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Made for fun and to keep practicing character focus, around 40 hours of work.
I also recorded the whole thing and made a video with commentary.

Watch the video HERE.

Or if you don't have 25 minutes to waste on that, you can check out the usual animation gif. -.-
Shaman Animation by Rowye

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Nothing Lasts Forever by Rowye
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Muy bueno, me encanta Roger
Rowye's avatar
Muchas gracias Nieves! :D :D
thegirlcansmile's avatar
Dude...just dude. Tone down on the awesomeness, will ya? 
thegirlcansmile's avatar
Rowye's avatar
Cause... if I get any less awesome... I'll be very crap. xD
Hehe thanks for the comp either way and I owe you a note soooo bad. 
Promise, I'll get there soon.

kimsol's avatar
Rowye's avatar
Thanks so much Kim! :hug:
ikazon's avatar

Very cool! Really nice work here! :w00t:

Rowye's avatar
Thank you so much! :D :heart:
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Congratulations, your art has been winner of the Second week in December in PSD-Box !
You receive a prize of 50 points and your art is featured all the week in the group.

PSD Box Award by Ladesire   Really Beautiful by marphilhearts   Goood Job!! by LOVEMAYU
Rowye's avatar
:D Thank you so very much for the prize and feature, I really appreciate! :D :heart: :heart: :heart:
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Dude! Right out of a cinamatic game movie... every detail, absolute perfection!!!! :heart:
Rowye's avatar
:D Thanks so much Mistress of the Reese. :o What do you want from Spain? :D 
Glad you liked either way, I'm liking this character phase too... seems like I learned something at least. :p
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Yeah, it's about that time... next month I'll send them to ya but you'll have to message me your address. And what do I want from Spain? Actually I have no idea, an authentic Sombrero? lmao.... naw, can you pack up that gorgeous beach you have there and ship it here? Actually... some picks of some of your fave things around there and culture would be great... and some fajitas, lol!
Rowye's avatar
You may just get a pig's whole cured leg.

Kidding, but only cause it's utterly expensive.. I would love to do that lol.
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Lmfao!!!!! Yea, me and Roger, we just throw big chunks of meat at each other, lmao! Sorry I haven't written back yet... been in a funk... stuff going on, looking for an apartment and all the owners are racist AF, then my son is facing eviction at the end of the month with no where to go but the streets... because his psych team won't do shit and get things going for him, as always since he's been in the system there since he was 5... grrrrrr... so yea... gonna be taking some time off from projects here on DA and do some art/painting studying then much later, want to finally learn this 3-d thing... and money, money, money... so there, this is my response to the note, lmao. Luv ya!
Rowye's avatar
Heehee ok ok, of course it's all good with me, don't have to worry about it.
Really does sound like it sucks about your son, wtf huh. At least if you find a new place you can give him better shelter...

But focusing on the good side, have some fun painting! I know it would help me a lot to do some traditional painting as well, looking forward to see. :)
And of course, I'm up for 3d advice if you ever need.
ErikShoemaker's avatar
:omg: it's incredible what you made out of that render :wow: :omg: I have to check out the video when I have the chance.
Rowye's avatar
:D Thanks so much Erik! Took way too long for what it is (as the ones I'd shown you before) but I think I am slowly.. getting faster. xD
If you ever get to the video get some popcorn cause it's a long one and has a lot of rambling. =P I guess you could always turn the volume down lol.
Wesley-Souza's avatar
WOW Great work :clap: excellent colors and details :clap: :love:
Rowye's avatar
:D Thank you so very much Wes! :D
Secretadmires's avatar
wow, outstanding work!:rose:
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