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By Rowye
Kind of following up on my last artwork, wanted to improve on my ability to photobash a tree. :P
This is a bit of a free interpretation of the Yggdrasil myth, as some of the worlds are said to have the tree in the middle, also the snake is supposed to be around Midgard and not around the whole tree but... I'll just call it artistic liberty and go with it. xD
For those unfamiliar with this viking myth:

Yggdrasil is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology. It is center to the cosmos and considered very holy. The gods go to Yggdrasil daily to assemble at their things. The branches of Yggdrasil extend far into the heavens, and the tree is supported by three roots that extend far away into other locations.

This is an entry for the MYTHOLOGY NORSE 
contest by majesticARTS 

As usual, I've made a process animation you can watch here...
Yggdrasil Process Animation by Rowye

But this time I've also made a speed art video you can watch here:

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HawwaAneeqa's avatar

Great! This is a great version.

Grastrivenaur's avatar

now that I've seen this, its my favourite way to imagine the tree of the nine worlds

alex5309's avatar

I honestly looked at this, and I'm like, 'this reminds me of the world tree from norse myth...' Then I saw the title.:)

Rowye's avatar
Hahah well I take that as a big compliment, thank you! :D :D
Reckless15581's avatar
This is an awesome version of the myth! :D
Rowye's avatar
:D Thank you so much! :D
Reckless15581's avatar
Leanndra51's avatar
Superb work and a wonderful and creative interpretation of said "myth". 
Rowye's avatar
Thank you so much! 
I did take a few liberties considering what we know about it but... =P
Leanndra51's avatar
It is wonderfully dramatic!  I love it.  I am very interested in ancient history and have always believed that all "myth" and "legend" has some basis, in some way in facts. 
I also have a runestone ring that I just love and hope to get some runestones as well. 
Rowye's avatar
:) :) 
I'm in love with monoliths and prehistoric sites, so I hear you. 
Leanndra51's avatar
So am I!  I would love to see Avebury, Stonehenge, Carnac and all those other places as well as visiting the Nazca lines and all of the ancient sites around the world. 
Rowye's avatar
Yeah don't miss out on Avebury! I know Stonehenge is easy to get to and it's always full of people so as much as it's absolutely amazing, I didn't enjoy it as much as other sites where there are barely any tourists. 
North of Scotland is incredible too... I was in Orkney island in Autumn and I was alone in those stone circles... what I felt there I just can't explain. Just fantastic.
The only downside of the islands is you have to walk a lot or have a car available. I was going on bike and it was quite rough with the crazy weather. xD

I didn't know about the Chaco culture until now, but hey that should be quite easier for you to get to. :D
Leanndra51's avatar
I can only imagine about being among all those stones alone.  I am very sensitive to places, even just walking into a building or a house I get a sense of whether that place has held happy people or not.  I know it sounds odd but it is true.  I have always been like that.  I doubt I will ever get over seas to visit those places but I checked the time and travel to get to Chaco Canyon and it is 15 hours by car.  Not bad!  So I will put that  on my Bucket List! 

I am glad you got to see those places.  Some of my ancestors came from over in that area of the world.  I can imagine it would have been rough on a bike.
Rowye's avatar
:D Yeah 15 hours sounds doable, especially if it's done in a couple days.
I so would love to see some of the ancient american sites too. One day, one day... 
SwordTiger8888's avatar
Rowye's avatar
Thank you very much! :D :dance:
Thornydude's avatar
Beautiful art! What does the snake represent? I mean no offence, but to me, it feels a bit out of place?
Is Jörmungandr, the world serpent
Rowye's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
And no offense taken heehee. The snake represents Níðhöggr, a dragon or serpent they believed to be at the feet of Yggdrasil, that eats the corpses of the convicted and all sorts of nasty people. :o
I could've omitted it but I wanted something to create depth with. Also didn't want a dragon head distracting the attention from the tree. :D
Thornydude's avatar
Cool :P Thanks for explaining.
Rowye's avatar
You're welcome. :D
Rowye's avatar
Yay, thank you so much! :D :hug:
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