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How to customize your DA experience

Wed Oct 10, 2018, 10:00 AM by Rowye:iconrowye:

Community Engagement Week

Hi everyone!

In this article we'll talk about how to customize your DA experience, but the also important subtitle is:

What customization options would YOU like to see?

However to start, we're going to look at a few ways you can customize DA. For this I recently made a journal showing one way I make DA more to my personal liking (which I'm sharing here too), and asked other deviants to share some of their own customizations. So let's get to it!

What's within DA

Since it's likely some new deviants will come around, I'll start with the options DA itself gives you in the User Settings menu. Don't worry, I won't take too much of your time with this one.

In your settings menu (hover over your username at the very top right of the page to get there) you can navigate to Personal/Browsing for most of the customization options. Aside of telling DA how many posts, comments, etc per page you want to see, this is also the place where you can activate or deactivate the Mature Content filter. 

One thing I find useful, especially if you're having trouble loading the infinite thumb pages, is setting Paging to Click Through Pages. That will load only as many thumbs as you tell DA, and add Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the page.
You can also activate the Stick Menu, which will sort of unfold the main menu and give you some bookmark-like shortcuts to a lot of DA's functions that will always be at the top of the page.

Third Party Add-Ons

Cleaning Up DeviantArt
(thanks Theobald93)

This is a filter to clean up a bit DA's code, hide some elements that you may consider unnecessary, such as share buttons, groups the deviation is in and so on, making the page a bit easier on the eye. To my knowledge, this will not speed up loading times, as everything is sent to the browser anyway.

Here's Theobald's filter: Cleaning up deviantART (uBlock cosmetic filter)
As the name says, this uses a browser add-on called uBlock, which you can download here for ChromeFirefox or Opera. Keep in mind that this is his own filter and is made to his preference, but you can also make your own if you know a little about website innards.

DeviantArt Filter
DeviantArt Filter is another similar tool, although this one lets you hide deviations in the browsing pages either by author name, tag, category etc. This may be useful if you're concerned about certain types of content that is being uploaded, or if your children are browsing DA.

DeviantArt Filter is a browser add-on, and is available for Chrome and Firefox

I have been here for a few years now, and I felt like switching from the classic DA green. Stylus is a simple and easy-to-use add-on for ChromeFirefox or Opera, that lets you re-skin any website that has available skins for it.
Of course Deviant Art is one of those and there are over 500 themes available for it! They range from very mild modifications to the original dA theme, to complete overhauls that can give your dA experience a completely different look. I went for a dark one, that's my thing. =P

dA on Stylus by Rowye

To add themes, you can download them from here:…

*Important note*: The themes page is from another extension, Stylish, which operates the same way, but was recently found to log user information. The themes are user-made and completely safe to use, but make sure you do not install Stylish instead! Use that site only to find themes:) (Smile)

Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey
There are two other browser add-ons, Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey, with incredibly powerful abilities and that can also be used on other websites than DA. Greasemonkey is the original one and made only for Firefox, while Tampermonkey works almost exactly the same and is made for ChromeSafari, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

I use Chrome's Tampermonkey with this script which, when you click on "Add to a group" in your deviation's page, opens a window where you can make collections of groups, display only groups in certain collection, and submit your deviation to any group within that same window. This is a huge time saver for me, but it's not the only script for DA at all.

Here's a list with all the available ones, I'm guessing around 50 or so:…?


What customization options would YOU like to see?

As you likely noticed, only one of the entries above was brought up by another deviant. That is possibly because my request journal was a bit long and maybe it was tough to read. Since most users that responded to it did so with customization wishes, I will instead paste those here as examples, so they don't get lost in my old journal. You can tell us in the comments what your take on this is!
So, here we go!

Shirokibo said:
  • It would also be nice to have DDs take up the front page again. I'm not having anything against pieces of art that were popular for the last 24h to take up center stage. But these days, a lot of these popular ones also include pieces that are not art. I don't think it's nice to have someone visit dA and then have such obscene images greet them first thing. This, I think, is one of the easier solutions to go along with.

StormStarDragon said:
  • It would be nice if DA had a light/dark mode option built in.
  • In regards to customization and what I'd like to see on DA...I'd say freedom. Very frequently I find myself frustrated that I can't put a custom box where I want to or move something with lesser relevance further down my page. 
  • Secondly, I'd like for DA to come out with some official "how-to"s so those who invest time and/or money into customizing their pages can do so in an efficient and educated manner. Between setting backgrounds on various boxes to buttons to page dolls to creating journal skins and more fun stuff, researching and troubleshooting the coding puts me off.

LadyEvilArts said:
  • I wish DA had day/night version like many mobile apps.

SecretDarTiste said:
  • We should have more freedom to create our own profile (like on It should be easier just to hover over things and replace items, in stead of using CSS like here... Not everybody has the knowledge of CSS and so on, and it takes too long if you want to change anything.

BarryD-Alive said:
  • I would love to learn how the DA "Search" field can be added to any and all windows/pages/frames of DA, I hate having to go back to my Profile or some other window, have to scroll-up and finally see the field at the top.

lauraypablo said:
  • It would be great being able to personalize DA's theme color to the user's taste.
  • What worries me more though is how my profile looks like. I try to do my best with code and CSS, but sometimes it is a real headache to do.

Mutinate said:
  • I would like a feature added to the User Settings. When I do a keyword search of DeviantArt, I never want a "Popular all time" view of the results. I know what I'm looking for, and thus want either a "Popular in the last week" or "month" view, depending on how long I've been away from DeviantArt. It would be useful not to have to have to switch out of "Popular all time" every single time I do a keyword search.

Finally, my own wish for customization, that I had planned for this journal:
  • I would love it if, since the Mature Content Filter is very detailed when we post deviations, that it was the same on the other end, so that we could block certain filtered content and allow other. 
  • That way, we could for instance allow Nudity but block Sexual Themes, and so on.

And what about you? What customization options would YOU like to see?
Let us know below in the comments!

Hi everyone! :heart:
First of all just want to share my happiness as I've found my 6th DD just happened a few days ago. :D:D
Of course I want to thank cosmicbound for featuring it. Here's some of his digital art for you all!

Ethereal Vision by cosmicbound Cosmostrophe Wallpaper III by cosmicbound OtherWorld by cosmicbound

Aside of that, I guess some of you noticed I haven't been around so much lately, and I'm still not sure when I can be here again as often as I'd like. I've also done a lot of fav & run and for that I apologize! But I wanted to check all your art and it was close to 200 stacks, so there you go. :P

Now it's time for another feature, and this time I'm going for a lot of the amazing art I found that I thought didn't get enough attention. All of these have less than 100 favorites at the time I write this so if you see anything you like in this feature, please check out the link and leave the artist a word or a fav! :D
And now... 

Feature time!

The Planet Weavers by PAtScHWOrK [LE PERE] by Technochrist Goddess of the Devil by CharllieeArts
Creature of the Night by Shirokibo DELIVERANCE by DrWinter
Fortune-teller by AlexanderKorolev GOLD by LanaTustich Mr. Cool by nitchwarmer
Terminus Hope by kaisernero121 CInematic terrains by hardyguardy
Memories by gyaban Potter by mmmprod Atlantis by DeniseWorisch
Starlet by kuschelirmel  Lyss, the city of Broussailles by archityran
Riot by sekiq Generation BETA 7X.0 by MariaSemelevich Samuel L. Jackson is Jungleman Jackson by Splat-Shot
Angel by Poglazovs burn by AndaelentariIch moechte dort sein by AnjaMillen
Rising Phoenix - Animated version by tamaraR Wasteland by KirenBagchee Wide open by thegirlcansmile
How to steal from the rich - Manual by JoeDiamondD Forbidden - Experiment 15 by hotamr
Golden Circle by LINGDUMSTUDOG  Botanicula 06 by skarabokki In Absentia by mimikascraftroom
Hey everyone. :)
Spreading the word here, as SupportAllArt is trying to reach Super Group status and still needs some points. 
It's a very active group that does weekly features and stays in touch with the members regularly through polls and journals. And most importantly, you get to see a lot of cool art in its galleries. Here's a sample of it. :)

We can't be together by FlerPainter Arrival of the Beast T. Hayden by StarsColdNight Land Of Dragons by FreeMind93
Soul Severance by Madboni free your something iii by Ururuty Call by skitalets Enva by VezoniaArtz
Berta, Abyssal Demon by Koni-art Epic Battle by Clooms LEOPARD by GiovanniChis Liv by KarolineJuzanx
The sanctuary of the Arkh witch by Koni-art Boat on a Misty River by Bigsteel It's A Live by da505
Thanatos by Yoann-Lossel inevitable hominid by nickbleb Dion Fortune - Saints and Mystic Reading Cards by Wesley-Souza The Angel Of Justice by umbatman
Hide And Seek by Cold-Tommy-Gin Entomology - The dying light by JoeDiamondD Royal Dynasty: Fallen Heroes by JayGraphixx
Extinct by neverdying Steampunk Spider by adrianoampb Rebellion - extended by Mihaela-V
Chukwa's Escape - New Hope by NuwanP  Swag Oglaffson by OrangeRoom
Porto at night by Stefan-Becker Spring 2018 by FrancescaDelfino young swan - queen in beautiful light by MT-Photografien
Tower by GreatQueenLina The Fog by BaxiaArt Shinining by Angie-AgnieszkaB
49 south latitude II by AlejandroCastillo Pure vibes flyer by satgur Oktober Beer Festival by n2n44
Hyperion Graphic Template by JamesLedgerConcepts MERMAID UNDERWATERWORLD SUNCATCHER... by illustrisdesigns Steampunk Modron dice minion with red eye by CatherinetteRings
Ocean by Nymonyrya Red Wing by Neronai GWENT card: Witch of Lynx Crag by Blu-Oltremare [Commission] Seraphina Callisto by Grey-sky-102
+ [ She's everything to ME ] + by AngelJasiel  BOY by whoareuu
Star Runner by Joe-Roberts Rough day at the office by VirtuallyTwisted Star Wars: Infiltrator -2- by DrManhattan-VA Family Reunion by JoePingleton
Ludo (Labyrinth) 3D Model by FoxHound1984 [BBS] Kanjiro and Lan by Aishishi Rebel Recon by HeisQ
Dark ages|In the middle of hell by DanStrogg Ragnar Lothbrok Cosplay by Svetliy-Sudar Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars cosplay by UltraCosplay
Stellar by t1na Red Earth Abstract by StarwaltDesign +City of Thousands of Lights+ by ERA-7

Check the group out if you don't know it yet, or if you have some spare points please donate and help it reach Super Group status.
Thank you, and hope you enjoyed the feature. :heart:
Process or Step by Step animations are a neat way to show other artists and fans how your artworks began and what process they went through until they were finished. While these don't show the specific techniques used, they can still be quite useful for artists to see your thinking process through the artwork as well as when you decide to apply this or that other effect, lighting, etc.
For those unfamiliar with what process animations are or what they look like, here are a few examples:

( Step-by-step )Gladiator - Battle Arena by panjoool Making of Majora's Return by ErikShoemaker Royal Dynasty: King's throne - Process gif by JayGraphixx

This is a detailed tutorial on how to make one of these exclusively within Photoshop. So let's get to it!

Collecting the images

The first step is gathering all the images, one for each step you want to show. How you collect the images is completely up to you.
In my case, since I most often save several PSDs of my artworks, that sort of creates a history of my artwork, and those are what I use as process steps.
You could also merge all layers into a new one every time you decide the current state of the artwork is good to show, and save those within the same PSD.
Another option is using the "Create new document from current state" button in the History window, and saving those as separate files for later use in the animation. However, avoid using the "Create new snapshot" button, as snapshots are not saved in the PSD and will be lost if you close Photoshop.

Naming the images

Naming your images before loading them in Photoshop is important, as that will tell Photoshop in what order the layers must be placed.
To save time and any potential surprises, you can just name the files as 0, 01, 02, 03 etc from older to newer, or add a name after that. Either way it's good practice to start from 0 and also to have a 0 in front of the single digits, as otherwise if you have more than ten layers Photoshop will likely mess up the order.

Loading the images

Instead of loading each image separately and having to manually place them in one file, we're going to batch load all the pictures at once into a single PSD file.
To do that, go to File/Scripts/Load Files into Stack... and in the window that opened click on the Browse... button.

02 by Rowye 03 by Rowye

Browse to your saved step images and select all of them, then click Ok. Photoshop will now display all your files in a list in the Loading window with the order it is going to give them. Make sure that "Create Smart Object after Loading Layers" is not checked.

04 by Rowye

Click Ok and Photoshop will load all the images in a single document in the same order. Should look something like this:

05 by Rowye

Because we are going to make a GIF file with this we don't want a huge file, before we continue I recommend resizing your document (Image/Image Size or Ctrl+Alt+i) to something no larger than 1200px on either side, preferably less.

The fun part

On the top right corner, change the workspace from Essentials (or whichever you are using) to Motion. Your should now have a different set of windows at your right side, and a new flat window at the bottom named Timeline. If for any reason you don't see the new Timeline window, you can open it from the Window menu, or directly reset the Motion workspace by clicking on Window/Workspace/Reset Motion.

01 by Rowye

In middle of the new Timeline window click on Create Frame Animation. If you can't see this option, click on the little down arrow next to the button and switch from Create Video Timeline to the correct option, then click on the button to create the animation.

02 by Rowye

Photoshop will now create a one frame animation of the image as you have it; all your layers are visible, with the oldest one on top. Your timeline will look something like this:

03 by Rowye

Under the thumbnail of your artwork's first step, click on 0 sec. and in the contextual menu change it to 1.0.
At the bottom left of the Timeline window, click on Once and change it to Forever.

04 by Rowye

A bit to the right of that button, click on the New icon to duplicate the selected frame. That will create and automatically select a new frame with the image as you have it, which you can control independently from the first frame.
Go ahead and hide your top layer, so that your second step is visible.

05 by Rowye

Rinse and repeat. Remember to first create a new layer to duplicate the previous, then hide the topmost layer. Go on until only the bottom layer stands, and your animation is pretty much done.

Gif by Rowye

Play the animation using the Play button and check what your animation looks like. Take into account that Photoshop tends to get slow while playing these, so the speed of your final animation will be slightly faster than it is when you play inside Photoshop. You can preview that in the export step.

You can adjust the speed of the animation by playing with the numbers under the thumbnails. If you click on Other you can enter custom time values for the frames.
Note that (at least on my language setting) you must use a comma symbol and not a full stop for decimals.

To select all frames, Shift+click on the first frame then Shift+click on the last frame, or alternatively, click on the top right corner of the Timeline window and find Select All Frames.
To change the speed of only one frame (for instance, to make the last step longer), simply click on that frame to select it and change the time value.


Once you're happy with what your animation looks like, go to File/Export/Save for Web (Legacy)... or press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S to open the Export window.

06 by Rowye

Make sure your view is set to Optimized to see an accurate preview of your soon-to-be GIF.

07 by Rowye

At the right side of this window are the export options.
Change the image format to GIF if it's not already set. This may take a bit, especially if you have a ton of layers or your image is large.
As for the settings, these are ok for me but feel free to play with them a bit if you wish. Take into account that every time you change a setting Photoshop has to recalculate the whole thing again so if you didn't downsize your image this process can get quite tedious. You can still now resize the image and change the looping settings down in the Animation section, as well as preview the animation at a sort of accurate speed.

08 by Rowye09 by Rowye

When you're happy with your settings, click on Save... and you're done.
This is what my animation looked like:

Crysis-Animation by Rowye

I know the tutorial is rather long, but the whole process is actually pretty quick once you've done it a couple of times. 
Hope this was helpful to some of you, cheers! :wave:

Hey all!
So I finally spent pretty much the whole day here and went through over 100 stacks of art. Yep, that much... xD
The good news is not only I've seen all your art, but also now I get to make a feature with it. :)

On a different note, I wanted to speak up a bit on a topic I don't seem to be the only one worrying about.
What is going on in DA? I'm not talking specifically about our (manips) community... honestly I think we are tight here and we manage to run it well enough. We have some pillar members that put a lot of effort into keeping the community alive and they are doing a great job at doing so. To you goes all my love and appreciation. :heart:

Now, as time passes, the more obvious it seems that our little community is not representative of what is really going on in DeviantArt. I've decided to write this journal because I've seen several journals lately about this: how the favs numbers are going down, how there seems to be less exposure all over, how the website is in a state of decay. After reading one of these journals (or maybe it was a status update) I went and asked Google about DeviantArt... and... wow. Huh, so in any site where there are any sort of website reviews, DA's rating is down, more like six feet under. About 60% of people were complaining about bullying, which I haven't experienced personally, and have only heard very few stories in the years I've been here, so I can't really talk about it. The other 40% were complaining about the porn... and so I went and did some searching in the DA main page, where I hadn't been to in maybe a couple years... and... just... again... wow. I mean, I knew there is a lot of disturbing stuff around here but the level of crap I saw made me cringe. And that is coming from someone who doesn't have a problem with porn at all, I just don't want it here. This is an ART site dammit. -.- Kids are here, I read stories about predators messaging 13 year olds, people sending unasked for photos and whatnot. It was very disappointing...

So... I'm not surprised numbers are constantly going down here, but instead of just making a journal to whine about it, I want to take a positive turn now...
As I said, photomanipulators (I mean, real ones, not inflation pricks) are a close knit community here, and we stay together. So much that I got to forget what the website really is like. 
And we rock it to be sure. Contests are happening all the time, tutorials are being made, features, groups and whatnot. But to be realistic about it, this is mostly what we do for ourselves, starts in the PM community, ends in the PM community. As artists, having the support of other artists is amazing and necessary, we treasure it. However we want to get further than that, we are making art for a wider audience, one which used to be here... 

I've reported and got no results, and I heard the same story from other people... Seems like the DA staff (not talking about volunteers here) don't really mind what's going on.
So my question would be, is there something we can do to expand our (I believe) positive attitude to the site as a whole? If there is, what do you think we can do? How do we contribute to make this website better and hopefully bring some people back, or new (healthy) users and art lovers?
Any idea is good, so let me know your thoughts in the comments. :)

TL;DR : DA's downhill, what can we do to make it better outside of the PM community? Let me know. :)

And now.... 


Catowl's Nest by LadyEvilArts ENID by DanielPriego Miss-Decadanse by Mr-Xerty Strawberry devil by Poglazovs
The Tree of Life by Cold-Tommy-Gin DRC - Black Iris by Iskander1989 Coming Home by LanaTustich Woman Flowers by Paulo-Bert
Irina by kuschelirmel Lepidopterophobia - 5th DAILY DEVIATION! by BrietOlga Year of the Earth Dog 2018 by Pendragon-Arts
Gladiator - Battle Arena by panjoool Elysion by AlexandraVBach One last lonely journey by SummerDreams-Art
Franxie, coast cities by archityran Nova Era II - Nascimento by Wesley-Souza [ATMA - extinction] by Technochrist The Hunt by Mihaela-V 
Frozen heart, thawing out... by WhimsicalBlue Reflection by 3mmI Skytown by annewipf
Good Hunting by Gejda Autoritratto-12 by skarabokki
Addams Tango by Lora-Vysotskaya Mandragora by Madink-art Darkness Behold by Shirokibo aTaraXia by mimikascraftroom
The Wizard by Dani-Owergoor Dream Dance by AlexanderKorolev Passageway by ElenaDudina 
January 20th 2017 by Rui-Abel Dawn Patrol by KirenBagchee Magick by MarianaPalova Angel's Night by shadowforth
Dominium by absumaniac Twilight Dog by vimark Whispers of the Night by neverdying
Broken Arrow by tornadoeyesART Guardian 2 by Antoshines The Little Shepherd by IleenI
The Golden Zodiac Capricorn by AlexandraVBach Cherry Rose by SvetlanaKLimova Friends by Lotta-Lotos Wings of steel by fantasio
The Robot by FantasyArt0102 LostWorldOfMermaids by IgnisFatuusII Trappist Explorer by TobiasRoetsch
Golden Thread (Tutorial) by AbbeyMarie Fairy by Vasylina pink magic by Andaelentari Mysterious places 2 by adrianamusettidavila
It's raining cats........ by SoulcolorsArt Coherent Worlds by Softyrider62 Lost Memories by Kevin-Roodhorst
Copperhead by AnjaMillen Coral by FrancescaPoliti Theophany by Majentta
Exit by Helga-Helleborus The dark priestess by TatyanaChe The Kiss by Uot-Mi Wonderland: The Rose garden (part 2) by SecretDarTiste
Monsters are Real by NemondO Battle End - Ogre War by kimsol Red Riding Hood by Miss-deviantE
Morning Dew by dreamswoman Warhammer - Adepta Sororitas by Darkraven002 

Mature Content

Mystique - The Sideshow Queen by fantasio

Suddenly, Last Summer by Mr-Ripley desert world by Dimm-on Clean Up Crew by everlite
Despiadada by vampirekingdom Forest Guardians by EstherPuche-Art Mermaid dreams by Kiorsa
Age Of Extinction by JayGraphixx The Abyssals from the Depth by ErikShoemaker Sea of Angels by Ellysiumn

And my latest work....

Also, my video on Creative Station (yay! :D)
Thanks to jose86tf for pushing me to submit it. :heart:

Since it doesn't seem like it's generally noticed in the artwork description... I made a speedart video of my latest work Yggdrasil.
Also, I guess it's more comfy in a journal since you can watch it from here. :)
Hope you guys like it!

Hi all! :D
So... I've uploaded a showreel of my art to YouTube, but this is not just a showreel, it's an animated showreel! Picking up from matte painting techniques, I've put my art through After Effects to make some of my artworks move. Let me know what you guys think! :D

Here's the vid for y'all:

Got an ArtStation account? Let's connect there and expand our support net. :) Here's my URL:

I've only got a few of you tracked down there, so far:
- Andaelentari 
- FrancescaPoliti 
- ErikShoemaker 
- Ellysiumn 
- PhelanDavion
- 3mmI 

If you're not in this list and want to connect, just post your ArtStation URL down here in the comments. 

First of all I know it's late, but I want to thank Catgirldstr11 and cosmicbound for giving my my 4th DD!! It's taken me a while to notice (explained below) but it's made me just as happy to see. I feel honored to have my art chosen!

So, I'm currently recovering from surgery, and haven't been on here for around 2 weeks now. I was debating whether I should say before or after the fact, but really didn't want people to be worried or anything so I just went head and got cut sneakily. :P Either way I've got nothing to worry about besides the pain. It was a simple surgery and it went well, it's just got a long recovery period and it hurts like hell. xD But I am and will be fine. :)
Will start to pop in from now on, I can't sit and type for a long time but one step at a time...

For now, a mini feature for the two kind souls that DD'd my artwork. :D


Shiori Gaiden: Chapter 1
Summary: The story of Amegakure's Hanzo, his wife (my OC, Shiori), their rise to power and ultimate downfall.
Genre: Drama, Romance, Tragedy
Age: 18+ 
Pairing: Hanzo x OC
50 years earlier . . .
Suddenly, a deafening explosion rocked the ground. Startled, Shiori and her companions closed their eyes and raised their arms to shield themselves from the blast.
When it rains, it pours, thought Shiori despite the sunny weather. If she had control over the skies, she would have summoned a monsoon. It was the only thing missing from this scene. As the dust settled, Shiori and her two escorts stood motionless and tense. Dense forests closed in on every side. Miles away from the nearest village, they were beyond rescue from the four masked men that blocked their path. And worst of all, their leader was none other than her former suitor. Apparently he was taking

Mature Content


Mature Content


When Reality Merges Irreality by cosmicbound OtherWorld by cosmicbound  Primordial by cosmicbound 

Totally off-topic, but also wanted to share a little trick that made me very happy. xD
It's mostly for core users, especially those annoyed by being forced to post thumbs when an image's ratio is far too vertical cause the buttons won't fit. I hated this for a while, cause I like to... paste links :P and a list with all links and one damn vertical thumb is just ugly.
So... assuming you paste using Ctrl-P ... pressing Ctrl+Shift+P will always, always paste as a link, which sorts the issue of buttons not appearing in vertical thumbs...yay...

Aaaanyway, happy new year to all of you. :heart:
So as promised, all those vertical ratio artworks that I missed in the last feature...

Feature Time!

Training for Halloween by ElenaDudina Suburbian hunger by thegirlcansmile Undina by Kiorsa
The Thin Line by Iskander1989 Kryseis by Kryseis-Art Samhain by shadowforth
Corrupt Media by EpicMisterMag Crackle-Her by Mr-Xerty The Evil Sorcerer - Ghost Stories by Dani-Owergoor
Your Innocence Is Mine by mimikascraftroom Maledicta by btgarts 
The end of time by AlexandraVBach Hallow-ing Death by SummerDreams-Art Believe in Magic by Gejda
The Morrigan by MarcoHerrera Charming Charmer by Lora-Vysotskaya Astros by Son-Reborn
A Grave of Mist by MarianaPalova Circle Guardian by zacky7avenged November 23, 2941, Third Age (Commission) + Video by Nikulina-Helena
Hollow by JayGraphixx Breaking the spell by Madink-art Magic Potion by IgnisFatuusII
Ginger, ginger, freckled! by Avi-li Mankind Evolved: Pt.4 - Beauty by the-Scarlet-Queen into by Andaelentari
Path by Black-B-o-x The Golden Age by Aramisdream The 'End of the Age of Dinosaurs by Vasylina
Levi by AbaddonArt [ATMA002] by Technochrist Rock'n'roll for the witch by TatyanaChe

And my own vertical artwork... :)

Unexpected Guest by Rowye
Yeah yeah, made no sense with the title, but it really is cold over here all of a sudden. :p
So.. finally managed to go through most of my photomanipulation stacks, still a few to go but most done so here's a little feature for all. Since there was a lot I wanted to feature and I feel like very large features kinda get the viewer's attention lost, I divided it between vertical and horizontal/square artworks. The latter first, the rest you can expect to see in a few days. Get ready for some photomanipulation excellence!

I still do have about 60 comments to answer and over 100 journals to check... I'll get there some day. xD
But now...

Feature Time!

The trail by hardyguardy The Siren Who Drowned by fantatlity
Sweet Elegant Fire by DraakeT by DraakeT Welcome to Hawkins by tornadoeyesART
The Eye and her Majesty by ErikShoemaker a maternal death by enkrat
Wake up! but only for one night... by Whendell Devilina by BrietOlga Corrosion by ReyeD33
Kaira Centelha Divina by Paulo-Bert Coffin'Dorothy diarie by LINGDUMSTUDOG
Spirit of the forest by AlexanderKorolev Savage Garden by Pendragon-Arts
The Fisherman by leox912 Unexpected Arrival by kimsol
Moon tears falling.... by WhimsicalBlue Night of the Slayers by neverdying
Halloween Night by annewipf Eden: The Tree of Souls - V2 by balint4
Creatures of the night by Julianez Beacon Of The Winter Light by theAllex
The City by FantasyArt0102 Fallen Angel by Fiammetta62
Bruxinho Travesso by Wesley-Souza A Girl And Her Tiger by FeistyDeadlySins
Owl Shaman by Shirokibo DESKTOPOLAND by adrianamusettidavila
Hidden Treetops by kuschelirmel Late Walk by Softyrider62
This Way by Cold-Tommy-Gin Drawn to Emptiness by KirenBagchee The MAZE by hotamr
Off with her head! by SecretDarTiste A M N I X I E L by stardock
Saga by Carlos-Quevedo Mill in winter by SoulcolorsArt
The Commandment of Pharaoh by Mr-Ripley Exposed! by danieloooo

So.. finally the teaser for the movie I've been working with/for is out. Quite a pleasant surprise for me to be sure, it's looking great so far. ^.^
I worked on all logos, fancy lettering, around 15 different posters, promotional actor photos and movie stills, and just anything that needed Photoshop.

Here's the teaser for you guys:

And some of my favorite images:

ALA Movie selected work by Rowye

I've slowly started to make a dent in my inbox... so much art still to check. :blush:

Mountain Base by Karamissa
Grove of the Pilgrim Hollow by Darkki1
Revolution by 88grzes
Apocalypse... by daRoz
Floating Bazaar by EmilisB
Ruins by IvanLaliashvili
One request to Hades by vimark
Ugly Jack by RadoJavor
New Crobuzon - High Caliber Bridge by etwoo
In Recognition by Shue13
Alien Landscape 02 by AlynSpiller
Magic Hour by andreasrocha
Make a Wish by Andead

Reposting and sharing this journal (originally written by Gejda) for all my watchers who aren't part of CRPhotomanipulation.
Now that you're at it though, may as well join the group! :p
Anyway here it goes:

Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you've been wondering why there's not going to be any new monthly challenges for the next two months, it's because we've been cooking up something big and new for you - a full-blown, dazzling and challenging contest with awesome prizes! 

The theme is: Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Have you been stuck within the same, comfortable borders lately? Feeling uninspired, lacking in creativity, or maybe you have simply been thinking about trying something new and fresh, making a change in the style you usually use while working on your art, trying out a new and excitingly unknown subject? 

Are all your works with models? Maybe it's time to try composing a landscape? If you've only done equine photomanips before, maybe you'd like to try a human model, or vice versa? If you're used to dark mood, maybe try creating something sugary sweet? The possibilities are endless, and we can't wait to see what you'll come up with - remember that you'll be judged on whether your entry varies from the rest of your gallery! 

And when it comes to judging, here's who will be taking care of this part of out contest:


Traditionally, there will be three winners. The prizes will be given out if at least 10 entries are assembled. 

1st place

- 12 months Core membership from communityrelations 

- features from: CRPhotomanipulation, Lora-Vysotskaya, Gejda, lauraypablo


2nd place

- 6 months Core membership from communityrelations 

- features from: CRPhotomanipulation, Lora-Vysotskaya, Gejda, lauraypablo


3rd place

- 3 months Core membership from communityrelations 

- features from: CRPhotomanipulation, Lora-Vysotskaya, Gejda, lauraypablo

We're very much open to anyone who'd like to throw something in to sweeten the pot even more and offer a prize of their own - let us know in the comments below or send a note to Gejda!


Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! The contest is open from November 3rd, 2017 to January 3rd, 2018. That means you have two full months to create something awesome!
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! The entry you submit has to be different from your usual works - be creative!
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!  All the entries need to be new and created specifically for this contest.
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!  Remember to include a short "Entry for the Out of Your Comfort Zone contest at CRPhotomanipulation" or something similar in your description, so that we know you didn't submit to the contest folder by mistake.
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! All the stocks and resources you use have to be credited and come from legitimate sources. If you're using your own images, please state so in the description. If you don't know what we mean by legitimate stock read this: Stock in a nutshell
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!  All entries have to be submitted to the Contest - Out of Your Comfort Zone folder in our gallery. 
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! We accept only photomanipulations and mixed-media works. 
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! You can submit one entry.  


Please submit all entries to this folder: 

That's it - we're incredibly excited to see you guys work your magic! Let's get to work!

Hi everyone. :)
I guess many of you noticed I haven't been very active lately, neither posting art or commenting etc. These days it's just been so so busy with art related work, which makes me super happy, but at the same time it doesn't allow much time for me to come around DA and spend time around you guys. :c
The amount of new deviations, comments and journals that arrives in my inbox daily just seems way too much for the time I can put into checking it out. I hope I didn't offend anyone with my fav-and-running or when it takes me a long time to reply or notice new artworks. I do want to and will check everything out when time allows!
The safest way to get in touch these days is Notes so feel free to poke me there any time. :)

Anyway, since I feel like I've neglected all of you, I wanted to pay my respects by doing this feature now, and hope it serves as a kind of apology. :blush:
And now........


[DROWN] by Technochrist There's Something in the corner!! by AusWolf666 a destroying dream by DanielPriego
Dancing between dreams - Second DD! by SecretDarTiste Necromesis by octobre-rouge
Drowned by Light by Iskander1989 Almost Alive by silviya Viking invasion by SPRSPRsDigitalArt
The Waterfalss by SidikSubagja Kaira Centelha Divina by Paulo-Bert
The White Butterfly by Ahmed-Fares94 The Global Flooding of 2010 by fstarno
The End of History (2014) by Kiriya World Gone Mad II by KirenBagchee Thorns by EstherPuche-Art
Desert Dunes by marijeberting Krabat by SuicideOmen
Queen Of Egypt by Lora-Vysotskaya Mankind Evolved: Pt.1 - Immortality by the-Scarlet-Queen Secret Sphere - The Nature Of Time CD COVER by Wesley-Souza
Young vampiress' bedside table by the-Scarlet-Queen Voyage in fantasy! by CharllieeArts
Black Pearl. Mermaid IV by Wagner Lion-Mighty by Mr-Xerty The Tower by Gejda Beauty is on the inside by Helga-Helleborus
Summer walk by SimKa48 The jealous raven by mashamaklaut Harvest of beauty by mashamaklaut
Oriental Princess by Lotta-Lotos Perfect Stranger by estellium
dwell on the past by vimark A Quick Smoke in the Subway Hall by Shue13
Irma G. Raffe by Splat-Shot
The Adventure of This Perilous Day by KingaBritschgi Berry dragon by Avi-li aNesTheSia by mimikascraftroom Bulbs by kuschelirmel
Wizard and the Dragon by nirmalyabasu5 Pilgrim by Softyrider62
Love of Two Armies by theAllex Ophelia by Madink-art Lightheaded by gyaban
Never-Ending Stories by tornadoeyesART Running Out Of Time by JayGraphixx
Whispers - Le Bizarreum by lauraypablo Remnants of the Old Gods by ErikShoemaker
   Time-Lapse by btgarts El Alquimista by MarcoHerrera The incredible inventions of Captain Anazalia by Rui-Abel
Brain Dead - The Zombie Apocalypse is Real! by Dani-Owergoor Shallow Deceit by Majentta For Charles by AnjaMillen
Quality time together by thegirlcansmile The Sea princess by Lolita-Artz Revenge by LadyEvilArts
A Midsummer Knight's Dream by Mr-Ripley Knights of the Night by Energiaelca1
Love Kills by Ksenos-ks Hey  guys, look  what I've found! by Black-B-o-x
Elven Path by shadowforth Morpheus by zacky7avenged House of Rock by SoulcolorsArt The Serpent in the Sword by kimsol
Rage of Crows by Julianez Amnistr by Poglazovs
  Lost Temple by annewipf Flight of the bumble bee by nitchwarmer
    The Dragon by Pendragon-Arts Enchantress Helga by BrietOlga  
Under the Red Moon by Aramisdream Sea Ranger by LINGDUMSTUDOG
Fortress 2 by NM-art Butterflies in my stomach by anyaanti
Egypt, 1820, western desert Dakla oasis by DraakeT
The Skull by FantasyArt0102 Where Planets Are Born by jose86tf

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Here's a feature as part of my prize for the The Magic of Méliès Contest winners. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!


1st Trophy

''Interesting composition with many details''
- Incantata

''It feels a bit overloaded in this artwork but the vivid colors and details are so gorgeous that I couldn't let it pass.''
- Rowye

''Out of the many underwater scenes submitted in the beginners' category I found this one to be the most striking. The image has so many details it appears almost abstract the way it was blended. That, and the vibrant colors, make it somewhat refreshing to look at and capture the essence of Méliès art very well in my opinion.''
- ErikShoemaker

''I love the vivid colors of this art and the quantity details, it makes me think of an antique painting.''
- Whendell 

2nd Trophy

The sea womb

The sea womb by davdajuhi

''Incredible scene with combinations of several elements of the movie - The Kingdom Of The Fairies - Creating a lovely scene.''
- Wesley-Souza

''I loved this one, it portrayed very well the concept of the film.''
- Whendell

3rd Trophy

''Dynamic colors and light make this scene an eyecatcher. Seaweed was used to frame the composition and focus the viewer on the details reminiscent of Méliès underwater world.''
- ErikShoemaker

''This artwork has a very neat composition and smart usage of the light and shaded areas. The artist managed to make it colorful while keeping the atmosphere of the original scene it represents.''
- Rowye

''Great scene created, love the work with the seabed and corals.''
- Whendell 


1st Trophy

The Kingdom of the fairies

The Kingdom of the fairies by Energiaelca1

''Of all the pieces in the contest, this is probably the one which is closest to the original inspiration. The artist took a scene from the movie and recreated it entirely using their own photos, which, as you can tell from the comparison, required a lot of work and dedication.''
- ErikShoemaker

''A very faithful representation of one of Mellies' scenes, the artist did a great job finding the stocks to create it. The color and light work in this piece are not only beautiful but also give a sense of coldness that greatly reminisces the classic movie.''
- Rowye

''Absolutely love this work :) (Smile) not only because here use own resources, but i love the composition, lighting effects and general moviment in this.''
- Incantata

''Recreated the scene of the movie very well with great use of own resources, a charming scene with incredible details.''
- Wesley-Souza 

''An excellent representation of the movie! Beautiful composition.''
- Whendell

2nd Trophy

The Landing

The Landing by SlichoArt

''It represented very well the theme of the contest, makes me want to explore this place.''
- Whendell 

''This image is also very close to the Méliès' moon landing, which makes it so much fun to explore. The artist took a lot of time recreating the details like the strange mushroom landscape and the capsule. The choice of colors helps to capture this strange and surreal atmosphere of the movie.''
- ErikShoemaker

''I am delighted with the representation of the theme in this work, an excellent surreal scene with red mushroom.''
- Wesley-Souza 

''Very nice, surreal style with steampunk elements give the impression of the scene from "trip to the moon"
- Incantata

''There is something in the surrealism of this artwork that makes it quite fantastic. Even though some of the elements seem a little far fetched, I find that that is precisely what makes the whole scene work so well.''
- Rowye

3rd Trophy

''This is a unique entry that I like more the longer I look at it. It takes time to appreciate the details like the well-manipulated bullet and the uniformity of the scene as well as the elements in it. The people look quite awkward at first but it is actually very fitting with respect to the original movie.''

- ErikShoemaker

''I love the theatrical style of this work, it's like this work was an old photo of the movie set.''
- Wesley-Souza

''Great job, I love how the rocket was created!''
- Whendell


1st Trophy


Dreaming by Black-B-o-x

''This is a stunning depiction of Méliès' underwater kingdom with gorgeous magical colors and a touch of surreal. The scene captures the strange atmosphere of Méliès' original very well, but at the same time the artist managed to make this piece their own. Finally, the technique is jaw-dropping to say the least and therefore, for me, a clear 1st place in this contest.''
- ErikShoemaker

''This is simply beautiful. The details and color work in this piece graze perfection, and the art noveau elements help give it the dreamy fantastic feeling I imagine one would get when watching Méliès for the first time, right about a century ago.''
- Rowye

''Absolutely adore this piece. Here all things are perfect and composition, and reflecting of theme and surreal ambience, and of course the technique.''
- Incantata

''This piece is so amazing, I love the light worked in a beautiful way and the colors.''
- Whendell

''Used several elements of the movie, creating a beautiful and creative surreal scene, incredible use of colors and great corals details.''
- Wesley-Souza

2nd Trophy

''This image is closely inspired by the iconic moon scene, however, the artist turned it into an action-packed scene with a humorous tone, which is very refreshing. I enjoy coming back to this image various times finding new details every instance. It took me a while to realize that the moon has a face which was cleverly hidden.''
- ErikShoemaker

''Very fun and dynamical deviation, I like so much.''
- Incantata

''An eye-popping art, it's like a poster of a movie that I would certainly watch!''
- Whendell

''Interpreted the theme in a very creative way, created a scene where we can see things happen and with movement, and amazing details.''
- Wesley-Souza

3rd Trophy

The Traveler

The Traveler by Cold-Tommy-Gin

''I love the magic of this piece, the aliens, beautiful details!''
- Whendell

''A colorful and enchanting version of the film, incredible scenery with beautiful details.''
- Wesley-Souza
Hi everyone! :D

So I've crossed the ocean again and will be more or less away for the next few weeks, be back by the end of the month. Meanwhile, I'll have some time to go online like now, but who knows how much or when, so there will be some fav and run and a lot of delay answering comments, notes, etc. Sorry to the ones of you who've already been waiting, and those who I'll inevitably make wait in the next days.

Other than that, kind of been missing making features and since I'm still afraid DA will delete half the deviations when making long ones, I just decided to go another route.
Today's feature is for the artworks that I faved in the last weeks and I think need more recognition; all of these have less than 100 favs at the time I write this, some don't even have 20.
So if you like them please get to their comments section and leave these awesome artists some love. :heart:

dreer by enkrat

Down the Rabbit Hole by PhotoDeviation

Pyramid's Secret by Rui-Abel

My Favourite Things by Shirokibo

Super-Meerkat by Splat-Shot

Dryad by Hoverland

The pursuit of happyness by Zakshakmak

Whisper... by mirandaarts

John Woo Style by mmmprod

Between the silver linings by dresew

[THE CAPNOMANCER] by Technochrist

Manannn Mac Lir by nitchwarmer

Flora by LanaTustich

Prometheus by Energiaelca1

Secret Place by tornadoeyesART

Romance Sonambulo by Dragons-Denn

Release by gustiidiaz

Ah and if you missed my last artwork.. here it goes. :)

Liberation by Rowye

Here's my prize feature for the winners of the CREATIVE MIND CHALLENGE IV hosted by :iconcd-stock:


Forbidden Kingdom by Mr-Ripley



Evolution by Secretadmires



Waterfalls  Door by annewipf

And finally our host's personal favourite artwork

The Canadian Corps of Engineers by Can-Cat

Congrats to all the winners!! :party: :dance: :party:

Just want to share a couple ways to deal with the new way gallery pages are working, since a lot of us are having issues with it. Namely, it will load the first bunch of pictures, and when you scroll down it will fail to load the next one and you're stuck.

To fix that, you can change the settings under:
Settings / Browsing
The third option, where it says Paging, change that to "Click through pages".
(method suggested by RenatoSs )

Alternatively, if you still like to have it set to "Scroll through pages", you can do this below:

Use the old URL syntax for galleries, which still works: *galleryURL*?offset=*yournumberhere*

(URLs broken in the example so that DA won't shorten them)
Say that you're trying to load this gallery:


But it will only load the first, 64 images, or whichever it loads... All you have to do is go to the top of the page and add this to the end of the URL: ?offset=65
That will load the same gallery but starting by the thumb number 65. If it fails loading the next bunch, repeat but change the number to whichever you need, 129, 257, whatever.
So this is how the URL would look like:


Hope it helps!
So yep, fancy title for a Xmas post. Thanks DA for making our life completely impossible, even for those of us who pay for the service.
Lately it's just been nasty around here. No, not talking about the community, I love all of you. I've grown in this community as an artist, and as a person. I've met many many friends and found so much amazing art.
I'm not even complaining about the DA decadence that I used to read about even when I started being active here, about three years ago. The photomanip community has been a home and the place to go for me, a place were I could find joy in bad moments, and enhance the good moments with amazing art. For that I thank DA and all of you, you made my life so much better. :heart:

Now, it's been months since DA has really functioned in a just acceptable way. Life's been really busy lately, and I've kind of stepped back with the website. Most of the time I can't even look for stock cause thumbnails aren't showing up, so I look somewhere else. It's really hard to make features because it just doesn't look like the site has enough bandwidth to actually display the images. I did love making features...

Today I had planned a huge one, my gift to all the great artists on this photomanipulation community. Yep, I had around 300 artworks in this journal, ordered and set up nicely, as I usually like. Separated by colors and levels, nicely sized and arranged. But it was way too good to be true I suppose. I saved the journal in stash and what I found when I went to post it just a few minutes ago, was that only some 50 or 60 images were saved. That was pretty much three hours of work lost, and it really, really sucked. And I just don't have the time to do it all over again, and most importantly, no wish to. I'm rather angry, and sad, that this is what I've come to, but DA really has been leaving me with the impression that there are many other better things to pay attention to, and that it isn't worth spending a lot of time with this kind of stuff, specially when it's going to be thwarted by a faulty service which, by the way, I pay for. I just wish I had come over earlier, maybe 10 years ago, when the website wasn't some sort of dying beast trying to hold its last breaths.

Right now, I'm really busy and can't spend much time around here, and when I do the experience is way lesser than it used to be. That is not to say that I'm leaving DA, I just love the community here too much. But on the other hand I don't have the energy to spend a lot of time here and try to do good stuff for the community as I used to. This is likely to be my last feature, and it's not even half of what it was meant to be... And this is my Xmas message to DA this year. It was meant to be a message of hope and a gift to all of the artists here, and it's turned into a full-on rant because the website just isn't able to hold itself anymore, and I can't hold the bad vibes I feel towards it either.

Before I go, I apologize for the downer Xmas message, and most of all, I apologize on my and DA's behalf to all the artists that had to be in this feature but won't be.
And now........


...but only what DA allowed...

La Dama Death by Danilo-Costa Above The Clouds by Cold-Tommy-Gin
Love Forsaken by SummerDreams-Art Snow Nymph by Julianez
E V E N I N G by Danilo-Costa fly by Andaelentari Roots by deepgrounduk
Caged by moodscape [THE CROSS] by Technochrist
LOVE by Uot-Mi Winter of life by Iskander1989
OCCUPANCY by SHUME-1 Best served Cold by LoloAgain
Link WIP by uncannyknack Apocatastasis by Carlos-Quevedo
Iconoclasm by Carlos-Quevedo Rapaces... by ThyC-Graphics
A Sin by Madink-art Monuments by tomrayt
The key to my past by SummerDreams-Art Scarecrow by nitchwarmer Ilh: the slums of Severoth by archityran
Morning Mood by debNise Shift Change by Vilk42
RED FRACTION / Birth by 3mmI Under the rain by AwaaraC
Dead End by Jovan-Porto Cry Of Achillies by BenjaminHaley
Ghost In The Shell by BenjaminHaley Sweet Dreams by Flobelebelebobele
Ba-Humbug by nitchwarmer
Ghost by Angeljiro
v pustote by dihaze [THE DEEP END OF CONTEMPLATION] by Technochrist
Abyssal by Dani-Owergoor
Timeless by LilsRaven Nocturnal Structure by erlangwind
Cirq by AbbeyMarie Duality by Helga-Helleborus Smoke Noire (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena
The Fortune Teller by kimsol New Design by Wagner
WHISPER OF BA'AL / Legions by 3mmI Steam Scene by DeniseWorisch
Lyss, the mighty beasts: Hyppomante by archityran Safe Haven by MaiAnhTran
Fall Of Medusa by BenjaminHaley Lilitu by Aramisdream
Tomb of the Necromancer by DraakeT Heir by Shirokibo
Castle Quest by JJasso
The life of an Assassin by xeena-dragonkizz PORTRAIT by EBENEWOOD
The Old Grotto by atlas091 Wayward Journey by deathbycanon
Path by shadowforth Raining by DeniseWorisch
The key of life by SecretDarTiste
Water Goddess 6 by Lolita-Artz Moonlight sonata by sasha-fantom
WELCOME... by EBENEWOOD Resurection by Kryseis-Art
Paradise by Gejda
Undiscovered by xLocky The light in the darkness (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena