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By Rowye
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So yep, fancy title for a Xmas post. Thanks DA for making our life completely impossible, even for those of us who pay for the service.
Lately it's just been nasty around here. No, not talking about the community, I love all of you. I've grown in this community as an artist, and as a person. I've met many many friends and found so much amazing art.
I'm not even complaining about the DA decadence that I used to read about even when I started being active here, about three years ago. The photomanip community has been a home and the place to go for me, a place were I could find joy in bad moments, and enhance the good moments with amazing art. For that I thank DA and all of you, you made my life so much better. :heart:

Now, it's been months since DA has really functioned in a just acceptable way. Life's been really busy lately, and I've kind of stepped back with the website. Most of the time I can't even look for stock cause thumbnails aren't showing up, so I look somewhere else. It's really hard to make features because it just doesn't look like the site has enough bandwidth to actually display the images. I did love making features...

Today I had planned a huge one, my gift to all the great artists on this photomanipulation community. Yep, I had around 300 artworks in this journal, ordered and set up nicely, as I usually like. Separated by colors and levels, nicely sized and arranged. But it was way too good to be true I suppose. I saved the journal in stash and what I found when I went to post it just a few minutes ago, was that only some 50 or 60 images were saved. That was pretty much three hours of work lost, and it really, really sucked. And I just don't have the time to do it all over again, and most importantly, no wish to. I'm rather angry, and sad, that this is what I've come to, but DA really has been leaving me with the impression that there are many other better things to pay attention to, and that it isn't worth spending a lot of time with this kind of stuff, specially when it's going to be thwarted by a faulty service which, by the way, I pay for. I just wish I had come over earlier, maybe 10 years ago, when the website wasn't some sort of dying beast trying to hold its last breaths.

Right now, I'm really busy and can't spend much time around here, and when I do the experience is way lesser than it used to be. That is not to say that I'm leaving DA, I just love the community here too much. But on the other hand I don't have the energy to spend a lot of time here and try to do good stuff for the community as I used to. This is likely to be my last feature, and it's not even half of what it was meant to be... And this is my Xmas message to DA this year. It was meant to be a message of hope and a gift to all of the artists here, and it's turned into a full-on rant because the website just isn't able to hold itself anymore, and I can't hold the bad vibes I feel towards it either.

Before I go, I apologize for the downer Xmas message, and most of all, I apologize on my and DA's behalf to all the artists that had to be in this feature but won't be.
And now........


...but only what DA allowed...

La Dama Death by Danilo-Costa Above The Clouds by Cold-Tommy-Gin
Love Forsaken by SummerDreams-Art Snow Nymph by Julianez
E V E N I N G by Danilo-Costa  Roots by deepgrounduk
Caged by moodscape [THE CROSS] by Technochrist
LOVE by Uot-Mi Winter of life by Iskander1989
OCCUPANCY by SHUME-1 Best served Cold by LoloAgain
Link WIP by uncannyknack Apocatastasis by Carlos-Quevedo
Iconoclasm by Carlos-Quevedo Rapaces... by ThyC-Graphics
Monuments by tomrayt
The key to my past by SummerDreams-Art Scarecrow by nitchwarmer Ilh: the slums of Severoth by archityran
Morning Mood by debNise Shift Change by Vilk42
RED FRACTION / Birth by 3mmI Under the rain by AwaaraC
Dead End by Jovan-Porto Cry Of Achillies by BenjaminHaley
Ghost In The Shell by BenjaminHaley Sweet Dreams by Flobelebelebobele
Ba-Humbug by nitchwarmer
Ghost by Angeljiro
v pustote by dihaze [THE DEEP END OF CONTEMPLATION] by Technochrist
Abyssal by Dani-Owergoor
Timeless by LilsRaven Nocturnal Structure by erlangwind
Cirq by AbbeyMarie Duality by Helga-Helleborus Smoke Noire by Nikulina-Helena
The Fortune Teller by kimsol New Design by Wagner
WHISPER OF BA'AL / Legions by 3mmI Steam Scene by DeniseWorisch
Lyss, the mighty beasts: Hyppomante by archityran Safe Haven by MaiAnhTran
Fall Of Medusa by BenjaminHaley Lilitu by Aramisdream
Tomb of the Necromancer by DraakeT Heir by Shirokibo
Castle Quest by JJasso
The life of an Assassin by xeena-dragonkizz PORTRAIT by EBENEWOOD
The Old Grotto by atlas091 Wayward Journey by deathbycanon
Path by EerilyfairDesign Raining by DeniseWorisch
The key of life by SecretDarTiste
Water Goddess 6 by Lolita-Artz Moonlight sonata by sasha-fantom
WELCOME... by EBENEWOOD Resurection by Kryseis-Art
Paradise by Gejda
Undiscovered by xLocky The light in the darkness by Nikulina-Helena
In The Rain by djaledit Night Of The Dead by ralfw666
Slipping Away by SummerDreams-Art After We're Gone by Softyrider62
Arch by Haizy Banshee by Eithnne
Mary Annette by AbbeyMarie The evil mist by Pyrogas-Artworks
A Stag's Encounter by Shirokibo Winter campfire stories by Haizy
Cumulus and Thunder by alltelleringet I Ching 53 - Chien (Development - Gradual Progress by annewipf


© 2016 - 2021 Rowye
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pjenz's avatar
I certainly agree with you, about the site itself, all the problems and bugs, its a huge hassle and for me, its hard for me to do features, i dont do them like i used to, it gets so aggrivating and time consuming.  anyway, fabulous feature :heart:
Rowye's avatar
100% in agreement with your line of thought. Time is short and wasted time is not welcome huh.
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the part that actually worked out. :D :heart:
pjenz's avatar
lol certainly do, thanks for taking the time to make a good one :heart:
Rowye's avatar
You're most welcome. ^.^
EBENEWOOD's avatar
So many comments tasting like yours all around...
:hug::sun: Thank you so much Roger!! Happy and Tender holidays! 
Rowye's avatar
Aye... sorry to bring it up but it's just.... yeah, that upset me a lot lol. xD
Anyway, you're welcome of course, hope you had great holidays, and happy new year! :hug:
EBENEWOOD's avatar
Don't be sorry...They're supposed to carefully care about what every body have to say about it. The best way to make it better....:hug:
Rowye's avatar
Hahaha I have the feeling that might just be too much to ask. :P
SummerDreams-Art's avatar
I have my sympathies for what you went through because that is exactly what happened to me when I went around the whole of my group's gallery and sorting out all the artworks to feature in the highlights of 2016. It had more than 200 artworks, albeit less than you but still you will understand what it means to go through the whole gallery so I ended up working on it for more than 2 weeks and with too many hours put into it, it's just so frustrating the way things are happening in dA. Nor do I have the same energy to be here all the time and I am actually thinking of leaving devianART. So glad to know that there are still people like you here who are still holding up with everything.:)
Anyways, thanks so much for this really wonderful feature, glad  I ended up being the lucky one!!;P
Wishing you a very lovely New Year and hope you will still be around here, creating beautiful artworks. Happy New Year 2017 (Animated) by Lacerem
Rowye's avatar
Awww, thanks a lot for having the patience and drive to actually finish those features! I totally feel your pain. :hug:
Please don't leave. :P Mostly, I don't think there's any place like this, the website may not be the greatest right now, but all of the people in this community are so tight and well... I just don't know where we would go after DA. :c
SummerDreams-Art's avatar
No problem Rowye, it was really my pleasure.:hug: I agree with you that there is no other art community as strong and so well;knit as we have here in dA but I have really tried to keep up with all my friends' activities' and arts but sometimes it gets a bit too stressful for me and that's when I feel like I should just cut myself off from this place...yet at the same time I don't want to either, lol. Let's see what new year brings for you and me and for everyone here....until then wishing you a very happy New Year....may it bring glad tidings for you and hoping to see many more wonderful and inspirational artworks from you in 2017.  Happy New Year 2017 by Lacerem
Rowye's avatar
Aye, I guess we'll just see what happens next heehee. Wish you a great 2017 and a lot of inspiration too! :D:D :hug:
SummerDreams-Art's avatar
:thanks:I wish you the same as well Rowye.:aww:
BenjaminHaley's avatar
thanks for the feature :)
Rowye's avatar
Most welcome Ben. :) Happy holidays!!
SecretDarTiste's avatar
Oh what a wonderful collection! :love: i am feeling honored to be among these great artists! :hug::wow: Unfortunate that a lot of work was for nothing, really... I see a lot of complaints about DA and it makes me sad :aww: i hope you will come back, it was nice meeting you here :hug:
Rowye's avatar
Oh yes yes, I'm not leaving DA, as I said I love it way too much here to leave. :) Mostly just 'officially' stepping down from making huge features and so forth, I can't deal with the journal craps lol (plus I don't really have much time nowadays!).
You're most welcome, glad you liked the bit of the feature that was saved! :D
ThyC-Graphics's avatar

Thank you very much, I much appreciate to see my work in this beautiful gallery  :)

Rowye's avatar
Most welcome, glad you liked the feature! :)
CD-STOCK's avatar
Hehe, I was also very angry too as the last stock use feature for this year was finished and I lost the battle! DA sucks.
Hope you will not leave this place forever. It was nice to come in touch with you :heart:
Rowye's avatar
Oh nope nope, not leaving the place at all. xD I'm just really pissed off with "it", but I'm not ready to leave "you all". :P I'm just not gonna be making huge features and that kind of stuff... really can't be bothered with it, I don't have a lot of time to begin with.
And of course, it was very nice to meet you too. :) Besides, I still have some art to post, right? ;) Heehee
Lolita-Artz's avatar
amazing feature!!! thank you very much for including my work :rose:
DA changed a lot :( but i am happy to see it still have some wonderful person and artist like you :heart:
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