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Yacni in the deep blue sea 🦀

Below the waves by Roxalew, visual art

☔️ Unicorn in the rainlight

Unicorn in the rainlight by Roxalew, visual art

Cobargo ☣️

Deeper into the city by Roxalew, visual art

🔥 The fire nebula ✨

Stardust nights by Roxalew, visual art


The blob in fox form 🌌

Skeleton fox by Roxalew, visual art

Artist // Professional // Varied
  • Dec 6, 1993
  • Australia
  • Deviant for 10 years
  • She / Her
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My Bio

Hello everyone :wave: My name is sarah (Or better known as Roxalew online) im an artist from Australia who loves cartoons, role playing, teeny weeny little mice, steven universe, and anything ocean and space related. Im currently working on a online web comic called Cartoonatics and if anyone wants something cute to draw and enjoy i do adoptables too <3

I hope you enjoy my page Rainbow Heart [F2U] and please have a sip of kitty for the road.

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personal quote: Awesometastic <3

Programs used: Paint shop pro, Paint tool SAI, and Photoshop

Age: 27 My hip... my lawn! You darn kids my laaawn!

Birthday: December the 6t


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Favourite Visual Artist
Everyone here on Deviantart
Favourite Movies
Bambi, Fox and the hound, Lilo and stitch, AI, Waterworld, Leafie hen into the wild, Steven universe movie.
Favourite TV Shows
H2O Just add water, Drawn together, Invader Zim, Adventure time, Dreamstone, SuperJail, The amazing world of Gumball, Total drama, Steven universe
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too many to list
Favourite Books
Garfield. Hairy Maclary. Twilight. Footrot flats. Paul jennings books. Dear dumb diary.
Favourite Games
Creatures 2, Petz 4, Pokemon, Minecraft
Tools of the Trade
Tablet, Copic markers, pencils, Acrylic paint, pens.
Other Interests
Animals, Plush toys, polymer clay miniatures

☀️☄️ Webcam and pixels ☀️☄️

steven universe- Ruby and saphire
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🎨 Random arts!

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Rainbow Serpent
f2u blue sea aesthetic

small heart - rainbow Please feel free to stop by and say hello small heart - rainbow


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Your art is so unique and adorable! Keep up the amazing work!

mini hearts Thank you so muchies! :aww:

Are you ever going to come back to Furaffinity? I miss seeing you there.

Nope sorry ^^; I can't support sites that put the well-being of a inanimate object above that of a living breathing human being.

TYSM for the fragment badge on my deviation!! <33

You're so welcome! :D It was much deserved ^.^

Thank you so much for the llama!

Floofy Llama Adopt (OPEN)

Love your morbidly cute artworks!