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The Harvest

HELLO DEVIANTART, I forgot to upload this when I finished it, woops.

The process of creating this piece went so much more quickly than I thought it would. I went with the red color comp, but amped up the saturation of the colors a bit. The assignment for this piece was to design a children’s magazine cover, hence the slightly polarized left-right layout. This blog post has a few work-in-progress images and a neat gif of the process.

MEDIA: Ink, watercolor, marker, gouache, and colored pencil on watercolor paper, 9x14”
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So pretty and cute!
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What a darling piece! Great job! :heart:
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I adore every single character of this illustration! I feel I'm sharing the afternoon with them too! Congrats for this beautiful illustration!
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awwwwh your art is just so sweet and it EXPRESSES itself, love your work Love 
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Like this a lot, happy and colorfull;)

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Beautiful, I love it.
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Hi! This wonderful work has been featured in my Journal :heart:
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love the warm colors
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Such rich color and texture! Beautiful scene.
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how adorable, the movement in these characters is so natural
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Oh goshhh the warm tones are wonderful, and so many cute critters! The badger is my favorite - and I love the swirling motion in that foreground tree.
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Thanks so much! That tree was inspired by one I saw while out in a field a couple months ago. It's fascinating how each individual tree has its own story if you look hard enough. C:
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Indeed, nature is great like that :D
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absolutely gorgeous! I love that you've made the badger and opossum more defined, gives the picture nice depth
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Thanks! I'm very glad that depth came across well- that's something I've been needing to work on
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Loooove this one! Definitely one of my favourites. Thanks for sharing your process posts as well, I'm a geek for that kind of thing! <3
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