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The Beginning of the End (Remake)

By Rowye
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Remake of a couple years old work of mine: The Beginning of the End
I don't usually remake old works but I stumbled upon this photo of Barcelona and I couldn't stop myself from making my hometown have some of its own apocalypse too. :p

Again, this work is inspired by amazing manga/movie Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo.

Speed art:…

Before and after:
The-Beginning-of-the-End-pt2-Before-and-After by Rowye

The Beginning of the End pt2 Close Ups by Rowye

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Panorama Lisbon by Gamekiller48 by Gamekiller48
Barcelona roofs by Gamekiller48
Cat from behind looking forward STOCK by cutedeviantfangirl
Clouds 222, Skyscape 164, Clouds 104 and Clouds 173 by Nikkayla
4 Explosion Debris Effect PNG by FrostBo… by Fox0080… by frolicsomepl… by Felix Mittermeier… by FreePhotos
Cables and skyscrapers by
Snowy Spring Landscape by Night Fate Stock (no longer available)
Flying papers made and rendered on Cinema 4D following this tutorial:

Photoshop CC, Cinema 4D, tablet.

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Can i use this amazing art as a thumbnail for my youtube video?

Threebik's avatar
Well, sheeeiit!!!
You've totally nailed it. Great job! :D (Big Grin) 
Rowye's avatar
:D Thanks so very much! :D
OrdoGemini's avatar
Awesome concept and details... bravo!
Rowye's avatar
:D Thank you! :D
jose86tf's avatar
chaaaaaaaaacho, chiquito curro con las sombras y las luces :O :O, pero obviamente el resultado es impecable. Mira las lineas de referencia que tienes para la perspectiva que es un pincel¿??¿
Rowye's avatar
Jajaja un ratillo me pasé con eso. xD Muchas gracias!

Pues la perspectiva aquí la hice con la Custom Shape Tool, hace tiempo bajé una forma que es como un asterisco de como 20 puntas y eso lo duplico y lo roto para que haya mas divisiones.
A veces las hago a pinzel por eso, con la cuadricula, y luego un Transform para inclinarlas etc, depende de lo que necesite....
Hay parrillas de perspectiva para bajar en "shapes" por ahí, lo que soy perro y me mola montármelo yo. xD
jose86tf's avatar
ajááááááá tendré que golifear y mandarme algo, porque ahí fallo mucho, yo lo hago a ojo y a veces quedan cosas raras a la vista. Así te quedan planchadas a tí jeje
Rowye's avatar
Jejeje la verdad es que me ayuda bastante. A veces sí que lo hago a ojo si es un trabajo sencillo pero para cosas así soy incapaz. También uno aprende a montarse las guías, al principio me costaba mucho pero ya le voy pillando el truco. :D
SummerDreams-Art's avatar
That's a very amazing DOF Roger, it has that kind of feel that the longer you see the more details will come to "light"..of course it will, because there is this big apocalyptic scene happening at the background. Not to forget the wires in the foreground even though blurred from the vision gives this art a very complete look.:aww:

Wonderful artwork and as always beautifully done.:heart:
Rowye's avatar
Thank you so very much, I appreciate the compliments! :D :hug: :heart:
SummerDreams-Art's avatar
You're so welcome Roger, your imagination & creativity is a delight to view.:iconredroseplz:
ErikShoemaker's avatar
it seems kinda... un-flashy at first (probably because of the colors), but it is actually really amazing. Everything about it. The water in the streets, the way you manipulated the buildings.. also the composition is top-notch with the wires running in the foreground. Stunning work!
Rowye's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
The wires actually made me flip the canvas, it felt like they are contributing to the dynamics and I wanted them to lead downwards.
Funny we had just talked about volumetric lighting cause I was debating if I should do it here or not... Finally decided not to, to keep more attention in the details but now I feel like it kind of is missing there too.. which I think adds to the un-flashiness of it.
Secretadmires's avatar
Whoa, whoa, it's a blow by blow scene and also the colours are perfect,every single details has something to look at,just wondering how did you got all those are genius to browse dA and look for the prefect stocks!:rose:
Rowye's avatar
:D Thank you so much!! :D
Well some of the stocks aren't from DA, I find DA very good for model stock but for other stuff there are plenty places around to look at. :P
Secretadmires's avatar
You are most welcome. Yeah, agree with you!:rose:
WhimsicalBlue's avatar
OMG!! What a magnificent work with stunning details and lighting and shadows Roger. You're master in this kind of works. Epic scene!!
Hope I could be as good as you are, it will take many Well done!!
Rowye's avatar
Thanks so much Hazel! :D
It didn't take me as long so I'm sure you can do it faster. :P I'm learning that it's not so much about the technique but more about what you can project in your mind and how you perceive the artwork, as in light, color and such. Also a tablet would help a lot and there are very affordable ones in the market (like $35) if you just want to try one out. :D
WhimsicalBlue's avatar
You're most welcome anytime Roger and thanks for the information:heart:
yellowicous's avatar
This is awesome! You did such a good job making this. <3
Rowye's avatar
Thanks so much! :D :dance: :D
Julianez's avatar
Wow... Roger cuando te pones te pones, un trabajo espectacular, me encanta. :)
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