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Subject: Unique Collaboration Opportunity: Shape a World 100 Million Years in the Future

My name's John Barefield, and I'm thoroughly captivated by your art here on DeviantArt. Your talent for breathing life into fantastical worlds is awe-inspiring. In fact, it's precisely the kind of artistic genius that could elevate my next project from excellent to extraordinary.

Why This Project is Different

I'm in the critical planning phase for a Kickstarter campaign aimed at bringing to life a ground-breaking graphic novel. This isn't just any sci-fi story; it's a compelling saga set a staggering 100 million years in the future. Imagine a world where humanity long gone, replaced by the Pirell—a fascinating reptilian species with unique cultural and social dynamics.

In this daring narrative, two intrepid Pirell sisters, both archaeologists, risk everything to unearth secrets that could redefine their society or bring it to its knees. This is a tale replete with rich characters, cosmic mysteries, and ethical quandaries that blur the line between right and wrong.

Why You're the Perfect Fit

Your remarkable grasp of science fiction elements and intricate world-building makes me believe that your art could be the soul this narrative needs to truly come alive.

The Deal:

  • Mutual Benefit: This is a revenue-sharing endeavor, offering both of us a significant stake in its success.

  • Professionalism: A comprehensive contract will ensure all terms and conditions are transparent and equitable.

  • Timely Execution: A predetermined timeline will guide us, ensuring steady progress and timely completion.

Next Steps

If this venture ignites your imagination as it does mine, I'd be thrilled to delve into the finer details. We can discuss the project's depth, Kickstarter specifics, and a revenue-sharing model tailored to ensure mutual success.

Final Thoughts

Even if a collaboration isn't feasible for you at this time, your expertise is invaluable. I'd appreciate any thoughts, advice, or recommendations you might have, or if you could direct me to other artists who may be interested.

Thank you for considering this unique opportunity. Together, we have the potential to create something historically significant in the realm of graphic novels.

Best Regards,

John Barefield

Hope you're good mate, long time no see!

hey just wanted to say that all of your work so far has been amazing and even though I can't add them to my favorites due to the deviantart algorithm, they will always have a place there in my heart.

Your account looks pretty abandoned... :(

Yeah it kinda is, I havent been here for a while. Sadly there's too many social media and choosing must happen so I don't go crazy. xD

Nothing more important than good old DA ;)

I make art and stuff, so you'll like that