things. Dan could hardly stand to think about it. He looked at his paws once more. He would have forgotten it all if he could have… but he couldn't. all of the horrible things that these paws had done could never be erased. For the next morning, when the neighbors stopped by they found that no one was there to answer the door. So the neighbors let themselves in, and to their horror, two blood covered bodies lay on the living room floor. And who was the murderer you wonder? Dan shuddered. He could almost still taste the blood. He lay down with a sigh. He decided to get some sleep. His twisted world of nightmares were just about as depressing as the real world… just as he was dosing off, a female voice awoke him. “hey, kid! Get up!” it whispered “we’re BREAKING OUT.” Dan woke himself. The words seemed to bounce around in his head. Breakout… breakout… his heart skipped a beat. Finally, he had his chance to escape his hell on earth. At last. His heart filled with hope, and fiery determination. Once he was out of here, it was a new beginning. He would leave all of his horrible sins and memories here. He was ready to leave. He turned to face the female speaker. He nodded, and for the first time since he arrived at that place, he spoke. “I’m ready.”

Pictures: [link]

2 Has been adopted by :iconavrey908:
Number: 2
Name: Jedi
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Personality: very mischievous, loves to have fun, but also a trouble maker, and LOOOOVES play tricks on people, and sometimes likes to steal.

when Jedi was a pup, kit thing, (I have no idea if its a fox or dog of some sort!!!) he was a very rare species that none knew that existed! they were also an endangered species, and when stinky smelly no-furs (what he calls us people) took him, he bit and scratched, and yowled and howled, and put up a big fight before a big fat no-fur took him, and whipped him with some sort of strange sharp type of rope that had spikes on it which were made of shredded glass (a whip), near his legs, so he tripped and couldn't stand, (and while he was being whipped he got hit more times in the back-right leg fortunately so right now his leg is hanging by the bone, half broken through) and then whipped at his back, so he wouldn't try to escape, (they hit him so many times in the back that big giant chunks of flesh were flying from side to side, blood everywhere), and finally, to end all of his terror, (so which he thought), they shoved him into a sack, tied a tight knot, and threw him into the butt of a giant monster *meaning: was thrown into the back of a giant truck* (which was what their kind thought were cars and trucks), and the no-furs jumped inside of their bellies, as the monster started to roar, and the monster rode off, their black paws moving quickly an its dark, black pelt blurring as it raced off. *meaning, the people hopped inside the truck and drove off, the wheeled blazing and the black truck blurred as it whizzed off* when the no-furs go to their lab, they took Jedi out of his bag-sack thing, and laid him on a table, strapped him down with metal so he wouldn't run away or squirm. After that, they ripped out his leg, and replaced it with a metal leg, and filled the giant hole in his back with metal. Jedi's wounds stung like hell, but he was strong and tuff, and he could just barley manage the pain, and after a few months of tests from the no-furs, and a few months of having to get used to the fact that he now has a metal leg and back, he got set back into the wild, and has set on a quest to find his family.

3 Has been adopted by :iconpuppeteersreflection:
Number: 3
Name: Nightmare (the little one is moonlight)
Age: (immortal) and (immortal)
Gender: Male (little one is female)
Species: Fear reaper

:bulletpurple:Nightmare: He doesn't show much emotion and usually has a blank expression unless he is with moonlight (his young daughter) Due to him being a creature of fear he is never scared but if moonlight tries to frighten him, he will pretend that he is frightened just to make her happy. If he is with moonlight he will always be smiling and messing around, though if someone ever tries to hurt him or his baby girl he will get very scary very fast. The only thing more important to him than being a fear reaper is moonlight. He would do anything to make her happy. He is very wise for his age. (Caution: don't mess with his baby!)

:bulletpurple: Moonlight: She is very giggly and loves to explore. she is a very curious child who isn't ever scared. She is never scared unless something happens to her daddy (that almost never happens). She always tries to sneak up on him and scare him. She believes that she will be a very good fear reaper one day. She is typically very confident and always wants to do something. luckily, her father is always there to play with her. She is very energetic and lovable, though she hasn't quite grown into her scary yet.

Bio: Nightmare was the creature born of children's fears. He can cause fear, remove it, give someone nightmares, give them a dream. sometimes he will even eliminate someone if they hurt a child so badly they become petrified. He works 24/7 but is hardly ever seen by anyone. he was working when he saw a young creature having a nightmare in her sleep one night. He entered the nightmare and eliminated the fear. he was about to leave the dream when her dream self ran up and cuddled him. after that, he felt compelled to come back and visit her every night in her sleep. This went on for a few years until one night, they met outside of they're usually dream landscape. Before he had known it, he fell in love with the girl. Soon enough they had a young daughter, they named her moonlight because of the sparkle in her eyes when they first opened. A month later, Nightmare had caught sight of someone in the woods one night while watching his beautiful wife and daughter. He took chase to the person and "took care" of the problem. After he had done that though, the forest caught fire, he realized it had been a set up and ran to his family. when he came back however, he discover his baby daughter crying cuddled up against her now deceased mother. He ran to them and picked up his baby daughter with tears in his eyes. He knew he didn't have much time and used his shape shifting to grow wings and fly off. He didn't have time to save the body of his wife, though he knew her soul would always be with him. He vowed to never let anyone take his daughter cry or let anyone hurt her.

other: Nightmare is the creature of fear who is in charge of anything involving the topic (starting, ending, sorting, etc.) He is very good at what he does and if you are on his list you better watch out!
Moonlight is his young daughter that he had with his now dead wife (he loved her very much and would be a mess if it weren't for moonlight). She is much like both of her parents. Moonlight hasn't grown into her scary just yet but she has allot of experience with her father. one day she will be able to do more important jobs with her father. Nightmare (they are immortal so it

Other 2: Nightmare can shape shift to his will (change his powers, form etc.). If he is hurt or uses to much energy it becomes harder to transform or he can even die if he goes to far (such as using a last resort attack). He doesn't like the light very much. He has a scary form that he usually uses when working.

Fear reapers are born grey and turn colors later depending on they're personalities, life style, and powers. no two reapers have the same power. They usually get colors when they discover they're powers.

Moonlight doesn't know her power yet.
Picture: [link]

4 Has been adopted by :iconmikkimowsey:
Number: 4
Name: Mari (derived from the Roman name "Marinus" meaning "of the sea")
Age: 17, in human years
Gender: Female
Personality: Mari is outgoing and strong-willed, always looking for a challenge. She loves to sing, and even more to swim. She can talk to small sea creatures, such as fish, and will accept races with them on occasion, though she usually wins. Mari is terrified of fire, and avoids it constantly. When faced with a difficult or lethal situation, she will charge in and try to be the hero, sometimes risking her life to save others. She loves being praised about anything she does, but she remains modest when talking to others. Mari is very prideful, and hates to lose. She can be somewhat of a 'sore loser' when she loses a close match, but she always congratulates the winner, though with a bit of a sting.

Attributes: Courageous, brave, strong-willed, prideful
Likes: Bananas, challenges, swimming, marshmallows, and berries
Dislikes: Losing, Pandas, being away from the ocean for too long
Fears: Fire, large cars (semis, monster trucks, etc.)
Lives in: Forests or plains that have lots of lakes, preferably near an ocean
Diet: She's a herbivore, so she mostly eats berries and vegetables

Best friends: The three fish shown in the picture.
The blue and orange ones are found in a large lake near a forest where Mari lives, so she can visit them easily. The tan/purple one is found in an ocean, so Mari does not see her as often, but she manages to visit her regularly.
Camouflage, she can hide well underwater in a variety of plants or sometimes blend with schools of fish
She's a very fast swimmer, and a decent runner on land
She has a strong kick, and often uses it to knock food from a tall tree
She is horrible at fighting, often choosing to run
She finds socializing with 'land' animals tougher than with swimming ones.
She has very little defences, and is prone to a surprise attack or to be cornered.

Color: Sea Green and Orange
Food: Bananas and Marshmallows
Favorite Hobbies/Activities: Swimming, Sleeping
Favorite time of day: Sunset (especially by the ocean)

Other info: Despite her strong personality, she doesn't like leading, but prefers 'second-in-command'. She would prefer to run errands and be helpful than lead a large group, but she will step up to the plate if need be.


5 Has been adopted by :iconHas been adopted by :iconhopeowl:
Number: 5
Name: Mop
Age: 1 year
Gender: Male
Personality: Mop adores to annoy people. He is a bit egoistic but he hasn't got a heart made of stone. When he's among his friends, he likes to go crazy and often does stupid thing he will regret soon.
I would describe him as the biggest fruit lover in the universe.
He can use his claws to pick apples or other fruits from trees. He hates to share except with his best freind Babak, the wingless griffon.
He isn't that good at making friends, because most of the people are a bit scared of Mop because of his temper which can change one second to another.
His species is called Peniculus Gryphe .

Habitat: Most of the times he's around with his best friend Babak. They both wander around A LOT so Mop is living anywhere where it isn't to warm or to cold.

x Fruits
x Water
x Storms
x soft things

x hot weather
x quiet people
x Milk
x Insects


6 Has been adopted by :iconHas been adopted by :iconcompassroses:
Number: Six
Name: Fawn Lotus
Age: 4 (the longevity of her species is astounding, but she is still rather young. They mature quickly.)
Gender: Female

Fawn belongs to a species of mammal which over time developed a symbiotic relationship with their floral counterparts. These, "Deer-of-Plants" live anywhere where vegetation can be supported.

At birth, a Deer-of-Plants is born stubby legged, clear eyed, and helpless. They typically have natural browns and greys as coat colors, but this may change with age. A cub is born with a light, downy fur that protects them from the climate they live in. Taken to a sacred grove of plants at a year old, they are forced to stay there until they find their plant identity. Usually, after a week or so, a plant of some sort will begin to grow on them, be it a vine snaking around their legs, a tree on their back, or flowers speckling their pelt. At this point, the Deer-of-Plants becomes completely dependent on the plant. Remove their icon, and both will die. The plant absorbs nutrients and water through the Deer's eating, or by sticking a paw or hoof into water.

Being a hybrid species which appears on almost all continents, A Deer-of-Plants may have quite a varying appearance. They range in height from the size of a cat to a great dane. They can be lithe and agile, or stocky and strong. This also varies based on their plant derived abilities. Being part plant, they are attached to nature more than anything else can possibly be. Deer have paws or hooves, depending on the terrain. A Deer's eyes always match their spirit plant. Their eyes are grey when born.

Fawn Lotus lives in a bamboo glade centred around a pond overgrown with lotus blossoms. Her ability channelled from the lotuses growing on her ears is regeneration through song. She is a kind but shy creature. (I'll write more later, and draw her.)

Fawn Lotus likes to converse with the crickets and cicadas in her glade. She also helps them form quartets or crickets rubbing their legs together, managing to create an insect band in the process. It doesn't storm too often in her glade, and Fawn is rather thankful for that. After all, it ruins her fluffy fur, and too much water hurts her lotuses. A graceful and calm creature, she loves to craft things out of bamboo. Once she made a miniature raft to help her cricket friends cross the lotus pond. One of her favorite pastimes is laying on a sunbathed rock, listening to the melody of the crickets she taught so well. Due to a traumatic experience, she has a fear of birds. She was almost caught by one as a baby.

She has become friends with Ilora Vizina, who visited once by mistake through a mishap in teleportation. She visits when she can.

7 Has been adopted by :iconfoxtail9250:
Number: seven
Name: DragonHeart
Age: 15
Gender: female
Personality: she loves to swim and listen to the wind. she loves hanging out with friends and although she is bubbly, she always feels lonely inside. she is kind and caring, and brave.


8 Has been adopted by :iconowlflight29:
Number: 8
Name: " something piratey"
Age: 6
Gender: male
Personality: rash, flirty, brave, leader like.
Loves: Gold, stealing, ships, girls, sailing, sea, cookies (had to), his fake leg, his necklace, winning, mansions, swords, fencing, dumb blondes.
likes: Anything worth a lot of money that he can steal
dislikes: little girls, scurvy, getting hurt, any form of horse riding, fire, super strong henchman, crazy scientist, ignorance (he has some though), losing, terrible food, brainy girls, 99 day journeys to home, parents.
Hates: anything worth nothing.
Bio: he grew up on a island, surrounded by aquatic creatures and pirates. Like often cases with pirates, he started with the stories and dad at his wing. But as he grew up he started to live the tales. His dad and mom constantly discouraged his behavior. To distract him they taught him guitar and a few songs of tales to sing to himself. It distracted him for a while. That was at 12 his mom had another baby, a little girl. He started to grow up fast, wanting to help his little sister. But instead of encouraged like he would be. He was discouraged by his sleepless mom and fencing dad. One night he heard this [link] being sung by his mom. From that he started committing to guitar, fencing and pirating but nothing was appreciated. Depressed from this he attempted to well... wound himself. Hence the fake leg. That's when his parents kicked him out. So he sailed away and became a pirate. Still humming the song he would love to sing to his sister.

9 Has been adopted by :iconmijimaus:
Number: 9
Name: Malakai
Age: 5 (12 in human years)
Gender: male
Personality: cheeky, confident, very intelligent and impulsive, has a good heart and loves to see people smile because of him, he's addicted to any kind of detective story and tends to play detective himself

10has been adopted by :icontigerra79:
Number: 10
Name: Fin'nis Fether (And that is actually misspelled on purpose.)
Age: 15 years
Gender: Male
Leader - Fin is a natural-born leader. He is the leader of his clan of creatures on a floating island called Simetao.
Talker - Fin loves to talk, which is part of what makes him a good leader. He has a strong voice and is great at telling stories and making points.
People-loving - Fin does best when he is with people; he hates being alone. When he's alone, he feels incredibly lonely, sometimes to the point of near-shock. He depends on the presence of others.
Easygoing - Fin is quite easygoing, always seeming relaxed, which makes it easier for him to talk to people. He can be a bit careless, and has little to no organizational skills.
Friendly - Fin is naturally friendly and does best in social situations.
Confident - Fin is quite confident and sure of himself except when he's alone.

Generally being competitive

History: He was born into the Fether clan, the son of the current leader, and he was groomed to be a leader from an early age. Since then he has become the leader and is investigating technology to try and make it to another island. He has seeing magic and knows that there are other islands in the Void Dimension. (Void Dimension is a world I created.) He has been leading the Fether clan for seven years.


11 has been adopted by :iconzevono:
Number: 11
Name: Suna
Age: 15
Gender: female
Personality: Suna is very nice, she loves to swim around with her brother, she likes to make friends, she likes to make people smile, and she helps others in need
Description: Suna takes care of her brother, Jur, she is afraid to lose him, she plays with Jur when she has free time, Suna sometimes find Jur asleep so she uses her free time on practicing her swimming skills
Likes: Fruits, fluffy creatures, climbing tree's, humming a song, and funny jokes
Dislikes: Spiders, Bats, a scary forest, making people mad, fight's, and bad people
Jenzi, Suron, and chur
Juru, Esmerda, and runni



A Has been adopted by =xXAkilaXx
B Has been adopted by ~conexionmanga
C Has been adopted by ~Dethwolf222
D Has been adopted by =Melanieh99999
E Has been adopted by ~OreoKlondike2
F Has been adopted by ~wolfie1998
G Has been adopted by *Ii-SURGETIC-iI
H Has been adopted by ~wolfie1998
I Has been adopted by ~bleepmeepsheep
J Has been adopted by ~sayaka127
K Has been adopted by ~Tamamakitty
L Has been adopted by ~Kwue
M Has been adopted by ~NeonDragonGirl
N Has been adopted by ~tigerra79
O Has been adopted by ~OreoKlondike2
P Has been adopted by ~liveloveLOL
Q Has been adopted by ~NegiJajo
R Has been adopted by *m00nlights
S Has been adopted by =Melanieh99999
T Has been adopted by ~Emotionless-Demon
U Has been adopted by ~AixaRawr
V Has been adopted by ~Happie-chan
W Has been adopted by ~hochia
X Has been adopted by =MikkiMowsey
Y Has been adopted by ~Echofreeze
Z Has been adopted by ~Zinnitha

And a special thank you to everyone who drew them :hug:
[link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

and please don't get upset if you don't get the one that you want this time, there will always be plenty more sheets to come ^^

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Nope, all previous sheets are closed, sorry ^^;
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Aww ok ty
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Ah I hope you do more of these In the future! I absolutely adore your artwork and designs! 
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Number 2 looks uncomfortable, and i can see why- gears grinding into your leg stump and into your pelvis can't be good for you...
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It surely cant be 8D Looks kinda cool though haha :D Robotic things ^‿^
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ONce you get the next batch out, can you send me a note with a link? I would be more than happy to watch you for it if you want me to. Thank you for taking the time to answer this.
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