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Fun Vacation

Well it's been a while since I posted any new art... Finally had some time to do personal art now, but then I got sick so meh! xD
See what else I come up with but for now, speed testing myself... Done in about 5 hours inspired by lately playing the Fallout series.
My idea is that it would be cool to do one of these per evening (with the fail ratio that entails xD), but for that I need to not be coughing my lungs off so hopefully soon... :p

I recorded this for a YouTube speed art video:…

Also, as usual I made an animation:
Fun Vacation Process Animation by Rowye

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You got weird definition of fun
Rowye's avatar
To each their own. ;)
Jimbowyrick1's avatar
Looks like L.A. Sunday morning.
Rowye's avatar

LOL, glad you can relate. xD Thank you! :dance:

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I think Fallout is a great inspiration! So much you could cover, and add more shit to! Lol!
Love this, and I am soooo totally in for this vacay! =P (Razz) 
Rowye's avatar
Hahaha you might be the only one up for it, judging by the comments before. 
Thanks so much, cheers! :beer::beer::beer:
Andaelentari's avatar
your compositions are always so unreal in the best way possible :clap: :clap: I can't believe how much you can incorporate into the small amount of space.
Rowye's avatar
:D Thank you so much!! :D
Yeah I'm purposedly trying to add as much as possible, I always feel like a lot of my environments are too large as in, everything is too close... so I'm trying to force myself to reduce size in order to add more shit. xD
Andaelentari's avatar
I like how close it can get and all the details, personally 😍
Rowye's avatar
:D:D Thanks again! :hug:
Madcarak's avatar
Beautiful art !
Rowye's avatar
Thank you so much!:D
Your definition of fun is...something else
Rowye's avatar
Hahah to each their own I guess. xD
Thank you!
Iskander1989's avatar
Ok sir... 5 Hours? Dayum!
Rowye's avatar
:D :D
If only it could always go so easy... xD
Iskander1989's avatar
Hahaha, i suck at environmental stuff lololol
Digitiel's avatar
For 5h, it is mind-blowing artwork Roger!!!Shock Emote 
Rowye's avatar
Thanks so much Jan! :D
I kinda got lucky TBH. xD
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:thumbsup: outstanding work! :+fav:
Rowye's avatar
wytherwing's avatar
:) you're absolutely welcome!
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doesn't look like it took only 5 hours :omg: does that include looking for photos et cetera? It seems you're on your best way to being a full-fledged concept artist. 8-) Great piece!
Rowye's avatar
Hahah but I suck too much at painting for that. xD I'm fine with environments mostly, but don't ask me to design a weapon or a starship...
But yeah, I looked at photos of Prypiat for some 20 mins before I started and then some 5 hours. At this point I have about half of the photobash-org packs so it's not too hard once you know them a bit. Also Visualhunt makes searching faster since it congregates Flickr and Pixabay (though it seems to not list all photos from the last one).
Aside of that, lucky times, other days I try this and end up scratching it at the end of the day. xD
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