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I . Resilience

By Rowye
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First of a series revolving around raw emotions.
Red is the link... (edit) or not. =P

The other artworks in the series:

II . Melancholy by Rowye

Mature Content

III. Penitence by Rowye
IV . Solitude by Rowye V. Satisfaction by Rowye

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Big thanks to stock artists:… and Wrestlers - 2 by mjranum-stock
Bretislav Kneeling and Diuseppe - standing pose by HumanAnatomy4Artist… by anaterate
atmosphere FREE texture pack by  MarcelaBolivar
Architecture from
Everything else was painted.

More of my artworks:

One by Rowye Solace by Rowye
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[[ ... The piece embodies *THAT* level of TRUE Excellence!!! ]]

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:D The character is more a projection of ourselves than she is a character in herself. We're all her when we accomplish objectives that we've set for ourselves, when we get over inconvenience or sadness or well, any hard situation in life.

The dead people represent all of those things, and dead they should stay.

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Haha you're welcome, thanks to you! ^.^'
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This is such a beautiful concept. I love this. 
Rowye's avatar
:D Thank you so much! :dance:
segura2112's avatar
For some weird reason when I saw this I flashed on Franzeta's Death Dealer. Thank You
Rowye's avatar
:) Wow now that's quite the compliment, I thank you too. :heart:
Sabz0r's avatar
Wonderful work ! Love the textures and overall grim feel... 
Awesome use of reds !
Rowye's avatar
Thank you so very much. :) :heart:
adrianamusettidavila's avatar
Me encantó esa serie! En un estilo diferente y todas lindas!Love 
Rowye's avatar
Muchas gracias! Me lo pasé tremendo haciéndolas... al ser más sencillas pues hacer una por tarde es algo que no suelo hacer mucho. xD 
adrianamusettidavila's avatar
Una por tarde!!Oops!  Soy incapaz de hacer eso! 
Rowye's avatar
Jajaja yo normalmente también soy incapaz, por eso lo decía. xD 
Para estas era un poco parte del reto. Pasé un rato con el fondo de la 1a y luego empezé las demás con ese fondo ya más o menos hecho para ahorrar un poco de tiempo... 
adrianamusettidavila's avatar
Buenísimo para llamar a la creatividad! Cada imagen te va dando nuevas ideas, alguna vez lo hice como práctica, deberia intentarlo nuevamente Nod 
Rowye's avatar
:D Pues si, lo mismo digo, estos experimentos o otros suelen traer nuevas ideas y metodos.. Estaria bien por lo menos una vez al mes dedicar tiempo a cosas asi ^.^
Gwendolyn1's avatar
This is amazing! Really a great series you started. Love the color contrasting, like wow..Heart  and it is so artistic. Super inspiring. :happybounce: 
Rowye's avatar
Thank you so very much! I'm glad you liked it, maybe 5 artworks were a bit too many but in the end, I loved making them so whatever... xD
Gwendolyn1's avatar
Not at all! I think these series are absolutely amazing. I love so much this color choise and the simpicity and the painted touch. I want to see them more, so do not stop creating these. Really! Smile Miguel 

And you are very welcome Roger! Kitty Smile - NaNo18 
Rowye's avatar
Heehee well I think 5 of them is enough for now, but might get back to it at some point. Definitely, will be trying new stuff now and then, so that I don't get too bored. :P
JayGraphixx's avatar
Awesome, Roger! Love how the colors are so effective in this, Well done man! :D 
Really great series 
Rowye's avatar
Thank you! :D Guess it went downhill a bit haha, but maybe I'll manage to pull it back up with the last entries. :P
kuschelirmel's avatar
wow! this is great! :love:
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