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Soft landing

I have no idea what I am doing and you can't stop me!

No, seriously. This is a picture I had in my head for a long time, my small blue boy landing in a snow. When I was little, I used to daydream about this dragon every time we were in the mountains skying, he just belongs on the snow. 
But shame on me, shame on me, I can't even get my own character right... he's one of those when even I am no longer sure how they're supposed to look... Well, but here, I got his colour wrong, he's supposed to be more or a neutral, slightly more violet blue. Also his membranes are supposed to be semi-translucent, but nevermind. overall, I am quite happy with this piece (even though the background looks really messy when zoomed in) After all, I don't even know how to properly do translucent wings and still maintain the character's look. Maybe next time :D
His name's Blueflash, by the way and he's mine!
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And a majestic landing too among the mountainous splendor. :D

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Ooooh!!!!!!!! I LOVE the snow composition!! And the pose! You can really see the motion of him slowing to land! Oof, I totally get you when it comes to the translucent wing membranes. I wish you the best of luck on getting his wings how you want them! :'3

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Thank you! :3

maybe in a year or two, I'll get there and redraw it, hehe :D

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You're very welcome! I look forward to seeing all your improvement in years to come! :squee:

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And I'm looking forward to see all your gorgeous work! :squee:

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GMFKDGKLDF We shall surprise each other!!! C:<

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