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One Who Knows No Mercy (Dark Edit)

By Rowye
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So I had a phone call with my bank and then I made this.... ;)

But jokes aside, it was of course inspired by the last season of Game of Thrones.
Not based on, so no spoilers to be found here, just sort of an interpretation of the whole thing in a vague way.

I worked most of the time in black & white but at the end I was plying with color toning and came up with this edit.
I... think it's better than the original but I'm still not too sure, so in the end I couldn't decide and had to post both. :P
Find the original one here:
One Who Knows No Mercy by Rowye

These are downloadable as wallpaper for monitors up to 4k 21:9

As usual, an animation of my process can be found here:
One Who Knows No Mercy - Process Animation by Rowye

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One of my favorites by far! Atmosphere so thick you can cut it with a blade...

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:D Glad you like it, hopefully we can make more that look as cool. :D
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Lmao, a phone call. I've had many of those times. ;) You can really feel the weight of this, & the story behind it could be anything. I love it! 
Rowye's avatar
Thank you so very much! :D 
Glad you liked the open storytelling and of course, I'm sorry you had to deal with the banks at all in any capacity. xD
JayGraphixx's avatar
The season finale that some really wanted lol.
But great work man, love the details on the dragon. :D  
Rowye's avatar
Hahah yeah... Not sure this would be my choice but I definitely wanted a different final season. xD
Thank you!!! :D
CarlHolden's avatar
Ouff, really like your world building and you're very good with lighting
Rowye's avatar
:D Thank you so very much! :D
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Congratulations Roger (Rowye), your art has been winner of the month of May in :iconmajesticarts:  WOooHOoo!!! by LOVEMAYU
You receive a prize of 100 points and your art is feature all the month in the group.

MajesticARTS by HILIF                  Precious by KmyGraphic              Heart by KmyGraphic
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Ohhh thank you so very much! :D :D :hug:
Darkzterroid's avatar
Damn love the yellow atmosphere, the dragon and the blood puddle!
Rowye's avatar
:D:D Thank you so much, glad you do!
CaelGibran's avatar
Incredible work, as always. Very original! Good job mate! :peace:
Rowye's avatar
Thank you very much mate! :D :hug:
ErikShoemaker's avatar
wow mate, that dragon looks incredible. Great atmosphere too :drool: I do prefer this version, it feels more gritty than the original. Love the blood!
Rowye's avatar
Thank you so very much man!
I knew the dragon needs to be behind smoke from the start for it to look even half real. Also the blood is just red on an Overlay layer... it's maddening how much the "background" matters for that kind of thing, 99% of the time I need to think for a while even how to approach painting the blood in and then.. this lol. Same happens with custom shapes and especially brushes, breaks my brain trying to figure out how to use some of them successfully, and other times I just pick one and it looks great off the bat...

Anyway thanks for the feedback on the versions too, I also think I like this one best, there's something about the blood in this one that just looks much more appealing.
ErikShoemaker's avatar
Doesn't matter how it was done as long as the result fits! :) To be honest I used those tricks with overlay, multiply and whatnot all the time in the past. They are closely related to "lucky accidents", which happen when your art isn't going anywhere and you desperately scroll through the layer modes to find that magical effect which saves the artwork. :XD:
Only when I realized what a huge pain in the ass it is to reorganize the psd with such layers I started changing my working habits lol.
Rowye's avatar
Oh yep, the layers under that are locked once you do something like that... just changing the levels can screw the whole thing up
Totally agree that they aren't very safe to work with, hence my rant about it. xD
Splat-Shot's avatar
Love the development of the Dragon! Super Image, Roger!
Rowye's avatar
Thank you so very much! :hug:
Rowye's avatar
How... what? :P
The lighting thing the realism agggghhh how can it be so perfect!!!!
Rowye's avatar
Hehehe some time spent in the composition stage and... mostly tricks over that. :P

I planned it to be hazy knowing without the fog the dragon would look bad... and the dragon's realism is mostly because of the highlights, which mainly I just accentuated the ones in the original 3D render.
Also working in black and white helps... this color is only a series of color toning layers on top of black & white + red blood. As I said... mostly tricks. xD

Anyway, thank you! :D
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