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My Bio

Hello, I'm Katie. She/they. 👍

Ambling around in the midwestern USA somewhere, trying to make freelance art work out. Otherwise, I enjoy biology, ecology, worldbuilding, anthropology & human evolution, critter-keeping, pens 'n inks, history (especially primary sources like letters and diaries of everyday people), cemeteries, and short-form scifi+fantasy.

Favourite Visual Artist
way too many: Evgenii Rachev, Kathe Kollwitz, T. S. Elliot, Heinrich Kley, J. Bauer, Omar Rayyan, and everyone I've ever met on the internet (seriously) 💚
Favourite Movies
O Brother Where Art Thou
Favourite Books
Small Gods by Terry Pratchett
Tools of the Trade
Colored pencil ends up in everything I do
Other Interests
Talk to me about: Deep Space 9 and Caves of Qud 😊
-wipes a thick layer of dust off of everything- Hello! Trying to tidy this place up a smidge, but in the meantime wanted to let you all know I'm mostly on twitter these days: and, if you have one, Pillowfort: https:/
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My Process

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I documented my current workflow and process a bit! Hopefully this displays properly- I don't think I've made a Deviantart journal since Stash was introduced, ha oh god I do a ton of ballpoint and graphite sketching, but when planning a complicated traditional piece I prefer to play around with gestures and forms digitally. The initial digital sketch was refined a little, and then transferred to paper using whichever method you prefer. For these I printed them out and used the good ol’ tape it to the window technique, but I much prefer a projector, printer, or lightbox when they’re available! I put down extremely light graphite
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The last journal entry I had up here was from 2015 (which was a little horrific) so here we are, something new. I've recently relocated after a year or so of floating around and neglecting many of my online presences, and it's about time I revived this place. Expect a bunch of art in the near future! :bulletgreen: Tumblr Twitter Store Facebook Website :bulletgreen:
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